Sunday, 22 June 2014

Searching for the Truth

The deeper purpose of the current astrological  climate has been to push us to penetrate below the surface layer of reality to get to the core of truth where all real knowledge is to be found. This is a good time to study subjects pertaining to deeper knowledge. Much will be revealed.

In our everyday world we can use this energy to examine, scrutinize and probe everything that comes our way. It is not that we should necessarily be overly suspicious,  but there is a strong drive to get at the total truth. If someone makes a proposal, investigate and ask searching questions until you know exactly what the proposal entails. Mercury retrograde in Gemini insists we go over all the minutiae of every situation we are dealing with.  Whether it be an emotional relationship or a practical exchange of resources, our paying such close attention will  make it very difficult for someone to swindle or mislead us.

These days, so many people are struggling with upheaval, loss and fear. As we all undergo  our various and unique transformations, it is important to cut each other a lot of slack. It is very easy to shut down in the midst of so much intensity. Neptune in Pisces can open our hearts by linking us to profound compassion and empathy,  helping us reach out to others in their time of need.

My best advice: If everything is going smoothly in your life... just wait a minute. If things are totally crazy... just wait a minute. And remember, the one constant in life is change.

This too shall pass.

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