Saturday, 14 June 2014

So much to feel, So much to say

Suff happening this weekend: 
Here is a combination of short posts from the Aurum Astrology Facebook page.
Mars the Warrior (anger aggression desire) moves into exact square with Pluto the Destroyer ( transformation, power and control) this weekend . Buckle up and hang on for the ride!!! ( and if you don't like the heat...stay out of the kitchen...i.e. Keep yer head down!)

With emotional aftershocks still rippling out after last nights Full Moon, there is a need to be very aware of our feelings. The Moon is now crossing over Pluto and this weekend, and many will be experiencing a excess of powerful emotional charge. The square to Mars will increase the possibility of angry outbursts or powerful aggression. This is powerful stuff.  Use this energy wisely. 
"When you feel the rise of unpleasant emotions, take a moment and make an effort to identify their source. The answers are far more available than you may have previously believed. Accept such feelings as your own in the moment. Do not shove them underneath, ignore them or try to substitute what you think of as good thoughts.
As you become more aware of your beliefs over a period of time, you will see how they bring forth certain feelings automatically. A man who is sure of himself is not angry at every slight done him, nor does he carry grudges. A man who fears for his own worth, however, is furious under such conditions. The free flow of your emotions will always lead you back to your conscious beliefs if you do not impede them." ( woman too) The Seth  Chronicles

And don't forget that Mercury is moving backward in the sign of Cancer (ruled by the Moon,  so tying into all of the above)

Mercury Retrograde: 
It's not so much what I say
As what I 'don't' say
But every time I say nothing
What I do not  say 
Leaves so much to be said
That I am speechless!

Groucho Marx

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