Tuesday, 15 March 2016

The times they are a changing....

This is called a Grand Cross or Grand Square ... where planets are either at square angles or opposite each other. Squares and oppositions create extreme tension, yet something happens with a Grand Cross; every corner combines to create a larger, stronger shape. A container. Like a diamond. So a Grand Cross is similar to a diamond, where extreme pressure creates something beautiful, durable, powerful out of something dark, crude, base.

In Mutable signs (mutating, shifting) means change is afoot. Nothing is what it seems. Everything is shifting, changing, morphing and we really cant say where it will all end up. 

Sun in Pisces emphasizes Faith and Trust. Chiron brings healing. Venus adds love and beauty.
Neptune adds Chaos and Confusion, with Mercury these become precursors to creativity. Or madness.

Saturn squared says...  keep it real. Good to have all these sweet feelings but remember to walk your talk. Keep your feet in reality. Don't believe everything you hear.  Limitations have their uses. Endings are part of new beginnings.

Venus in Pisces says 'love the one your with'... even if it's just you.  Have compassion for yourself and each other. See the beauty all around you. Take it easy. Breathe deeply. Life is magic. It is also tragic. Depends on where you're standing.

There's another eclipse (Lunar) coming up on March 23rd (just after the spring equinox) so more changes to come. Till then, release, empty, allow. Make room for new possibilities. 

One last thing: with Mars squared Mercury communication has been a bit edgy,  so  continue to watch your tongue. Be kind. Rewind.

You know you want to.


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