Friday, 26 March 2010

Take it easy.

Right now the Sun is setting off the Pluto Saturn Square that is causing so much tension. It is exactly square Pluto today so watch out for eruptions and power struggles. Uranus in the picture pushes standoffs and confrontations to extremes. Sudden flare-ups are very possible, and it might be wise to pause and take a breath before confronting someone over built up issues. Mars and Moon together in Leo mean egos will be involved. And Sun, Mercury and Venus in Aries (which is ruled by Mars the warrior) indicate that more than a little patience may be required of us all.

Luckily Moon Trine Venus and Mercury means we really don’t want to fight. We can try some Moon/Venus softness and empathy along with Mercury for understanding and communication to help dissolve tensions. Nonetheless, the sharpness of these planetary alignments sets the tone of the whole year ahead as issues and situations will come to a head again and again. There is a feeling that something has to give; something has to change.

This extremely rare 'Cosmic Cross' or 'T-Square being triggered today by the Suns position will soon happening all on its own. All the astrologers have been writing about what an intense time 2010 will be. The sharp pattern these alignments are now forming will eventually dominate our sky, increasingly triggering big changes to everyone’s life and to the world at large. Some say a time of unparalleled opportunity is at hand. 

What we make of it is up to us.

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