Monday, 21 March 2016

Springing into an Eclipse (Wed Mar 23)

Spring has sprung... into fiery Aries. 
It's  time to get up and get going after a long dreamy float in Piscean waters. Venus (love) and Neptune (dreams) encourage us a tendency to linger in old emotional memories, but Moon in discerning Virgo encourages us to take a step back to see the bigger picture (Jupiter) 
Sometimes we love our pain don't we? (Chiron).  But holding on wont do you any good. The times they are a changing. 

Moon and Jupiter in Virgo sit right at the North Node which signifies the direction we need to be heading. The last wistful longings of Venus (love) cuddled up with Neptune (merging, dissolving, dreaming) are on the the South Node which represent the past and what we need to move beyond. Chiron's presence has brought up old wounds and vulnerabilities, as well as the possibility of healing it all for once and for all. And sometimes that healing involves allowing new energy to enter the situation.

So, as we beg for one last fantasy before we have to face the music (Lunar eclipse on Wednesday), just remember that the longer we linger in what is dissolving, the less steady we will feel in the days to come. So let the light in. You will be able to see so much more if you do.
If we don't let go, we may be pushed. 

Discord is already in the air.  Mars antagonizes while Saturn throws a bucket of cold water on our imaginings, both positive and negative.  Although we regretfully do have to awaken form the dream, it's not all that bad. Something better is on its way. Wednesday's eclipse begins a whole new era and although we may not recognize it yet, it is what we have been waiting for.

"The symbolism of this configuration implies that we know what we want, but that we also know – in even greater detail than before – the obstacles to our getting there. We must decide for ourselves which of these is more important, and make a conscious choice to stay static or to get on with our lives."  Henry Seltzer, Astrograph Astrology
Like it or not, nothing remains the same. And mostly, that's a very good thing.

Its time to move on and move up. 
You know you want to! 

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