Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Shift Happens!

Today a 'Penumbral' eclipse occurred early in am. Less obvious but just as powerful in astrological terms, the effects are similar to a Full Moon, in that it will bring to a head the issues stirred up over the week's since the March 8th New Moon Solar eclipse. (read last few posts) 

That event revealed vulnerabilities or wounding that are finally ready to be healed and released. 

Now it's time to move on from the past, time to let go of something, or some aspect of yourself, that is not serving you anymore to make room for something new.

In Aries (sun) Libra (moon) the relationship between self and other is highlighted. Something about our pattern of relating is about to shift. Whatever has been 'up' these last few weeks points to the core issue we can now resolve or walk away from. 

This is a chance to break out of those repeating, and self defeating patterns of blame, shame, projection, defection, blurt and hurt (etc) that never seem to end.

Most of these patterns have their roots in our past, and it's time to finally see that we are not slaves of our conditioning. Although things may feel like they are out of our control, we always do have a choice. 

If you are ready for something completely different, open your heart to the new possibilities streaming in through the open portal.

It's time to 'Shift or get off the pot!'

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