Thursday, 26 June 2014

The New Moon in Cancer is starting just about ... Now!
Welcome her as you embrace your feminine side; she is the soul in all of us.  Cancer is the sign of the mother and is ruled by the Moon. A New moon in its home sign accentuates the possibilities for emotional rebirth and contain a huge potential for new growth.

This is a seed time. We can release old emotional baggage and come home to ourselves in a big way right now. So much tension and clearing and upheaval may have left you high and dry lately. Here is a chance to nurture yourself and those around you and bathe in the waters of deep feeling values.
Family issues may come to a head or finally clear for once and for all. Let bygones be bygones.
Whatever intentions we put out at this time will ripple forward for weeks... if not months.

It may not seem like it at first but soon this caterpillar will have wings to soar in to the sky. My sister,  a writer about women's processes, calls this stage 'bug soup'. As everything dissolves, it becomes food for something even better.... yet for a while we might doubt that and think we will never get off the ground.
Have no doubt. This powerful New Moon sits right across from Pluto the planet of transformation,  and at a wide  right angle to Uranus the awakener, while also at a similar right angle to Mars , god of war. These movers and shakers have been working of us for a few years now and today, as we press the restart button once again and reset our emotional programming, the sky's the limit.

And yes... given the input from what remains of the Grand Cross energy, some will no doubt experience an emotional death as old parts of us begin to fall way. Let them go. Whatever comes up
at this time brings a chance to clear away more of that old emotional baggage we keep dragging around with us. Jupiter's transit through the sign of Cancer has expanded our emotional intelligence
(hopefully) and washed us in expansive soulful exuberance... enabling our inner child to finally step up and out in full glory. As the Moon moves toward Jupiter in the next couple of days! let your heart
open and your feeling self breathe out in joyful appreciation ... of being alive.

Take a moment to 'feel' your breath. Feel your whole essence from the tip of your head to the soles (souls?) of your feet. Cancer rules the fourth house of hearth and home. It is our root self... our deepest core. Remember Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz? All she had to do was tap her feet together and say...

"There's no place like home. There's no place like home.
There's no place like home..."

And we all know... home is where the heart is.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Searching for the Truth

The deeper purpose of the current astrological  climate has been to push us to penetrate below the surface layer of reality to get to the core of truth where all real knowledge is to be found. This is a good time to study subjects pertaining to deeper knowledge. Much will be revealed.

In our everyday world we can use this energy to examine, scrutinize and probe everything that comes our way. It is not that we should necessarily be overly suspicious,  but there is a strong drive to get at the total truth. If someone makes a proposal, investigate and ask searching questions until you know exactly what the proposal entails. Mercury retrograde in Gemini insists we go over all the minutiae of every situation we are dealing with.  Whether it be an emotional relationship or a practical exchange of resources, our paying such close attention will  make it very difficult for someone to swindle or mislead us.

These days, so many people are struggling with upheaval, loss and fear. As we all undergo  our various and unique transformations, it is important to cut each other a lot of slack. It is very easy to shut down in the midst of so much intensity. Neptune in Pisces can open our hearts by linking us to profound compassion and empathy,  helping us reach out to others in their time of need.

My best advice: If everything is going smoothly in your life... just wait a minute. If things are totally crazy... just wait a minute. And remember, the one constant in life is change.

This too shall pass.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

So much to feel, So much to say

Suff happening this weekend: 
Here is a combination of short posts from the Aurum Astrology Facebook page.
Mars the Warrior (anger aggression desire) moves into exact square with Pluto the Destroyer ( transformation, power and control) this weekend . Buckle up and hang on for the ride!!! ( and if you don't like the heat...stay out of the kitchen...i.e. Keep yer head down!)

With emotional aftershocks still rippling out after last nights Full Moon, there is a need to be very aware of our feelings. The Moon is now crossing over Pluto and this weekend, and many will be experiencing a excess of powerful emotional charge. The square to Mars will increase the possibility of angry outbursts or powerful aggression. This is powerful stuff.  Use this energy wisely. 
"When you feel the rise of unpleasant emotions, take a moment and make an effort to identify their source. The answers are far more available than you may have previously believed. Accept such feelings as your own in the moment. Do not shove them underneath, ignore them or try to substitute what you think of as good thoughts.
As you become more aware of your beliefs over a period of time, you will see how they bring forth certain feelings automatically. A man who is sure of himself is not angry at every slight done him, nor does he carry grudges. A man who fears for his own worth, however, is furious under such conditions. The free flow of your emotions will always lead you back to your conscious beliefs if you do not impede them." ( woman too) The Seth  Chronicles

And don't forget that Mercury is moving backward in the sign of Cancer (ruled by the Moon,  so tying into all of the above)

Mercury Retrograde: 
It's not so much what I say
As what I 'don't' say
But every time I say nothing
What I do not  say 
Leaves so much to be said
That I am speechless!

Groucho Marx

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Full Moon in Sagittarius Calling us Home

If you look outside you will see the Moon is already ripening to near full, and by just past midnight EDT and early morning Friday GMT (4:15 am) it will reach its peak. As we head toward another exciting Full Moon, there are several streams of energy pulling us in various directions ... just as the Sun  and Moon will be pulling against each other.

Sagittarius is the adventurer of the zodiac; no sitting still for this fire sign! Action and activity are key words as we seek to expand our horizons with new knowledge and experiences. When I meet someone who travels a lot or is a college professor or an avid sports person,  I know they have strong  Sagittarius element somewhere in their chart.

This Full Moon is all about self actualization. It includes all the stuff I have been taking about for a couple of years now, and more, including a Cardinal Grand Cross (four planets at right angles to each other) a Grand Trine (three planets in a triangle formation)  and a Mystic Rectangle (four planets in rectangle that form a kind of safety net).  There are so many aspects that are peaking along with the Moon ... that the main trick will be maintaining our balance in the midst of such an abundance of energy. They say that creativity comes from chaos, so this is going to be fun.

When we interpret the sky we not only look at what particular sign a planet is in, we also look at the angles between each planet.  In the same way that musical notes can be harmonious or inharmonious, so too, some configurations create fluidity and easy movement of energy,  while others cause static or tension.

This  Full Moon has a bit of everything, as we continue in the dynamic wake up or shake up energy of these crazy times.

The Sun moving through Gemini has been accelerating our communication and  thinking processes over the last few weeks, that is until Mercury turned backward a few days ago.  That retrograde movement may now be reversing our plans, as our thinking slows down to become more reflective. One moment we were full of exciting ideas and social activities ... people to see and places to go... and now we can't find those damn papers or we start to feel unsure what to act on or where exactly we want to go. The retrograde started in the sign of Cancer, bringing emotional and family issues to the forefront of our reflections. Don't worry it won't last forever (three weeks) and in the meantime we can use the downtime to clarify our goals...again... and work on any residual emotional issues that may be limiting our ability to be the best we can be.

And meanwhile, overhead,   the expansion of the swelling  Moon is pulling us skyward.

This centaur planet is half human/ half horse, representing a  meeting place between our physical instincts and our higher self. This is where the pedal meets the metal, where we must integrate and act on our spiritual aspirations. Also shown as an archer aiming his bow, Sagittarius the seeker in us all.
A Full Moon here activates our deepest need to know who we are and what we  are doing here... and drives us forward to fulfil our deepest purpose.

Yet while we may be itching for adventure or  feeling the inner restlessness of a soul in need of a direction, Mercury retrograde will insist we spend some time rethinking our strategies. Saturn's  proximity to the Moon also adds a cautionary note. It says slow down, consider your options, look before you leap.

  The Full Moon in Sagittarius gets us to focus on the bigger picture so we can become really clear about what we are doing and why. This is about aligning with our true purpose and expanding beyond old limiting beliefs as we go about discovering our own true north.

 Also, Saturn in Scorpio continues to push us to dive deep to get to the core of things. Whatever is holding us back will become more obvious now, and despite the Sun in Gemini's propensity to get caught up in shiny glittery distractions,  no superficial solutions will satisfy us under this Full Moon.

Saturn sitting exactly opposite the planet of love (Venus), adds a sombre note to our relationship or money issues, overshadowing our emotions with hints of depression or loneliness. Don't let Saturn get you down. Let it be the base tone in the symphony that adds balance and caution, rather than limitation. Saturn opposite Venus keeps us in check and warns us not to spend money we don't have, and to become aware of the projections we place onto others. It wants to ground our expectations in reality.

While this Full Moon asks us to be true to ourselves,  the  planet of karma (Saturn) adds to it by making sure we take responsibility for our need for love (Venus) (or money. (Venus rules both). And both of which, if you think about it, lay at the core of everything we do. Some would say our very purpose is love. And money represents the exchange of energy that we need to survive. Yet we all know there is more to life than mere survival. Sagittarius wants us to thrive!

This is time to be stepping into our true magnificence. The  proximity of this Full Moon to the Galactic Core (centre of our universe) in Sagittarius is a beacon calling us home.    It says : if no one is currently reflecting back to you your true value,  claim it for yourself.

We are being fully supported in offloading all the  crap and false beliefs we have been carrying around for far too long. The Grand Water Trine (that triangle thing I spoke about earlier) continues to expand our emotional intelligence by bringing deep healing and transformation to our emotional  wounds, so we can start to claim our birthright.  Now is a perfect time to reach back and connect with your inner child and let him or her know you are standing close by. If love is the purpose and the reason for living,  then it makes sense that we have to start with our own self.

So, the question of the moment. and of this Full Moon is:

 Is the cup half full (Sagittarius), or half empty (Saturn)

You decide.

                                               Happy Full Moon!

Friday, 6 June 2014

And the beat goes on....

The current cosmic conversation sounds a bit like  this:

Mars in Libra says: 'I will fight for love.( ...even if I have to kill you ) '

Pluto in Capricorn says: 'I will accelerate the rate of death and the rate of rebirth. I will break down the old structures and systems of authority ... so you can claim your personal power' .

Uranus in Aries says: '  I bring you ingenuity and initiative.  ' I ask you to leave behind the status quo and to seek a new vision. Anything is possible!

Jupiter in Cancer says: 'I will expand your feeling heart until you remember who you are.'

The Moon in Libra (this weekend) joins Mars, increasing the volume of all of the above voices...  bringing extra intensity into the emotional field.

And Mercury, planet of communication,  is slowing down and about to go retrograde.

 Alongside this tension, and sometimes because of it, we find redemption:

Neptune in Pisces says: 'I will befuddle your mind and awaken your soul' ...

and Chiron in Pisces says: I will heal your wounds and make you whole.

Those are some powerful statements and if any of them relate to what you are going through right now chances are good your birth chart is being hit with at lest one of these aspects. When planets moving through the current sky come into contact by close degree with planets or key places in your own astrology,  they trigger off energetic responses, reactions and events.

If you are in the cross hairs of the very intense grand cross energies, you life is probably rather chaotic and confusing right now.

The Cardinal Grand Cross is the most powerful astrological signature of our times. Four corners taken up by four or five or even sometimes six planets ... all across or at right angles to each other. Outer planets move slowly and represent outer events and powerful forces that seem fated and beyond our control. The four corners are what we call Cardinal signs.  These are the movers and shakers of the zodiac.

Pluto (death, destruction, transformation) and  Uranus (sudden awakening, intuition, rebellion, change) are the key players, with others moving in and out of the Grand Cross configuration. When all four corners are filled, it triggers off intense pressure, and powerful transformation.

Right now Mars is moving forward again and about to re-occupy its recent position at one corner.  Something's gotta give. Pluto Mars and Uranus linked together by close degree increase the tension exponentially adding potential violence to the mix.

Be careful. Be conscious. Be kind.

 Be clear!