Thursday, 26 June 2014

The New Moon in Cancer is starting just about ... Now!
Welcome her as you embrace your feminine side; she is the soul in all of us.  Cancer is the sign of the mother and is ruled by the Moon. A New moon in its home sign accentuates the possibilities for emotional rebirth and contain a huge potential for new growth.

This is a seed time. We can release old emotional baggage and come home to ourselves in a big way right now. So much tension and clearing and upheaval may have left you high and dry lately. Here is a chance to nurture yourself and those around you and bathe in the waters of deep feeling values.
Family issues may come to a head or finally clear for once and for all. Let bygones be bygones.
Whatever intentions we put out at this time will ripple forward for weeks... if not months.

It may not seem like it at first but soon this caterpillar will have wings to soar in to the sky. My sister,  a writer about women's processes, calls this stage 'bug soup'. As everything dissolves, it becomes food for something even better.... yet for a while we might doubt that and think we will never get off the ground.
Have no doubt. This powerful New Moon sits right across from Pluto the planet of transformation,  and at a wide  right angle to Uranus the awakener, while also at a similar right angle to Mars , god of war. These movers and shakers have been working of us for a few years now and today, as we press the restart button once again and reset our emotional programming, the sky's the limit.

And yes... given the input from what remains of the Grand Cross energy, some will no doubt experience an emotional death as old parts of us begin to fall way. Let them go. Whatever comes up
at this time brings a chance to clear away more of that old emotional baggage we keep dragging around with us. Jupiter's transit through the sign of Cancer has expanded our emotional intelligence
(hopefully) and washed us in expansive soulful exuberance... enabling our inner child to finally step up and out in full glory. As the Moon moves toward Jupiter in the next couple of days! let your heart
open and your feeling self breathe out in joyful appreciation ... of being alive.

Take a moment to 'feel' your breath. Feel your whole essence from the tip of your head to the soles (souls?) of your feet. Cancer rules the fourth house of hearth and home. It is our root self... our deepest core. Remember Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz? All she had to do was tap her feet together and say...

"There's no place like home. There's no place like home.
There's no place like home..."

And we all know... home is where the heart is.

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