Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Shift Happens!

Today a 'Penumbral' eclipse occurred early in am. Less obvious but just as powerful in astrological terms, the effects are similar to a Full Moon, in that it will bring to a head the issues stirred up over the week's since the March 8th New Moon Solar eclipse. (read last few posts) 

That event revealed vulnerabilities or wounding that are finally ready to be healed and released. 

Now it's time to move on from the past, time to let go of something, or some aspect of yourself, that is not serving you anymore to make room for something new.

In Aries (sun) Libra (moon) the relationship between self and other is highlighted. Something about our pattern of relating is about to shift. Whatever has been 'up' these last few weeks points to the core issue we can now resolve or walk away from. 

This is a chance to break out of those repeating, and self defeating patterns of blame, shame, projection, defection, blurt and hurt (etc) that never seem to end.

Most of these patterns have their roots in our past, and it's time to finally see that we are not slaves of our conditioning. Although things may feel like they are out of our control, we always do have a choice. 

If you are ready for something completely different, open your heart to the new possibilities streaming in through the open portal.

It's time to 'Shift or get off the pot!'

Monday, 21 March 2016

Springing into an Eclipse (Wed Mar 23)

Spring has sprung... into fiery Aries. 
It's  time to get up and get going after a long dreamy float in Piscean waters. Venus (love) and Neptune (dreams) encourage us a tendency to linger in old emotional memories, but Moon in discerning Virgo encourages us to take a step back to see the bigger picture (Jupiter) 
Sometimes we love our pain don't we? (Chiron).  But holding on wont do you any good. The times they are a changing. 

Moon and Jupiter in Virgo sit right at the North Node which signifies the direction we need to be heading. The last wistful longings of Venus (love) cuddled up with Neptune (merging, dissolving, dreaming) are on the the South Node which represent the past and what we need to move beyond. Chiron's presence has brought up old wounds and vulnerabilities, as well as the possibility of healing it all for once and for all. And sometimes that healing involves allowing new energy to enter the situation.

So, as we beg for one last fantasy before we have to face the music (Lunar eclipse on Wednesday), just remember that the longer we linger in what is dissolving, the less steady we will feel in the days to come. So let the light in. You will be able to see so much more if you do.
If we don't let go, we may be pushed. 

Discord is already in the air.  Mars antagonizes while Saturn throws a bucket of cold water on our imaginings, both positive and negative.  Although we regretfully do have to awaken form the dream, it's not all that bad. Something better is on its way. Wednesday's eclipse begins a whole new era and although we may not recognize it yet, it is what we have been waiting for.

"The symbolism of this configuration implies that we know what we want, but that we also know – in even greater detail than before – the obstacles to our getting there. We must decide for ourselves which of these is more important, and make a conscious choice to stay static or to get on with our lives."  Henry Seltzer, Astrograph Astrology
Like it or not, nothing remains the same. And mostly, that's a very good thing.

Its time to move on and move up. 
You know you want to! 

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Spring Equinox, Partial Lunar Eclipse: Fight or flow

We are heading toward the Spring equinox (equal day and night) followed by a partial Lunar eclipse in the Sign of Libra. Eclipses often mark significant events and a transition from old to new.

The New Moon Solar eclipse in Pisces two weeks ago stirred up everything that wants or needs to be released.  Its a good time for shedding anything you want rid of. Good for cleaning house, clearing out papers, old photos, old stuff and for clearing emotional baggage as well.

Time for something completely different.

Meanwhile, as we await the eclipse, everything is floating in Piscean waters right now  at the threshold of  seasonal change. The winter is finally over and spring is sprung. This is a good time to contemplate a part  your life that is morphing or changing. It can be a bit uncomfortable in the space in between. Nothing is certain, nothing can be pinned down. Are your dreams more real and intense than waking life? You're not alone!

There is a profound healing available now as we become aware of our deepest  vulnerabilities. If we are able to face our inner wounding (Chiron)  we will discover that a lot of it is ready to be healed and will soon be released; a portal of kindness and compassion is open to us now that can take it all.  Some will fight it, some will flow with it.  It's a free fall and the resolution or redemption  will come soon. In the meantime, let go and enjoy the ride! You know you want to!

Crown of Creation by Dixey Art

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

The times they are a changing....

This is called a Grand Cross or Grand Square ... where planets are either at square angles or opposite each other. Squares and oppositions create extreme tension, yet something happens with a Grand Cross; every corner combines to create a larger, stronger shape. A container. Like a diamond. So a Grand Cross is similar to a diamond, where extreme pressure creates something beautiful, durable, powerful out of something dark, crude, base.

In Mutable signs (mutating, shifting) means change is afoot. Nothing is what it seems. Everything is shifting, changing, morphing and we really cant say where it will all end up. 

Sun in Pisces emphasizes Faith and Trust. Chiron brings healing. Venus adds love and beauty.
Neptune adds Chaos and Confusion, with Mercury these become precursors to creativity. Or madness.

Saturn squared says...  keep it real. Good to have all these sweet feelings but remember to walk your talk. Keep your feet in reality. Don't believe everything you hear.  Limitations have their uses. Endings are part of new beginnings.

Venus in Pisces says 'love the one your with'... even if it's just you.  Have compassion for yourself and each other. See the beauty all around you. Take it easy. Breathe deeply. Life is magic. It is also tragic. Depends on where you're standing.

There's another eclipse (Lunar) coming up on March 23rd (just after the spring equinox) so more changes to come. Till then, release, empty, allow. Make room for new possibilities. 

One last thing: with Mars squared Mercury communication has been a bit edgy,  so  continue to watch your tongue. Be kind. Rewind.

You know you want to.


Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Pisces New Moon/Solar Eclipse: Revelation. Redemption. Restoration.

An eclipse marks a break with the past. This is a time of inner knowing and inner forgetting.   As Bernie sanders says " The same ol', same ol' will not work!" Time for something new to emerge.Hidden issues rise up to the surface to be dissolved in the waters of healing compassion and love. All we have to do is release that which we are not (that which is an illusion). Saturn in Sagittarius says it's time to know... (not just believe). And yet we seem to know so little.

Sabian Symbol *19 degrees Pisces: "The Master instructs his (her) disciple"   "The transfer of power and knowledge which keeps the original spiritual and creative impulse active and undeviated".

                                                   Dane Rudyar, The Sabian Symbols

 Are you ready to forgive and forget? Are you ready to remember?

We are  being heavily dosed with waves of Pisces energy (watery, dreamy, intuitive, creative) infusing the atmosphere with  a feeling of infinite, dreamy possibilities. There is a sense of change, everything is shifting, morphing, mutating. Fears arise. We cannot discern what is happening to us. Change you say? What if I cannot make the shift? What if I don't know what I want? There is an inner longing to feel safe, to be home.   We seek a sense of peace and contentment that we think we once had and seem to have somehow lost. Or have we?

If we did, how did that happen? 

Chiron nearby signifies our vulnerability, some part of us that needs attention.We may go through a painful process of examining   parts of ourself  as old wounds resurface. Early childhood episodes that in some way were damaging  may come back to haunt us now. Yet we must remember that the reason such painful issues are reemerging into consciousness is so we can heal  and finally move beyond them. This is a good thing (even if it doesn't always feel like it)

 Neptune's presence activates our deep unconscious and amplifies the surreal quality of the Pisces Sun. If you have been feeling under a cloud of spacey forgetfulness, perhaps there is something you will soon remember.  Sort of like when you wake up with a dream lingering and you try to hold onto it but can't... quite.  Neptune is all about longing. What is it we are trying to remember? And can we forgive ourselves for forgetting?

In this strange non linear energy trying to stay logical can be disconcerting.  Some of you may be suffering from this vague sense of dissatisfaction or discontent. You  probably have  planets in the last part of Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius. (from beginning to middle of the month). Although eclipses affect us all, they especially hit those who's personal planets are involved. Trust is a Pisces trait. As is innocence.

Fears often arise when we enter this sort of  liminal  (betwixt and between) space. Our logical, ego driven desire to control outcomes may balk at the idea of letting go  or trusting in something so undefined and amorphous as the 'universe'.

All of our vulnerabilities are heightened as we  prepare to jettison another layer of old pain or baggage. I may be miserable, but it is familiar and it is mine (or so we think).Forgiveyourself for want to stay safe... even if it keeps you stuck. This energy will help unstick you.

Another aspect that makes this eclipse especially powerful is its location on the South Node of the Moon. This represents the past and what we need to heal on a collective level. Our planet and  our species are deeply wounded, hopefully not mortally, but we really aren't  sure. The question arises...

How did we come so far from our original innocence?

Jupiter sits on the North Node in Virgo, our current collective destiny point.  Its position opposite the eclipse helps us to see the big picture, and yet its presence in Virgo also suggests we  need to pay attention to the details of our day to day existence.  No skirting our duties and obligations to drift off into space. Neptune has a tendency toward getting lost in drugs, delusion and denial.  Saturn the taskmaster  says we must stay here and take responsibility for our lives. Let Saturn help you ground your experience. Walk your talk. Make it real. (with compassion)

Trust in Allah, but tether your camel!

(a sense of humour also helps!)

Despite our doubts and denials, an inner call can be heard now.  Think about (or feel)  what you need to let go of, what hurt or sorrow or fear has had you tethered for far too long. What you need to forgive... in yourself. In someone who let you down. Holding onto old stuff doesn't really serve us anymore. If you dont know, check your dreams for clues. Seek out silence. Listen to that still quiet voice inside. Walk in nature. Find the inner sanctuary.

And if that doesn't come easily, ask for help. That's what this eclipse is saying. Help is at hand.  Blessings abound.  You could do some sort of ritual around what you want to release. Write  it, sing about it, dance it, vision it. Draw it, collage it. Whatever!  Then offer it up to the unknown.  Be willing to let it go. You may have to let yourself grieve the loss before you are able to  see new possibilities. There's a two week gap before the equinox and the next eclipse. Set an intention (a prayer, a wish) then allow some space for the process to unfold. Be kind to yourself.

And  wait   ...  for the teacher within.


You know you want to!

God (Great Spirit, Great Mystery, Goddess, All that Is) ...
Please grant me the SERENITY to accept the things I cannot change
The COURAGE to change the things I can
And the WISDOM to know the difference.