Thursday, 2 June 2016

Reality Warp! Gemini New Moon

A New Moon is the 'conjunctio' , the sacred marriage of Sun (masc/yang) and Moon (fem/yin). Their union triggers an alchemical process that produces new energy for a new cycle. This is a seed time where we plant our intentions and watch them grow.

The New Moon in Gemini this weekend is particularly interesting as it links to a Mutable Grand Cross configuration that is like a portal to something new and exciting. Mutable signs are highly creative and also extremely changeable.  Everything is shifting as we speak.

Our thoughts and intentions are especially powerful and potent now, as the alchemical merger draws closer. As our unconscious mind bubbles and boils, we enter the 'Dark of the Moon', the time just before the exact conjunction occurs. 

That is a time to pause and reflect on what we really want. It's not a logical process. We will have to feel our way through, let our intuition guide us.

As the energy morphs, meanders and mutates, it is contained by the  Mutable Grand Cross, which is an intensely pressurized container in which everything feels possible, yet totally unpredictable.  A crucible of sorts. Transformation under pressure, as in the making of a diamond.

This is Alice in Wonderland type stuff. First Alice drinks the liquid in the vial that makes her grow huge, she then finds a cookie that shrinks her back down. She has to find the right balance between eating and drinking to get back to her own size.
Things get curiouser and curiouser!

(like why the formatting on this website is so wonky!!! )

Under the Mutable Cross, o
ur wishes and dreams can easily become distorted.  Grandiose fantasies (Neptune, Jupiter) have to come to terms with our limitations (Saturn).  It's all about finding a midpoint between expansion and contraction... the center of the circle...where these shifting forces balance each other out. 

Like Alice falling through the rabbit hole, this configuration acts like a worm hole that can take us into another dimension.  We can access the energy by tuning in to our deepest desire (Mars in Scorpio). But this is more than just wish fulfillment.  We have to figure out what is real. But 'Reality' is morphing as we speak, so how will we know?

When we tap into our imagination (Neptune/Jupiter) we sense the possibilities are endless. And there is one thing we all crave. Sun Venus is about love.

As the Moon joins Sun and Venus on Sat/Sun,  Love becomes the portal that expands our consciousness and shows us our infinite potential. Love that is not necessarily for someone or something.  Love that just IS. Some say that Love is the source of this universe (capitol L). Sometimes to discover what love really is we have to let go of what we thought it was.  Something is changing. As we let go of old ideas and attachments, we make space for something new.

Love really is the answer.
 Open your heart, set your intention, and...

Let it Be So!! ❤️

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