Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Full Moon already waning

What a Moon it has been.    Look outside tonight and though it  is waning it's still in its glory.  And still conjunct Saturn square Pluto  (means tension...big time).  The Pluto Saturn square has been pressurizing us all for some time now.  Soon Uranus will be exactly opposite Saturn again creating a rare Grand Cross in the sky....and something is going to have to shift. Meanwhile the tension will increase and likely result in some kind of eruption (Volcanoes have already happened...and earth quakes...they are apt metaphors for the type of pressure that these planets signify).  Depending on where they are in your birth chart you can expect some form of transformation and change. That much is guaranteed. Oh we can resist...and with the Saturn square we probably will.  But once Uranus is in the mix change is inevitable.

Uranus is like a lightning bolt that jars us into action.  The tension from Pluto can  amplify and transform the energy into a potential shift of consciousness. Pluto in Capricorn breaking down systems and structures, Saturn in Libra putting pressure on us for fairness and balance and connection even while Uranus tries to set us off balance.  It will come to a major head in mid-August.  Should be interesting.

And this Full Moon in Libra  has hit those points and set all that in motion. Libra is ruled by Venus.  Venus is about connection.  Its about love.  And balance.  Poor Moon... trying to balance these powerful planetary forces.  Talk about pressure. How are your relationships right now? This past week I have felt it building...had quite a few headaches.  ~~Did you? They should ease now that the Moon is waning. Pressure isn't always a bad thing...it can spur us into action.  Force us to shift and adjust and find new ways to maneuver.  

The Sun in Aries is also urging us to action and stirring new beginnings, and with Mars now surging forward we can make up lost ground and head forward. And on a global scale we can steer this great energy into something that has value (Libra) and solidity (Saturn) and depth (Pluto) Hopefully toward a new earth...a place where human beings know who they are and care for each other and also take care of the planet beneath our feet. One can only hope.

                "when a situation is not made conscious,
                      it happens outside us as fate."              Carl Jung


  1. dear Sue
    will share your blog with some women circle members. we just had a numerology presentation, maybe you'll come and talk about astrology one day. Big pressures and big releases this week and lots of processing old emotions, old wounds. Little Mother has died, and Little Jenn needs to cradle herself.
    thanks to you, I know the planets are up to something too....

  2. Thanks Jenn. I would love to. With Pluto as your ruler, the death process is part of your journey and though it may hit you harder at times, (especially with these big tensions going on) it will also be natural in a way...or become so as you get used to yet another shedding of skin. Take it easy...and big hugs to little Jenn.