Saturday, 24 May 2014

New Moon in Gemini this Wednesday: The Trickster Returns

 Today Sun in Gemini encourages us to be playful and flirtatious… just what the doctor ordered after so much recent intensity. The Moon (emotions) in Aries (fiery initiative) just crossed over Uranus (awakenings, surprises) and is bumping into Venus (love and connectedness). That, alongside the Gemini Sun, catapults us out of our safety zones to be more gregarious and social. It also places our emotions  directly into the cross hairs of the Grand Cross energy, so we can also expect some drama!

 I recently discovered that my own relationship chart (called a composite chart) is exactly lined up with the current grand cross energy (I should have known). I have wondered how/why we seem to keep enacting the astrology I am writing about. There have been plenty of shocks, upsets, standoffs, and emotional dramas, as well as a great deal of emotional transformation and healing as we face an work through the issues coming up. Slowly, slowly we are inching our way through the storm and I even think I see a strip of blue sky shining on the horizon; maybe even a rainbow!!

The Rainbow Connection

The powerful dynamics of transformation currently lighting up our skies mean those of us being hit directly should come out the other side wiser and more in touch with our authenticity (hopefully). It’s a bit like being churned up in the wash cycle and left to spin dry!!!   Expect to emerge cleaned, rinsed and looking like new!!  (What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger). 
hahahahahahahah (laughing hysterically)

Gemini are air signs and always have a lot on the go, as they seek social contact with everyone and everything. My housemate is celebrating her birthday this weekend and true to form she having a party as well as wanting to go to a local dance. I bet she finds a way to do both. Geminis don't like to miss out on anything!!!

The sign of the twins also represents the duality of the mind. Seeing both sides of any issue (or three or four) is a Gemini specialty, as Mercury, symbol of communication,  brings rapid movement and change to our thought patterns.  They are curious and inquisitive as they set out to explore the world through  mental acuity (or by talking to everybody). There is a tendency to get stuck in superficiality and Gemini’s are famous for changing their minds often.

Then, a New Moon on Wed May 28th sees Sun and Moon in Gemini squaring Neptune in Pisces. Be careful of dispersing your energy in too many directions under this influence, which could be as tricky as it is creative. Expect the unexpected is all I can say. And don’t make commitments or sign anything without double and triple checking the small print.  The combination  could make for many an interesting turn of events. 

 Mercury represents our thought processes, while Neptune blurs and obfuscates anything in its path. The last New Moon that started with an aspect to Neptune preceded the disappearance of flight MH-1370 from Malaysia. The planet of illusion can play tricks with what we call ‘reality”, while  Gemini is a bonafide trickster all on its own.

The title of this New Moon could be ‘truth is stranger than fiction!’

That also means that we are not limited to what we usually consider 'normal'. This is an opportunity to think outside the box, and manifest something unusual and unexpected. Be creative. Surprise yourself!!!

Links to both Venus and Neptune bring inspiration to our hearts as much they might befuddle our thinking. Remember, a New Moon is a kind of reset button.  There may be surprises in store as we set off for shores unknown. 

Allow some magic into your life. Imagine any possibility... ... and let it be so!!

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