Sunday, 12 June 2016

Curiouser and Curiouser

This weekend  the Moon in Virgo marks the first quarter  (one week after last weeks New Moon).It looks like a half Moon. You will notice a bright star a bit to the right of the Moon , which is Jupiter, also in Virgo. Mars can be seen shining its reddish glow at a 90 degree angle to the left (quarter of a circle). It's still looking rather large as it is still quite a bit closer to earth than usual.

These  are linking up to less visible planets to create the mutable grand cross I spoke about recently.  This aspect is like a powerful, movable, changeable crucible wherein much can and will change. Mars (aggression) right now is adding an extra bit of touchiness as it opposes Mercury (communication). Let many things pass.

It takes real patience and perseverance to navigate through the strange waters .

There's a real push-pull, back-and-forth dynamic going on. Everything is constantly  changing,  morphing, shifting. One minute things may seem to be flowing perfectly, in total alignment with your vision or goal, then the next moment it's as if everything is blocked and people are turning against us. On an emotional level, we may  suddenly feel a sense of expansive joy and bliss as we anticipate all our dreams coming true, then suddenly drift into a state of unsettled discontent, expecting the worst.   If you have key planets in the mid degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces you will know exactly what I am talking about. Right now

Just know that nothing is solid right now and whatever you think will happen, probably won't occur in the way you expect it. AT the same time, in this powerful energy vortex, there is a great potential for creative manifestation. It takes getting on an entirely different wavelength and tapping into this amorphous flow. Its like a worm hole of opportunity has opened for us to jum into... if we dare.

Some will get lost in an endless labyrinth while others will be propelled through and out the other side into a field of new and endless possibility.

Yeah its that cool and that strange. I did mention Alice Through the Looking Glass last week.

The American election is a perfect example of  unexpected outcomes as the staus quo is being disrupted and challenged  on a daily basis. Now I know that sounds like a description of politics in general, but you have to admit, this time round things are particularly strange and disturbing (i.e Donal Trump etc) and also inspiring as in Bernie Sanders. I have never really been interested in American politics, but find myself alternately fascinated and horrified by  current events.

 So lots of 'stuff' is very 'up' right now. Saturn in Sagittarius is going to confront our unconscious pre-programed belief systems  and get us to seriously question the things we assume to be true. Very important to monitor your thoughts and words and don't assume you know what others are thinking.   When people are confused or frustrated, and with Mars so prominent, some of us will default to anger or blame. Remember; words once spoken are hard to take back.

Next week on June 20th will be a Full Moon in Sagittarius. This is the second Sagittarius Moon (Blue Moon) in one month and will bring to a head everything that has been percolating during this  unusual few weeks.

There is a LOT of potential here: for creativity, for positive, if unexpected outcomes , as new and unexpected pathways to open up before our eyes.

As we let go of old  old conditioning (Saturn in Sagittarius), and open up to a deep sense of Love and wonder (Sun Venus  Jupiter  Neptune) we can tap into the subtle  sense of magic in the air .

I will be back sometime this week to explore the Saturn in Sagittarius message and look how the Full Moon is going to bring us new insights and new adventures.

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