Saturday, 4 June 2016

Let the heart win! Gemini New Moon Prt 2

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The Gemini New Moon is late today in NA and early Sunday in Europe.

Gemini represents the duality of the mind. It shows up a dualistic  thinking (us and them) that includes much  variety and diversity (which is good) or gets us  tangled us up in endless mental threads (not so good). 

Neptune and Jupiter both help open the doors of perception,  as well as amplify the tendency to get lost in a mental labyrinth.  We can become very distracted now by anyone and anything, or use the energies to access our intuitive mind. 

This is a wonderful opportunity to tune into our creative imagination. It can also lead us into illusions and delusions. 

Saturn opposite anchors and balances out this tendency to get caught up in our head, and hopefully stops us from  spouting  a load of nonsense (Gemini run amok), which include hand me down theories and concepts we heard somewhere that we don't even understand.

 'Be impeccable with your word!' (The Four Agreements)

Saturn (in conjunction with the universe i.e. Sagittarius) want us to KNOW! Not believe, not just repeat what we have been taught, but to search deep inside to find that deep inner knowing that resides at the heart of our being.

As the New Moon joins with Sun and Venus, together they shine a light on that inner core, which is LOVE itself!

Then, full of love, we can  playfully, joyfully, blissfully share and communicate with whoever we come into contact with!

Let your LOVE shine! 

You know you want to!

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