Saturday, 31 May 2014

Mercury Moon and Jupiter in Cancer: emotions R Us

Mars , planet of action and desire, is moving full steam ahead now in Libra, the sign of relationships. It's recent opposition to Venus, planet of love put a lot of people into oppositional stances, pushing us to make choices or learn to see things from both sides of an issue. Hopefully. Oppositions only get resolved when we  take a moment to step outside our own position  and make an effort  see how the other person may be experiencing things.

To do this means relinquishing our preciously held opinions or points of view to allow for a shift in perspective. This doesn't mean giving  up your own identity or losing your core sense of self. It just means allowing for more options and viewpoints, while attempting to clarify your own.

It is a relief now that the Mars Venus opposition has separated,  though mars is now moving back into the same degree that it all took place, thus reactivating the energy to some degree.(ha no pun intended!) 
As it recovers ground lost in the recent retrograde, Mars is stepping back into its place at one corner of the Grand Cross energy. Expect more opportunities to learn from adversity and conflict as Mars opposite Uranus and square Pluto creates more stand-offs and tensions for those people who's charts are being hit  by these planets. There is violence in this combination, and because it is mostly made up of outer (slower moving ) planets, we will tad to see this aggressive energy  expressing itself more in the collective sphere. The recent shooting in California being case in point. I am sure some astrologer has discovered strong links between the shooters chart and current astrology. I have said before, these powerful forces need an outlet, and those with planets lined up to coincide with the Grand Cross are becoming conduits for some pretty powerful stuff.

So drive carefully, keep your gun in your pocket ... and stop and breath before you react in anger or frustration to perceives slights.

Luckily, Sun in Gemini can help with that. As sign of mental duality and dexterity, Gemini brings in many alternate points of view and increases (hopefully)  our ability to communicate in a less adversarial fashion. It is so important to step beyond limited frames of mind And find a way to empathize with others.

That said, with so much emotional watery charge going on right now, the logic of Gemini might get lost in the mix. Gemini's ruling planet, Mercury (communication)  is now in the sensitive sign of Cancer, and this weekend the Moon meets up there with Jupiter as well. Our emotional intelligence quotient should go up a notch with all this watery influence, and much needed heart to heart conversations and expressions of love can help us heal the rifts and misunderstandings stirred up by all the recent the tense astrology.  The Cardinal Grand Cross continues to put pressure on our relationships as long held beliefs and assumptions get challenged. If this aspect is turning your  world upside down ad inside out, hang in there and know there will be an end to it all. 

Overall, this  weekend is a time for emotional healing and nurturing.  Do tread gently, as our emotions may be expanded and magnified under the Moon's link to the Grand Cross energies.

Yet, gIven the propensity many of us have to remain on the surface and avoid emotional honesty, perhaps a little (or not so little) nudge toward expressing our vulnerability could be a step toward being more honest about our true heartfelt feelings and values, which can have a positive and healing result.

Venus, planet of love and relating, is now it it's home sign of Taurus. This brings an earthy sensual expression of love... encouraging us to feed  and nurture our  lovers, family and friends, and take time to connect to mother earth, by walking in nature , smelling the flowers and take time to celebrate the abundance we re surrounded with.

May you walk in beauty!

Saturday, 24 May 2014

New Moon in Gemini this Wednesday: The Trickster Returns

 Today Sun in Gemini encourages us to be playful and flirtatious… just what the doctor ordered after so much recent intensity. The Moon (emotions) in Aries (fiery initiative) just crossed over Uranus (awakenings, surprises) and is bumping into Venus (love and connectedness). That, alongside the Gemini Sun, catapults us out of our safety zones to be more gregarious and social. It also places our emotions  directly into the cross hairs of the Grand Cross energy, so we can also expect some drama!

 I recently discovered that my own relationship chart (called a composite chart) is exactly lined up with the current grand cross energy (I should have known). I have wondered how/why we seem to keep enacting the astrology I am writing about. There have been plenty of shocks, upsets, standoffs, and emotional dramas, as well as a great deal of emotional transformation and healing as we face an work through the issues coming up. Slowly, slowly we are inching our way through the storm and I even think I see a strip of blue sky shining on the horizon; maybe even a rainbow!!

The Rainbow Connection

The powerful dynamics of transformation currently lighting up our skies mean those of us being hit directly should come out the other side wiser and more in touch with our authenticity (hopefully). It’s a bit like being churned up in the wash cycle and left to spin dry!!!   Expect to emerge cleaned, rinsed and looking like new!!  (What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger). 
hahahahahahahah (laughing hysterically)

Gemini are air signs and always have a lot on the go, as they seek social contact with everyone and everything. My housemate is celebrating her birthday this weekend and true to form she having a party as well as wanting to go to a local dance. I bet she finds a way to do both. Geminis don't like to miss out on anything!!!

The sign of the twins also represents the duality of the mind. Seeing both sides of any issue (or three or four) is a Gemini specialty, as Mercury, symbol of communication,  brings rapid movement and change to our thought patterns.  They are curious and inquisitive as they set out to explore the world through  mental acuity (or by talking to everybody). There is a tendency to get stuck in superficiality and Gemini’s are famous for changing their minds often.

Then, a New Moon on Wed May 28th sees Sun and Moon in Gemini squaring Neptune in Pisces. Be careful of dispersing your energy in too many directions under this influence, which could be as tricky as it is creative. Expect the unexpected is all I can say. And don’t make commitments or sign anything without double and triple checking the small print.  The combination  could make for many an interesting turn of events. 

 Mercury represents our thought processes, while Neptune blurs and obfuscates anything in its path. The last New Moon that started with an aspect to Neptune preceded the disappearance of flight MH-1370 from Malaysia. The planet of illusion can play tricks with what we call ‘reality”, while  Gemini is a bonafide trickster all on its own.

The title of this New Moon could be ‘truth is stranger than fiction!’

That also means that we are not limited to what we usually consider 'normal'. This is an opportunity to think outside the box, and manifest something unusual and unexpected. Be creative. Surprise yourself!!!

Links to both Venus and Neptune bring inspiration to our hearts as much they might befuddle our thinking. Remember, a New Moon is a kind of reset button.  There may be surprises in store as we set off for shores unknown. 

Allow some magic into your life. Imagine any possibility... ... and let it be so!!

Friday, 16 May 2014

Full Moon Reflections: Hidden and Revealed

Waves of healing and transformation  continue to ripple out after Tuesdays Full Moon in Scorpio. This is not entirely comfortable as hidden aspects of our psyche rises to the surface. Polarized relationships and a tendency to project our 'stuff' onto others come right back at us, as our interactions continue to hold up a mirror to our deeper issues.
The Grand Trine in Water (emotional intelligence) and a Mercury (communication) in square to Chiron (vulnerability, healing) ... continue to bring us into contact with our need to meet, heal and transform  any lost or hidden fragments of our essential self... leading us back into wholeness. This is a time of return. This is a time of healing.

The following poem was sent in response to my last post. 
May your healing be accompanied by ease and grace.

 Under a Wesak Moon
.....a poem by by Libra Moon we plug along. Sense is a human
Silent knowledge that can’t
be quantified, measured. It is more subjective,
contextual, subtle
Yet vital.
Such instinct, lore, ought
not be lost, drowned in prideful ownership,
nor discounted for quick profit on the popular market.

Traveling through water
reveling in loud telling
the tale for a shilling,
skillfully fading; still outside of jail.
Intimate with rambling river --
told never to expect a binding code.
Love ‘em or hate ‘em
we club ‘em and mate
‘cause it’s all we know.
Tomorrow is only a threat.
Tonite is the moment we met.
To live by chance of regret could do us wrong.
Listen to me. I’m a song.

Why invoke Love, so imprecise an instrument,
when desire craves divine-like acceptance,
adoration of sparks within us,
all that can inflame
madness, empathy, a symphony, a cure for anything.
Love can become rational answer if the world of we
define it as sanity. 

Health, enlightened cooperation, love’s inspiration
to keep us all at the top of our form.
Love fresco of swooping angels,
vowed to fly us to our highest goal.
aspiration enriched. 

Taste the bittersweet of long accumulated heritage.
That metallic tang of blood, carbon bonds descended
through rock, dust,
skeletons deconstructed to reclaim from waste.
Black swans, dragons, screeching birds surging through flame,
ever re-emerging,
carry potential energy into ancient deserts.
Sleep well in comfort of serene will.
we learn to bloom.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Full Moon in Scorpio: Deepening the Well

Full Moon in Scorpio opposite Sun in Taurs at 23 degrees. on
May 14 at  3:16 pm EDT, and 8:16 pm Greenwich (BST) etc

The astrology these days is intense, powerful, transformative. If your own life is not being turned upside down and inside out, you probably know someone else who's is. Some of us are feeling a bit ragged  and worn down by it all, and will welcome the "stabilizing, grounding, “Buddha-Nature” of this Full Moon"    (Robert Wilkinson)

At the 'Wesak' Full Moon,  many people make the trek to the Wesak Valley at the bottom of Mt Kakais in Tibet to celebrate Buddha’s Birthday.  The Buddha's mercy and compassion brought much light, love and healing to humanity, and, as did other great masters,  he taught that heaven can be here on earth. Even as life is full of suffering, so is it full of light.

This Full Moon can illuminate those tender places that have being shaken up recently,  bring ing a  soothing balm of release, as we surrender our troubles and allow ease and grace back into our lives.

There has been so much letting go lately, as the Grand Cross energies dig away at our very foundations.  Recent eclipses have added to the stripping down by removing what is familiar (but old and outworn). For some this has been a kind of death process as they stuble blindly through unfamilar ground; for others a glorious rebirth. 

This Full Moon can be like a pause ...  an beautiful out-breath to release our worries and tensions as we let in the light.

As the Sun in Taurus grounds and secures us,  the Moon glowing opposite in Scorpio will shine a path forward as it joins a healing Grand Trine in Water to soothe our fears and pry open our tender hearts yet again. The Moon also links to serious Saturn in Scorpio, reminding us that there is still work to be done.

“As we approach Wednesday’s Scorpio Full Moon and distance ourselves from the recent Sun/Saturn opposition we can best use this time to consider where in life we are skimming the surface in order to avoid the apparent darkness of depths we would prefer were not there.
“This is not an exercise in misery or some kind of morbid masochism but a gentle coaxing of our attention to the places where it does not naturally rest… Think of it as tending to a painful wound. We don’t bash it with a mallet to make it better. We bathe it in soothing warm water…”

The Moon shining Full in Scorpio asks us to dive deep to find the  treasure that lies hidden within our souls. Let it light your way to true transfomation. As you breathe out, release everything that is holding you back... your fear, your insecurity, your jealousy , your ignorance. Your greed. There is so much abundance on this planet. There is so much abundance within us.

Sun in Taurus says: Stand at your core and  know your worth. 

You are glorious!

Sunday, 11 May 2014


Watch out for flying missiles today!! If you see one coming at you … duck!!

The Moon (emotional patterns)  in Libra today is activating Mars … (planet of aggression). Mars is  sitting exactly  opposite Venus in Aries (fierce love) right now... activating the classic war of the sexes and causing some very powerful push-pull energies. Venus is conjunct (together with) Uranus… bringing an urge to break free of restrictions along with sudden shocks, awakenings, even accidents.  Tension with Pluto and Uranus… the destroyer versus the awakener,  adds big pressure on whatever issues are coming up at this time.  The fourth part of the Grand Cross is Jupiter in Cancer amplifying our emotions and bringing out our inner child issues.

This all means there is an intensity and depth  to the emotions that are emerging, and  due to Saturn's being opposite Sun  in Taurus, some of us will not be able to avoid some sort of confrontation. Saturn can have a dampening effect on our sense of self (sun) and it is too easy to become  overly defensive  when our deep survival or security fears are activated.  Jealousy or control issues can show up right now,  and it can seem like there is no room to move. Watch out for black and white thinking. There is always a way through.

We will need to be careful of our words, because of a square from Mercury (communication) in Gemini (need to talk)  to Neptune that brings a tendency toward obfuscation. Misunderstandings are rife!!  

There is a silver lining.  Mercury  Venus and Moon show us what it is.   Communicate!!   Speak from your heart.   Emotional integrity is key with so much pressure and tension in the air. This  wild and weird friction  can be harnessed to produce much positive energy! Speak your truth!!

 Jupiter  and Neptune  will help us see the bigger picture.  Pisces provides  a spiritual base to meet within. The essence of all that is:  keep your heart open!

And if you are caught up in this current game of opposites, try not to get caught up in differences.  Find middle ground. 

The Venus Mars opposition are in what is called ‘mutual reception’ ...(each others signs) meaning these energies, though polarized, can produce an integration of opposites.  

Remember there are always two sides to every story. Make an effort to see the other persons point of view (always)... and use this opportunity to see what deeper issues (Saturn in Scorpio) need healing and cleansing (Jupiter in Cancer) Usually our deep hurts are based in our childhood needs not getting met. These become hair triggers which our intimate relationships tend to activate.

When everything  is so magnified, intensified, and deeply challenging,  we need to recognize that these polarities exist within all of us, and the mirroring going on is one more opportunity to  own your own stuff. The Mercury Neptune angle means dishonesty or confusion is more likely to occur in our communications, so try to be very very clear and very honest about whatever it is that is coming up.

If we try and dodge the lessons or avoid facing issues that are coming up, Saturn opposite Sun wont let us off so easily.  It is time to own our own stuff... and take responsibility for what we are creating in our lives and in our relationships.  

Yet these challenges can be exciting, transformative, and for our ultimate growth and learning.

See  who is in front of you (and who is confronting you)... and thank them  for being the gift that is going to bring you wisdom, forbearance and inner strength!! Thank them for being exactly what you need at this moment to become the best ‘you’ you can be.

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
there is a field. I'll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass,
the world is too full to talk about.
Ideas, language, even the phrase "each other" doesn't make any sense.
 Rumi - 13th century

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Happy Beltane.
 Beltane is the Gaelic May Day festival.  Taurus is all about fecundity, fertility and celebrating the senses. Celebrated around May 1 -5, May Day or Beltane involve rites of spring: sacred fires, maypoles, bonfires, cavorting in the woods.

The Sun in Taurus is bringing us down to earth and in touch with our physicality, increasing the urge to connect to nature and express our passions. As spring brings out buds and birds, and sweet smells and greenery our senses are activated and we feel enlivened again after a long cold winter. (well in some places ... where I live we just had more snow) Sigh.

Meanwhile, the Cardina Grand Cross energy has peaked and Tuesday's Solar eclipse swept away old energies to allow for something new to emerge. Phew. The tensions over the last few weeks have been enormous. This past week has been much lighter in comparison to previous ones. Mostly.

Here's the thing: Today the Moon in Cancer is triggering off the Grand Cross energy, so although there has been a great release of built up pressure, the aspect continues to wake us and shake us to the core. That is its job.

The Moon in its home sign of Cancer is about emotions and self nurture. Opposite Pluto .... our emotions  can become controlling and possessive. Square Uranus  .... they can be erratic or rebellious. Square Mars .... we can become angry and impatient.

Ok so maybe the Grand Cross is alive and kicking!!

As  the Moon crosses Jupiter in Cancer over the weekend it a have a deeply healing effect it expands our emotional needs and help us express our inner child. This part of us is often buried deep below the layers of suppressed emotional needs brought on by the conditioning and adjusting we do  to survive in a world that often asks us to perform... rather than be authentic.

Moon Jupiter in Cancer is all about authentic emotions and will help us be more nurturing and emotionally generous. So, instead of letting the aforementioned grand cross set you off in reactive mode ... let the warm waters of Cancerian empathy allow insight into whatever situation you are in, so that  instead of becoming a control freak or a rebellious,  teenager or an angry green eyed monster.... you can  let things pass with enquanimity.

I often gain insight into situations by readings from the I Ching, an ancient book of chinese wisdom. Here is what I got today:

61. Inner Truth

Wind stirs water by penetrating it.  Thus the superior person, when obliged to judge the mistakes of others, tries to penetrate their minds with understanding, in order to gain a sympathetic appreciation of the circumstances.  In ancient China, the entire administration of justice was guided by this principle.  A deep understanding that knows how to pardon was considered the highest form of justice.  This system was not without success, for its aim was to make so strong a moral impression that there was no reason to fear abuse of such mildness.  For it sprang not from weakness but from a superior clarity. 

This also fits well with tensions right now between  Mercury (communication, thinking) and  Saturn (restrictions, karmic lessons).

Saturn (duty, restriction, authority, structure)
in Scorpio (dig deep, sexual issues, jealousy)
opposite Mercury (communication)
in Taurus (creature comforts, laziness, patience)
= Take responsibility for your thoughts and your words. Be patient with yourself and others. 

Think before you speak.  Get serious.  Pay attention!!

The extreme of this is melancholy and depression. Be careful of negative thinking. 

Let many things pass. 
This too shall pass.

I wish you peace.