Friday, 16 May 2014

Full Moon Reflections: Hidden and Revealed

Waves of healing and transformation  continue to ripple out after Tuesdays Full Moon in Scorpio. This is not entirely comfortable as hidden aspects of our psyche rises to the surface. Polarized relationships and a tendency to project our 'stuff' onto others come right back at us, as our interactions continue to hold up a mirror to our deeper issues.
The Grand Trine in Water (emotional intelligence) and a Mercury (communication) in square to Chiron (vulnerability, healing) ... continue to bring us into contact with our need to meet, heal and transform  any lost or hidden fragments of our essential self... leading us back into wholeness. This is a time of return. This is a time of healing.

The following poem was sent in response to my last post. 
May your healing be accompanied by ease and grace.

 Under a Wesak Moon
.....a poem by by Libra Moon we plug along. Sense is a human
Silent knowledge that can’t
be quantified, measured. It is more subjective,
contextual, subtle
Yet vital.
Such instinct, lore, ought
not be lost, drowned in prideful ownership,
nor discounted for quick profit on the popular market.

Traveling through water
reveling in loud telling
the tale for a shilling,
skillfully fading; still outside of jail.
Intimate with rambling river --
told never to expect a binding code.
Love ‘em or hate ‘em
we club ‘em and mate
‘cause it’s all we know.
Tomorrow is only a threat.
Tonite is the moment we met.
To live by chance of regret could do us wrong.
Listen to me. I’m a song.

Why invoke Love, so imprecise an instrument,
when desire craves divine-like acceptance,
adoration of sparks within us,
all that can inflame
madness, empathy, a symphony, a cure for anything.
Love can become rational answer if the world of we
define it as sanity. 

Health, enlightened cooperation, love’s inspiration
to keep us all at the top of our form.
Love fresco of swooping angels,
vowed to fly us to our highest goal.
aspiration enriched. 

Taste the bittersweet of long accumulated heritage.
That metallic tang of blood, carbon bonds descended
through rock, dust,
skeletons deconstructed to reclaim from waste.
Black swans, dragons, screeching birds surging through flame,
ever re-emerging,
carry potential energy into ancient deserts.
Sleep well in comfort of serene will.
we learn to bloom.

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