Sunday, 19 June 2016

Full Moon Blue Moon Solstice Alchemy

The Sun is about to reach its yearly high point as it enters the Sign of Cancer  on June 20th, just hours after  the Moon is Full in the Sign of Sagittarius. Yet again we find ourselves  on  the brink of another powerful shift, another change, another breakthrough.

The last Solstice/ Full Moon combo happened June 21st 1986.  This is also a Blue Moon,  the second Full Moon in Sagittarius within a month.

The first one occurred at the very beginning of the sign of the centaur, while  this one is at the very end (last degree). The first degree of a sign links it to what is called the 'Aries Point' ... the beginning of the zodiac that links the personal to the political global scene.  I think we can all agree we are feeling that one to the extreme lately.

The last degree of a sign  is called the Master degree, or the degree of karmic completion.

Both these Full Moons are stirring up deep issues around what it is to be alive at this time, as we grapple with what is true and what is false, what we believe vs what we know, who or what we are for, and/or what we are against. In this polarized atmosphere it is too easy to be swept away by one extreme reaction or another as anxiety and fear take over.

Your  task, should you choose to accept it, is to stay at the centre of the storm and remain focused and calm.

As the Full Moon Solstice brings it all to a head and  links to the mutable Grand Cross configuration I have been writing about (yeah the one that is  driving everyone a bit bonkers) we enter a kind of portal or wormhole where reality feels distorted, our perceptions become strange and unsettling and it becomes hard to get a firm grasp on anything solid or concrete. Something is breaking down, changing, morphing...  to make way for a new way of being in the world.

This has great creative potential: uncertainty is the playground of a creative mind as it pushes us to make  something out of nothing.  It is also very easy to get lost in vague imaginings than can distract us from the real issues at hand.
“The desire to escape is strong right now and yet the path of mastery requires we stay the course, stay embodied and show up to do the work." (Divine Harmony,  from Mystic Mama website)
The Moon is our emotional barometer. Luckily, in Sagittarius it is optimistic, enthusiastic, dynamic, adventurous, philosophical, playful.  Sag's ruler Jupiter sits at the North Node (Destiny Point), opening a doorway or portal to  deep healing and wisdom. A profound  inner knowing can now arise and  shine a clear path ahead and  help us navigate through these strange twist and turns of fate and fortune.  Neptune at the opposite point is dissolving that which needs to be let go of.

The transforming power of this Full Moon will push us to move and shift in unexpected ways.  That can be exciting as well an unsettling. Who knows where we will end up?

Yet, wherever I go, there I am!

Sagittarius marks the centre of our galaxy. Sitting close to the Galactic Core,  this Full Moon is going to activate our  most basic and deep urge to find the deeper meaning of life. We will feel a strong urge to know the truth of who we are. It is not as idiosyncratic or arbitrary as it often seems these days. Something inside of us already knows that.

 Just as in the first Sagittarius Full Moon, the Sun and Venus again sit opposite, reminding us that LOVE really is the meaning  and reason for our existence.

So open your heart, open your being to the light that is shining both on us and inside us. Bless it, accept it, thank it, and let it illuminate your soul.

You know you want to .

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