Friday, 24 June 2016

Are we having fun yet?

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Meanwhile, back on planet earth... things are shaking up big time.  Change is afoot as strange and unexpected upsets and upheavals continue to rock our world!

Are we having fun yet?

Uranus (the Awakener) and Eris (goddess of dischord)  are now sitting exactly together  in the fiery sign of Aries (god of war) continuing the massive Wake-up Call that began with the Pluto and Uranus square. Chaos and discord can open up possibilities and create space for  many changes, both positive and negative. Time will tell, though  what look like some tough lessons seem to heading our way (Saturn) .

Remember, nothing is what it seems (Neptune).  There is still that portal (Mutable Grand Cross) open containing many possible outcomes. Unfortunately, it is also an opening for much confusion.

There is always a light that shining, even in the darkest night. 
Shining it's ok,  and everything's all right. (Jiva)

Pluto opposite Venus is adding tension by shaking up both our  relationships and our money (which  may mean letting go of one or the either... or both) Yikes! Jupiter says: Seek the bigger picture.  Jupiter  Neptune challenge us to have faith in something bigger than us.

This doesn't mean we have to put up with bullshit. It just means we have to have an internal locus of reality to keep us stabilized when everything on the outside is going nuts. We are much more effective when we are centred and not reacting.

Which isn't easy right now with Mars (aggression) Mercury (communication)  in a weird tension that is triggering volatile emotional reactions,  making us all very prone to blame, negativity and strife. Saturn opposite Mercury adds a tendency toward negative thinking. Disappointment abounds. Our beliefs are being challenged at this time. Too easy now to get into it with others who have a different point of view.

Don't go there...

Its ok to own your anger,  and your disappointment... just don't let it run you. This too shall pass.

In the meantime, Sun and Venus (love) cuddled up together in the nurturing sign of Cancer, emphasize the need for emotional safety. Shower the people you love with love!

You know you want to!!!

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Full Moon Blue Moon Solstice Alchemy

The Sun is about to reach its yearly high point as it enters the Sign of Cancer  on June 20th, just hours after  the Moon is Full in the Sign of Sagittarius. Yet again we find ourselves  on  the brink of another powerful shift, another change, another breakthrough.

The last Solstice/ Full Moon combo happened June 21st 1986.  This is also a Blue Moon,  the second Full Moon in Sagittarius within a month.

The first one occurred at the very beginning of the sign of the centaur, while  this one is at the very end (last degree). The first degree of a sign links it to what is called the 'Aries Point' ... the beginning of the zodiac that links the personal to the political global scene.  I think we can all agree we are feeling that one to the extreme lately.

The last degree of a sign  is called the Master degree, or the degree of karmic completion.

Both these Full Moons are stirring up deep issues around what it is to be alive at this time, as we grapple with what is true and what is false, what we believe vs what we know, who or what we are for, and/or what we are against. In this polarized atmosphere it is too easy to be swept away by one extreme reaction or another as anxiety and fear take over.

Your  task, should you choose to accept it, is to stay at the centre of the storm and remain focused and calm.

As the Full Moon Solstice brings it all to a head and  links to the mutable Grand Cross configuration I have been writing about (yeah the one that is  driving everyone a bit bonkers) we enter a kind of portal or wormhole where reality feels distorted, our perceptions become strange and unsettling and it becomes hard to get a firm grasp on anything solid or concrete. Something is breaking down, changing, morphing...  to make way for a new way of being in the world.

This has great creative potential: uncertainty is the playground of a creative mind as it pushes us to make  something out of nothing.  It is also very easy to get lost in vague imaginings than can distract us from the real issues at hand.
“The desire to escape is strong right now and yet the path of mastery requires we stay the course, stay embodied and show up to do the work." (Divine Harmony,  from Mystic Mama website)
The Moon is our emotional barometer. Luckily, in Sagittarius it is optimistic, enthusiastic, dynamic, adventurous, philosophical, playful.  Sag's ruler Jupiter sits at the North Node (Destiny Point), opening a doorway or portal to  deep healing and wisdom. A profound  inner knowing can now arise and  shine a clear path ahead and  help us navigate through these strange twist and turns of fate and fortune.  Neptune at the opposite point is dissolving that which needs to be let go of.

The transforming power of this Full Moon will push us to move and shift in unexpected ways.  That can be exciting as well an unsettling. Who knows where we will end up?

Yet, wherever I go, there I am!

Sagittarius marks the centre of our galaxy. Sitting close to the Galactic Core,  this Full Moon is going to activate our  most basic and deep urge to find the deeper meaning of life. We will feel a strong urge to know the truth of who we are. It is not as idiosyncratic or arbitrary as it often seems these days. Something inside of us already knows that.

 Just as in the first Sagittarius Full Moon, the Sun and Venus again sit opposite, reminding us that LOVE really is the meaning  and reason for our existence.

So open your heart, open your being to the light that is shining both on us and inside us. Bless it, accept it, thank it, and let it illuminate your soul.

You know you want to .

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Curiouser and Curiouser

This weekend  the Moon in Virgo marks the first quarter  (one week after last weeks New Moon).It looks like a half Moon. You will notice a bright star a bit to the right of the Moon , which is Jupiter, also in Virgo. Mars can be seen shining its reddish glow at a 90 degree angle to the left (quarter of a circle). It's still looking rather large as it is still quite a bit closer to earth than usual.

These  are linking up to less visible planets to create the mutable grand cross I spoke about recently.  This aspect is like a powerful, movable, changeable crucible wherein much can and will change. Mars (aggression) right now is adding an extra bit of touchiness as it opposes Mercury (communication). Let many things pass.

It takes real patience and perseverance to navigate through the strange waters .

There's a real push-pull, back-and-forth dynamic going on. Everything is constantly  changing,  morphing, shifting. One minute things may seem to be flowing perfectly, in total alignment with your vision or goal, then the next moment it's as if everything is blocked and people are turning against us. On an emotional level, we may  suddenly feel a sense of expansive joy and bliss as we anticipate all our dreams coming true, then suddenly drift into a state of unsettled discontent, expecting the worst.   If you have key planets in the mid degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces you will know exactly what I am talking about. Right now

Just know that nothing is solid right now and whatever you think will happen, probably won't occur in the way you expect it. AT the same time, in this powerful energy vortex, there is a great potential for creative manifestation. It takes getting on an entirely different wavelength and tapping into this amorphous flow. Its like a worm hole of opportunity has opened for us to jum into... if we dare.

Some will get lost in an endless labyrinth while others will be propelled through and out the other side into a field of new and endless possibility.

Yeah its that cool and that strange. I did mention Alice Through the Looking Glass last week.

The American election is a perfect example of  unexpected outcomes as the staus quo is being disrupted and challenged  on a daily basis. Now I know that sounds like a description of politics in general, but you have to admit, this time round things are particularly strange and disturbing (i.e Donal Trump etc) and also inspiring as in Bernie Sanders. I have never really been interested in American politics, but find myself alternately fascinated and horrified by  current events.

 So lots of 'stuff' is very 'up' right now. Saturn in Sagittarius is going to confront our unconscious pre-programed belief systems  and get us to seriously question the things we assume to be true. Very important to monitor your thoughts and words and don't assume you know what others are thinking.   When people are confused or frustrated, and with Mars so prominent, some of us will default to anger or blame. Remember; words once spoken are hard to take back.

Next week on June 20th will be a Full Moon in Sagittarius. This is the second Sagittarius Moon (Blue Moon) in one month and will bring to a head everything that has been percolating during this  unusual few weeks.

There is a LOT of potential here: for creativity, for positive, if unexpected outcomes , as new and unexpected pathways to open up before our eyes.

As we let go of old  old conditioning (Saturn in Sagittarius), and open up to a deep sense of Love and wonder (Sun Venus  Jupiter  Neptune) we can tap into the subtle  sense of magic in the air .

I will be back sometime this week to explore the Saturn in Sagittarius message and look how the Full Moon is going to bring us new insights and new adventures.

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Sunday, 5 June 2016

New Moon Creativity: Art and Soul Collage

As this New Moon today in Gemini has the potential to open up our creative pathways (see previous posts) it seems appropriate time to post a bit more about the 'Art and Soul' Collage workshops .

Next workshop in Calgary Ab   June 20th Full Moon in Sagittarius  6:30 - 9:00 pm
See 'Art and Soul ' tab above for contact info.

‘Art and Soul’ Collage is a simple and easy collage process that  helps us to express our inner self via visual imagery. It's a fun, safe, and inspiring way to get in touch with various aspects of our psyche in a group setting  (although of course you can do it anytime anywhere).

5" x 8 "

Inspired by and based on “SoulCollage® created by Seena B. Frost, 'Art and Soul' Collage is my own local version of this wonderfully creative and satisfying collage process. No artistic training required: Anyone can do it.

One by one we make our own deck of cards - each collage card representing one aspect of our personality or Soul. As in  dream work and Astrology, we explore the archetypes that are operating in our inner selves as well as in our outer lives. As we work in silence, certain images seem to draw us, and when we are finished each card, we quietly ask it  'Who are you?'

 The answer is shared with the group as  'I am  one who...'

The answer might be different each time...

"I am  One who is full of expressive, dynamic and powerful creative energy."
" I am  one who craves movement and stability at the same time. "
"I am one who remembers how good it feels to express myself creatively"
"I am one who is moving beyond the rigid structures in my life to explore personal freedom of expression." (etc)

Its a simple safe and inspiring way to get in touch with parts of our psyche, including diffcult ones.
There are no 'right' or 'wrong' interpretations. Just an infinite possibility of insights into our own self. We can also use the cards intuitively to answer life's questions and participate in self-discovery.

Seena Frost describes SoulCollage® as a way to "joyfully deepen your understanding of the relationships between your personality parts, you and your family/community/world, and you and your dreams, symbols, and Spirit.”

 As an astrologer, I enjoy  linking our local 'Art and Soul' Collage process to  current astrological themes.  At the start of a session I do a short guided visualization to help activate our intuitive right brain, adding imagery that pertains to the current New or Full Moon energy.

I am also planning 'Art and Soul' Collage weekend workshops (Autumn 2016) where we will explore our astrology chart via this visual method. Eventually this will also become an online course... not quite there yet.

Meanwhile, you are most welcome to get in touch for local events, or check in here to see further developments re the onlilne workshops.

All the best,

Sue the Raven,
'Art and Soul' Collage Calgary or

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Let the heart win! Gemini New Moon Prt 2

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The Gemini New Moon is late today in NA and early Sunday in Europe.

Gemini represents the duality of the mind. It shows up a dualistic  thinking (us and them) that includes much  variety and diversity (which is good) or gets us  tangled us up in endless mental threads (not so good). 

Neptune and Jupiter both help open the doors of perception,  as well as amplify the tendency to get lost in a mental labyrinth.  We can become very distracted now by anyone and anything, or use the energies to access our intuitive mind. 

This is a wonderful opportunity to tune into our creative imagination. It can also lead us into illusions and delusions. 

Saturn opposite anchors and balances out this tendency to get caught up in our head, and hopefully stops us from  spouting  a load of nonsense (Gemini run amok), which include hand me down theories and concepts we heard somewhere that we don't even understand.

 'Be impeccable with your word!' (The Four Agreements)

Saturn (in conjunction with the universe i.e. Sagittarius) want us to KNOW! Not believe, not just repeat what we have been taught, but to search deep inside to find that deep inner knowing that resides at the heart of our being.

As the New Moon joins with Sun and Venus, together they shine a light on that inner core, which is LOVE itself!

Then, full of love, we can  playfully, joyfully, blissfully share and communicate with whoever we come into contact with!

Let your LOVE shine! 

You know you want to!

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Reality Warp! Gemini New Moon

A New Moon is the 'conjunctio' , the sacred marriage of Sun (masc/yang) and Moon (fem/yin). Their union triggers an alchemical process that produces new energy for a new cycle. This is a seed time where we plant our intentions and watch them grow.

The New Moon in Gemini this weekend is particularly interesting as it links to a Mutable Grand Cross configuration that is like a portal to something new and exciting. Mutable signs are highly creative and also extremely changeable.  Everything is shifting as we speak.

Our thoughts and intentions are especially powerful and potent now, as the alchemical merger draws closer. As our unconscious mind bubbles and boils, we enter the 'Dark of the Moon', the time just before the exact conjunction occurs. 

That is a time to pause and reflect on what we really want. It's not a logical process. We will have to feel our way through, let our intuition guide us.

As the energy morphs, meanders and mutates, it is contained by the  Mutable Grand Cross, which is an intensely pressurized container in which everything feels possible, yet totally unpredictable.  A crucible of sorts. Transformation under pressure, as in the making of a diamond.

This is Alice in Wonderland type stuff. First Alice drinks the liquid in the vial that makes her grow huge, she then finds a cookie that shrinks her back down. She has to find the right balance between eating and drinking to get back to her own size.
Things get curiouser and curiouser!

(like why the formatting on this website is so wonky!!! )

Under the Mutable Cross, o
ur wishes and dreams can easily become distorted.  Grandiose fantasies (Neptune, Jupiter) have to come to terms with our limitations (Saturn).  It's all about finding a midpoint between expansion and contraction... the center of the circle...where these shifting forces balance each other out. 

Like Alice falling through the rabbit hole, this configuration acts like a worm hole that can take us into another dimension.  We can access the energy by tuning in to our deepest desire (Mars in Scorpio). But this is more than just wish fulfillment.  We have to figure out what is real. But 'Reality' is morphing as we speak, so how will we know?

When we tap into our imagination (Neptune/Jupiter) we sense the possibilities are endless. And there is one thing we all crave. Sun Venus is about love.

As the Moon joins Sun and Venus on Sat/Sun,  Love becomes the portal that expands our consciousness and shows us our infinite potential. Love that is not necessarily for someone or something.  Love that just IS. Some say that Love is the source of this universe (capitol L). Sometimes to discover what love really is we have to let go of what we thought it was.  Something is changing. As we let go of old ideas and attachments, we make space for something new.

Love really is the answer.
 Open your heart, set your intention, and...

Let it Be So!! ❤️