Saturday, 19 March 2016

Spring Equinox, Partial Lunar Eclipse: Fight or flow

We are heading toward the Spring equinox (equal day and night) followed by a partial Lunar eclipse in the Sign of Libra. Eclipses often mark significant events and a transition from old to new.

The New Moon Solar eclipse in Pisces two weeks ago stirred up everything that wants or needs to be released.  Its a good time for shedding anything you want rid of. Good for cleaning house, clearing out papers, old photos, old stuff and for clearing emotional baggage as well.

Time for something completely different.

Meanwhile, as we await the eclipse, everything is floating in Piscean waters right now  at the threshold of  seasonal change. The winter is finally over and spring is sprung. This is a good time to contemplate a part  your life that is morphing or changing. It can be a bit uncomfortable in the space in between. Nothing is certain, nothing can be pinned down. Are your dreams more real and intense than waking life? You're not alone!

There is a profound healing available now as we become aware of our deepest  vulnerabilities. If we are able to face our inner wounding (Chiron)  we will discover that a lot of it is ready to be healed and will soon be released; a portal of kindness and compassion is open to us now that can take it all.  Some will fight it, some will flow with it.  It's a free fall and the resolution or redemption  will come soon. In the meantime, let go and enjoy the ride! You know you want to!

Crown of Creation by Dixey Art

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