Saturday, 31 May 2014

Mercury Moon and Jupiter in Cancer: emotions R Us

Mars , planet of action and desire, is moving full steam ahead now in Libra, the sign of relationships. It's recent opposition to Venus, planet of love put a lot of people into oppositional stances, pushing us to make choices or learn to see things from both sides of an issue. Hopefully. Oppositions only get resolved when we  take a moment to step outside our own position  and make an effort  see how the other person may be experiencing things.

To do this means relinquishing our preciously held opinions or points of view to allow for a shift in perspective. This doesn't mean giving  up your own identity or losing your core sense of self. It just means allowing for more options and viewpoints, while attempting to clarify your own.

It is a relief now that the Mars Venus opposition has separated,  though mars is now moving back into the same degree that it all took place, thus reactivating the energy to some degree.(ha no pun intended!) 
As it recovers ground lost in the recent retrograde, Mars is stepping back into its place at one corner of the Grand Cross energy. Expect more opportunities to learn from adversity and conflict as Mars opposite Uranus and square Pluto creates more stand-offs and tensions for those people who's charts are being hit  by these planets. There is violence in this combination, and because it is mostly made up of outer (slower moving ) planets, we will tad to see this aggressive energy  expressing itself more in the collective sphere. The recent shooting in California being case in point. I am sure some astrologer has discovered strong links between the shooters chart and current astrology. I have said before, these powerful forces need an outlet, and those with planets lined up to coincide with the Grand Cross are becoming conduits for some pretty powerful stuff.

So drive carefully, keep your gun in your pocket ... and stop and breath before you react in anger or frustration to perceives slights.

Luckily, Sun in Gemini can help with that. As sign of mental duality and dexterity, Gemini brings in many alternate points of view and increases (hopefully)  our ability to communicate in a less adversarial fashion. It is so important to step beyond limited frames of mind And find a way to empathize with others.

That said, with so much emotional watery charge going on right now, the logic of Gemini might get lost in the mix. Gemini's ruling planet, Mercury (communication)  is now in the sensitive sign of Cancer, and this weekend the Moon meets up there with Jupiter as well. Our emotional intelligence quotient should go up a notch with all this watery influence, and much needed heart to heart conversations and expressions of love can help us heal the rifts and misunderstandings stirred up by all the recent the tense astrology.  The Cardinal Grand Cross continues to put pressure on our relationships as long held beliefs and assumptions get challenged. If this aspect is turning your  world upside down ad inside out, hang in there and know there will be an end to it all. 

Overall, this  weekend is a time for emotional healing and nurturing.  Do tread gently, as our emotions may be expanded and magnified under the Moon's link to the Grand Cross energies.

Yet, gIven the propensity many of us have to remain on the surface and avoid emotional honesty, perhaps a little (or not so little) nudge toward expressing our vulnerability could be a step toward being more honest about our true heartfelt feelings and values, which can have a positive and healing result.

Venus, planet of love and relating, is now it it's home sign of Taurus. This brings an earthy sensual expression of love... encouraging us to feed  and nurture our  lovers, family and friends, and take time to connect to mother earth, by walking in nature , smelling the flowers and take time to celebrate the abundance we re surrounded with.

May you walk in beauty!

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