Saturday, 20 March 2010

Vernal Equinox

In the Solar calendar  today is the  Vernal equinox (equal day light and equal night darkness) which signifies a new beginning;  a new cycle. The Astrological calendar begins with Aries the Ram: Impatient. Impetuous. Instigator. Initiator.  Ruled by Mars: god of war.  Colour: Red. And Mars has just gone forward after being retrograde (backwards) for several months. Time to release the past and start to move forward. Beware of impatience after feeling held back for so long.  Don't forget to breath.

The Weekend:

Friday's Moon is in earthy Taurus emphasizes earthly  sensuality and pleasures... touch and taste are heightened. Don't be in a hurry though.  This slow and sensual sign needs to go slow, without pressure or pretension. Remember KISS? (Keep it Simple Stupid) Good time to stay in a eat some yummy food while watching a sexy movie.

Then, on Saturday evening  the Moon moves into  curious Gemini. Gemini is ruled by Mercury which is all about communication...should be a good night to catch up on all the gossip. Saturday is also  first day of spring with the Sun charging into impetuous Aries, inspiring us to start something new and to explore new territory.

According to Jeff Hawyer at, there is a warning about  "mixed planetary signals". He cautions that it may be hard to know when to push ahead and when to hold back.

                 "The Moon aligns with both assertive Mars and restrictive Saturn on Saturday, 
                  which could be confusing for everyone. The Sun also connects with these contrasting
                 planets on Sunday, March 21. The Moon in flighty and flirty Gemini requires us 
                 to think fast on our feet so that we can switch emotional gears with the rapidly
                 changing moods that make for an interesting but, perhaps, unsettling weekend."

Remember the kids game  'Red Light Green Light?'  Similarly, Mars tells us to go ahead,  Saturn tells us to stop.  And Pluto in the mix pushes everything to the surface while Saturn tries to keep it all down. And the impetuous and rebellious energy of Uranus so close to the Sun could set off the dynamics. Gemini's mercurial nature will help us to respond quickly to shifting moods and signals. That's a good thing cause Saturn is still squared Pluto and the intensity of that could cause some tension.  Should be fun.

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