Saturday, 3 May 2014

Happy Beltane.
 Beltane is the Gaelic May Day festival.  Taurus is all about fecundity, fertility and celebrating the senses. Celebrated around May 1 -5, May Day or Beltane involve rites of spring: sacred fires, maypoles, bonfires, cavorting in the woods.

The Sun in Taurus is bringing us down to earth and in touch with our physicality, increasing the urge to connect to nature and express our passions. As spring brings out buds and birds, and sweet smells and greenery our senses are activated and we feel enlivened again after a long cold winter. (well in some places ... where I live we just had more snow) Sigh.

Meanwhile, the Cardina Grand Cross energy has peaked and Tuesday's Solar eclipse swept away old energies to allow for something new to emerge. Phew. The tensions over the last few weeks have been enormous. This past week has been much lighter in comparison to previous ones. Mostly.

Here's the thing: Today the Moon in Cancer is triggering off the Grand Cross energy, so although there has been a great release of built up pressure, the aspect continues to wake us and shake us to the core. That is its job.

The Moon in its home sign of Cancer is about emotions and self nurture. Opposite Pluto .... our emotions  can become controlling and possessive. Square Uranus  .... they can be erratic or rebellious. Square Mars .... we can become angry and impatient.

Ok so maybe the Grand Cross is alive and kicking!!

As  the Moon crosses Jupiter in Cancer over the weekend it a have a deeply healing effect it expands our emotional needs and help us express our inner child. This part of us is often buried deep below the layers of suppressed emotional needs brought on by the conditioning and adjusting we do  to survive in a world that often asks us to perform... rather than be authentic.

Moon Jupiter in Cancer is all about authentic emotions and will help us be more nurturing and emotionally generous. So, instead of letting the aforementioned grand cross set you off in reactive mode ... let the warm waters of Cancerian empathy allow insight into whatever situation you are in, so that  instead of becoming a control freak or a rebellious,  teenager or an angry green eyed monster.... you can  let things pass with enquanimity.

I often gain insight into situations by readings from the I Ching, an ancient book of chinese wisdom. Here is what I got today:

61. Inner Truth

Wind stirs water by penetrating it.  Thus the superior person, when obliged to judge the mistakes of others, tries to penetrate their minds with understanding, in order to gain a sympathetic appreciation of the circumstances.  In ancient China, the entire administration of justice was guided by this principle.  A deep understanding that knows how to pardon was considered the highest form of justice.  This system was not without success, for its aim was to make so strong a moral impression that there was no reason to fear abuse of such mildness.  For it sprang not from weakness but from a superior clarity. 

This also fits well with tensions right now between  Mercury (communication, thinking) and  Saturn (restrictions, karmic lessons).

Saturn (duty, restriction, authority, structure)
in Scorpio (dig deep, sexual issues, jealousy)
opposite Mercury (communication)
in Taurus (creature comforts, laziness, patience)
= Take responsibility for your thoughts and your words. Be patient with yourself and others. 

Think before you speak.  Get serious.  Pay attention!!

The extreme of this is melancholy and depression. Be careful of negative thinking. 

Let many things pass. 
This too shall pass.

I wish you peace.

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