Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The Changing Sky : transits

Well after having said I would not do predictive Astrology I find myself wanting to give it a go. I am realizing I actually do use it all the time in Astrology readings. When I am looking at someone’s chart I always look at the current planets in the sky (transits) to see what issues are being focused on or brought to the fore. They often point me to a particular aspect in the chart that may not have otherwise caught my attention. There’s a kind of synchronicity that occurs and usually what ends up being discussed is particularly timely.

Once, when doing Astrology readings at a holistic fair, I printed out a chart for the day and noticed there was a Grand Cross in the sky at the time. A Grand Cross is a powerful and not too common configuration where there are four planets all 90 degrees apart creating a square or a cross of planets. It’s a bit of a rare and powerful kind of chart and yet that day, I had five different people come to me for readings that had Grand Squares in their charts! I have no idea what the actual odds are of that happening but I can assure you it was quite something. I guess it was my day to learn something about Grand Squares.

So…transits do matter. And yes, it is tricky, as I have said. I don’t want to influence a person negatively…or build up expectations. And I don’t want the responsibility of creating any self-fulfilling prophecies.

Have said that, it is helpful to know what kinds of energies are stirring around in the heavens and how they may affect us on our particular chart. It is our choice how we respond to these influences. Liz Greene, at, often quotes an ancient saying: “the planets impel, they do not compel.”

So… I am going to eat a little humble pie and admit that current transits are important and I do use them… and if no one minds, I just may slip them in here now and then. Not in the way they appear in newspapers… “today you will have…..” …but perhaps I might try an overview of each month.

So stay tuned for a mid-March overview coming to a blog near you.

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