Friday, 6 June 2014

And the beat goes on....

The current cosmic conversation sounds a bit like  this:

Mars in Libra says: 'I will fight for love.( ...even if I have to kill you ) '

Pluto in Capricorn says: 'I will accelerate the rate of death and the rate of rebirth. I will break down the old structures and systems of authority ... so you can claim your personal power' .

Uranus in Aries says: '  I bring you ingenuity and initiative.  ' I ask you to leave behind the status quo and to seek a new vision. Anything is possible!

Jupiter in Cancer says: 'I will expand your feeling heart until you remember who you are.'

The Moon in Libra (this weekend) joins Mars, increasing the volume of all of the above voices...  bringing extra intensity into the emotional field.

And Mercury, planet of communication,  is slowing down and about to go retrograde.

 Alongside this tension, and sometimes because of it, we find redemption:

Neptune in Pisces says: 'I will befuddle your mind and awaken your soul' ...

and Chiron in Pisces says: I will heal your wounds and make you whole.

Those are some powerful statements and if any of them relate to what you are going through right now chances are good your birth chart is being hit with at lest one of these aspects. When planets moving through the current sky come into contact by close degree with planets or key places in your own astrology,  they trigger off energetic responses, reactions and events.

If you are in the cross hairs of the very intense grand cross energies, you life is probably rather chaotic and confusing right now.

The Cardinal Grand Cross is the most powerful astrological signature of our times. Four corners taken up by four or five or even sometimes six planets ... all across or at right angles to each other. Outer planets move slowly and represent outer events and powerful forces that seem fated and beyond our control. The four corners are what we call Cardinal signs.  These are the movers and shakers of the zodiac.

Pluto (death, destruction, transformation) and  Uranus (sudden awakening, intuition, rebellion, change) are the key players, with others moving in and out of the Grand Cross configuration. When all four corners are filled, it triggers off intense pressure, and powerful transformation.

Right now Mars is moving forward again and about to re-occupy its recent position at one corner.  Something's gotta give. Pluto Mars and Uranus linked together by close degree increase the tension exponentially adding potential violence to the mix.

Be careful. Be conscious. Be kind.

 Be clear!

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