Monday, 15 March 2010

Practice Random Act of Kindness

Let the beauty you love be what you do. There are a
thousand ways to kneel and kiss the earth.

Astrology is a tool to describe the thousand ways.   And each and every way is fine... is perfect. There is no right or wrong. The planetary symbols merely help us understand how we function in our life. They can describe our basic personality (Sun). How we feel (Moon). How we express (Mercury). How we act (Mars), how we relate to others (Venus) etc. Yet the reality is somewhere beyond the symbols. It lies deep within us and all around us. It's in every breath we take. Our life force cannot be quantified or labeled. It just is.

"The Tao one can describe is not the true Tao."

What can be described is the thousand ways (sort of ... kind of).

Right now there are a group of planets together with a New Moon in Pisces. Things begin at the New Moon and come to fruition when it is Full. Then the energy gradually dissipates as the Moon wanes,  starting again at the next new Moon in the next sign. . . bringing the next cycle.  Round and round it goes.

 Pisces is a water sign and relates to our higher or divine nature. It brings up our  compassion and caring, our deep unconscious; our dreams.  It relates  to the sea (Neptune, god of the sea, is the ruler of Pisces). Things that cannot be pinned down yet influence us in deep ways. Mediation can bring us into Piscean realms.  And so can fantasies, illusions, drugs,addictions escapism.  We have a choice to be present or not.

Today the new Moon is joined by the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and  Uranus... all close together (called a stellium), which greatly amplifies the Piscean signature of this New Moon.  Some people say you can make a wish on a New Moon. With all these planets lined up I would say there is more chance than usual that your wishes could come true.  Just make them real. What do you truly long for in your deepest soul? can we awaken  compassion and serve the highest good in our life?

 All these planets are hanging out exactly where Mars sits in my birth chart.   Mars is about action.   In the current sky, Mars has been retrograde (going backwards) for several months...and has just started to move forward again.  We can all can expect stalled activities to gradually begin to pick up steam as Mars gets going forward.  I don't know about you but  I certainly have felt stymied in my ability to get things done (retrograde Mars means going back over things rather than moving forward). Though I cant blame it all on the planets (darn) I have to admit I been looking forward to this change of Mars' direction.

And with the New Moon plus all  these planets is lining up with my Mars today, I feel hopeful that I  may now be able to do what needs to be done more clearly and swiftly.  Jupiter is very auspicious and an optimistic, happy go lucky planet; it expands where it touches.  Uranus, like a lightning bolt, brings change and sudden flashes of electric energy ( Mars with Uranus can bring careful if you too have Mars in Pisces).  The Sun...well...its the lights up whatever it touches.  Combine all of these and  perhaps I can throw off the inertia I have been fighting and finally finish  the college work  I have been feeling so overwhelmed by.  Onward ho!

And the Pisces quality of it all reminds me  to remain  humble.  To kneel and kiss the earth. To appreciate: my life. This earth. Whatever I am being given at any moment.

So today's New Moon is very positive energy for all of us.  The compassion of Pisces combined with the Optimism of Jupiter and the Light of the Sun and the impetus of Uranus should mean some positive energy pulsing out to all of us on planet earth. 

Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it.
   Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. 

Practice random acts of kindness

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