Friday, 26 April 2013

Have a jolly good weekend!

We are now in the post-Full Moon/eclipse fall-out as the ripple effect slowly expands into all aspect of our lives.

As said previously, eclipses trigger release, change, endings... and whatever was started to that end (no pun intended) it will continue to slowly manifest in (some of) our lives over the coming months. Even if it seems nothing happened, if you are due for a change, just know that however small that ripple may seem, it could be a wave by the time it hits its target.   Remember the saying about how a butterfly flapping its wings in New York can change the weather in China? Yeah! Its that kind of thing....

Dont worry, its only going to release something you really don't want anyway....(deep down)


Sun Venus ands Mars are all settling into a nice rythm in slow and steady Taurus where they bring us down to earth and help us ground our plans and dreams. With Mars and Venus and Sun activating  sensual tastes and desires, we are in the mood to enjoy fabulous food, tactile touch, and sensual sensations! Yum!

Saturn still opposite the above group may try to stifle some of those ardent desires, though if determined enough,  you will get what you want (this is where the stubbornness of Mars in Taurus comes in handy lol).   Nonetheless, there is some difficulty with this push-me pull-you tension; with the Scorpio influence, it can become obsessive-compulsive and wear out the best of us.  Patience will indeed be a virtue. (as well as  knowing when to let go!)

More and more I seem to be channeling for all these energies that I write about  ... like the good empath that I am!! Every time I write  a blog post,  over the next few days I experience it very acutely. Talk about self fulfilling prophesy!  The mind is a powerful thing.... what you focus on grows!!

My current battle with these two stubborn energies over the last few days has resulted in total exhaustion, reminding me that when push comes to shove, sometimes the best thing is to back down and wait for a better moment. Sigh! Too late!

So be forewarned. Sometimes it's really not worth the bother!

If you want to stay away from conflicts, how bout focus on enjoying the super friendly Sagittarius Moon over the next couple days?   Sag is the ever expansive (and joyous) traveller, adventurer, seeker of truth. Jupiter  in Gemini (ruler of Sag) is currently expanding our social tendencies, and with these two combined, its time for some relaxation and fun, exploring culture and having madcap adventures!

 Laughter and joy really are the best medicine for what ails you. Combine  that with the sensuality of Taurus and me thinks it is time to enjoy ourselves.

BTW:  if you found the last post too long to finish (oops) I suggest you scroll down and at least read the second part:  it's all about the human adventure.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road!

Have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Wesak Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse


This Wed April 25th, an Eclipse/Full Moon brings to culmination the energies activated by the  last New Moon, which was in Aries. Mars, warrior planet of aggression, drive and desire,  figures prominently in both. Right now Mars is sitting very close to the Sun and both are opposite Saturn and Moon in Scorpio.

This Saturn/Mars opposition creates a very pressured, almost stuck kind of energy. As the build up of Mars momentum from the last few weeks suddenly meets the fixed energy of Saturn in Scorpio, it may  feel like  running smack dab into a concrete wall (Saturn).

As the pressure  builds up to the Full Moon, there are many other mitigating factors affecting this pressure, some of which will produce some movement, some relief. For starters, the  Sun and Venus in Taurus are already helping  ground and sooth the residual tension left over from such a fiery  month.  Venus in her home sign encourages us to bathe our senses as we fulfil the physical need for sights, sounds, taste, touch.  Together, they invite us to earth ourselves in the lap of the Great Mother (Taurus). 

Meanwhile, the intensely aggressive and impatient drive that Mars  kicked off at the last New Moon is slowly morphing into a more sustainable wave of persistence and perseverance. We can now start to  manifest into form what was seeded by such an abundance of Aries initiative and  oomph! If Aries is the seed, Taurus is the ground to plant it in.

Taurus represents self worth, personal values, our money, our stuff. It is where we get physically nurtured and is therefore also about our physical survival and our sense of safety (mirrored by Scorpio opposite, which is more about psychological survival). 

At this Full Moon, some will feel a tension around the need to protect their own resources, while at the same time  accepting  responsibility (Saturn)  to each other (Scorpio).  Sitting opposite, Saturn in Scorpio demands we deal with these issues of conflict in a responsible way, find ways to share and commit to others, deal with the hard stuff, grow up, get real.  Any opposition to Saturn can be a bit heavy and restrictive and could possibly trigger escapism or denial.  

A Full Moon in Scorpio (emotions, intuition) amplifies the part of us that is a bit wary of others motives, partly because it tends  to go so deep, picking up on everybody's psychological garbage.   With Saturn here as well, we are challenged to hold our ground and face our own shit, (instead of focusing on everybody else's!)

Saturn/Moon can have a dis ‘courage’ ing  effect (Mars = courage) as feelings of opposition and  blockage  make us to want to give up and walk away in defeat.

It is important to remember that eclipses do provide a shift and a release of old energy, even as they bring tensions to the surface. They are a portal for the old to release and new energy to come in, and their effects ripple out for months onward. This particular eclipse looks like another of those 'fork in the road'  moments we seem to be having a lot of lately ... again providing powerful  opportunities  to move and think differently.  

Maybe we need to break free from other people’s agendas and stand up for our own self. Or, maybe it's the opposite, the need to let go of divisive thinking and find a way to compromise with others.  Either way, we will feel challenged with issues around our 'stuff' and choices will be made in one direction or another. Mercury and Uranus together in Aries can bring sudden insights and a renewed openness to new ways of thinking. (Maybe Korea wont have to invade America after all!!)

As you can see (I hope) the gift of this eclipse will be to highlight where we tend to get stuck ,and then show us a completely new way of negotiating such obstacles.

(If you want to see  where this shit ... oops I mean 'shift' will manifest,   go to for a natal free chart) and to  for descriptions of each 'house')

The Sun will be on the cusp of my 6th house of health and Saturn/Moon will be extremely close to my first house (the body, how you go into the world)   A long cycle of health issues is coming to a end (I hope) which coincides with my coming Saturn /Ascendent and Saturn Return. 

This does feel like a fork in the road moment; a chance to step out of long time victim-hood and take the reigns of my life back. I feel a certain amount of pressure with  Saturn leaning on the dark side  (my 12th house) of the Ascendant, activating deeply embedded unconscious elements and self destructive patterns; I can tell you it is not always an easy passage as parts of me resist (Saturn) looking down into the murky depths of the subconscious/12th house). 

Fear (conscious or unconscious) can block us from facing the shadows where we think the bogeyman is lurking. Yet Mercury and Uranus, also in my 6th  house of health at this eclipse,  have the potential of bringing light into the darkness through new insights and breakthroughs.  I have no expectations, yet am already beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel  (Saturn says hopefully it's not an oncoming train lol).

The Saturn conjunct Moon can be serious and oppressive and can easily activate feelings of defeat. Yet  many other supportive energies tying into the eclipse bring a positive influence and  warn us not to judge things by surface appearances. There is more going on here  than meets the eye.

This is about seeing new possibilities while releasing old, negative, self-defeating  patterns of behaviour. With Scorpio involved, survival issues could be part of what is triggering the stubborn ‘I wont budge’ Mars energy. (Mars in Taurus is particularly inflexible when challenged) And Saturn in Scorpio is equally so.

Powerful  elements of transformation, (Pluto) and movement (Uranus, Mars) can be shocking  and disruptive but will often provide a way out or through or around any obstacle you may be facing right now.

Jupiter in Gemini and Mercury / Uranus in Aries ask us to think big and think outside the box.

Part 2. The Great Adventure

I recently attended a talk by Dr Jean Houston who uses the story of the Wizard of Oz (her book is called ‘The Wizard of Us’) as an example of the hero/inne’s journey of Self Mastery.  It is based on the idea that we each have a hero/heroine inside of us that is activated by a call to action.

The hero’s adventure is often triggered by some sort of crisis or dramatic event that shakes his or her world upside down, and forces a person to cross some kind of threshold.  

The hero/ine then must travel a road of trials to finally (hopefully) get to a positive outcome (follow the Yellow Brick Road…. lalala).  

Houston says this journey, though sometimes incredibly difficult, has a sacred element interwoven into it, for through it we find out who we really are.  At this critical time in the development of humankind, we are all now being called to walk upon this sacred journey of self-discovery, so we can save ourselves as well as save the planet. 

The good news is, there are helpers and allies who appear (like the good witch, the scarecrow, the lion, the tin man), each representing parts of each of us that need to develop in order to accomplish our goal: (kindness, clear thinking, courage, an open heart).

It is often the challenges and obstacles we face  that bring these qualities out in us. Of course everyone knows that in the end the bad witch is destroyed, and they each discover that  the qualities they were seeking were within them all along. Houston also points out that it is water (of life) that melts away the evil witch.

Best of all, after all her trials, Dorothy also discovers she has had the key to getting back home (to herself) all along. As she taps the Ruby Slippers and says   “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home” …  she touches the deep longing in all of us to return home… to ourselves….  to a state of wholeness and healing.   


This eclipse may be the trigger for some to step onto the path of great adventure. It may be a fork in the road for others, or the catalyst to shift priorities or step up to the plate for once and for all. Both the eclipse and the Full Moon call us to ground our vision and face the obstacles in our path with determination (Saturn) and courage (Mars)

Yes, there are challenges, and dark passages along the way, yet  there are also allies and helpers and hidden signs to guide us along the way.

Have you noticed, in fairy tales,  it is always the youngest one, or the fool (innocence) who no one takes seriously,  that turns out to be the one person who listens to the guidance or helps the little old woman (who turns out to be the wise helper)  and thus gets the key or the boon or the magic goose etc?  It is not our pride or our arrogance or our all knowing-ness that will get us through, but instead our kindness, our courage, and our humility that will attract those benevolent forces.

And after all, this is the time of the Grand Irrationality. Nothing is what it seems. Despite trials and tribulations that may challenge us to our very core, there is  magic and grace and all kinds of support available to help us get back home.

This Wesak Full Moon is a celebration of Buddhahood, of wholeness, and it signals us to remember who we are at our core.

Cause home is where the heart is.   It has been inside of us all along!

Happy Wesak. Happy Full Moon!

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Sun, Venus move into Taurus.

Both Venus and Sun have moved into the earthy sign of Taurus. Hurray hurray, its almost May!

We can start to smell the newly budding blossoms of spring as Venus in her home sign encourages all to revel in earthly pleasures and delights.  Taurus is the time where we dig into the fecund earth to plant seeds that will become food and flowers and beauty to enjoy.

This lovely earthing will help us calm down after a very fiery (and  tragic) period of intense Aries activity. Aries is the warrior and the innovator. Other planets involved (Pluto,Uranus) have brought out the more aggressive, destructive side of Mars energy. 

We need the soothing arms of mother earth to help us heal from crisis and shock. Yet even though this Taurus grounding will definitely start to smooth us out a bit,  Mercury has just moved into Aries, activating the Uranus (sudden shocks) Pluto square (rebellion, revolution. This influence adds fire to our thinking and communication, so watch out for more aggression and impatience over the next few weeks.

There is an eclipse coming up next week... a post on that is coming next.

Meanwhile, do use the Taurus energy to stay grounded. Walks in nature, working in your garden, eating good nourishing food, physical touch  … anything that brings you into contact with your senses or the fecundity of mother earth will help calm down a frayed nervous system.  

Its important to understand that powerful forces are at play right now. And a key culprit in all this intensity is Pluto, god of the underworld.

Pluto is associated with the god Shiva, The Destroyer, who removes the old to make way for the new. It is also linked to power and control, and the need for  Self Mastery. In Capricorn, this will manifest in relation to the material world in areas like career, success, organization, business, duty, authority, structures and  systems.

Wherever Pluto travels, (or sits in your chart), it sirs up what is hidden or repressed and brings it up for transformation. This deep process can trigger compulsive behaviours, control issues and survival fears, extreme behaviour, and in Capricorn they will tend to manifest in the areas I just mentioned.

Pluto's purpose is to further our  evolution, to change and to transform.  Its brute force pushes us to move ever onward and upward. And inward.

Because of the power it wields,  Pluto inspires trepidation and, usually, some form of resistance. Because it activates the deepest aspects of our being that we are often not aware of, one of the effects is a kind of squirmy discomfort. 

When our survival fears are activated, we tend to cling to what is familiar.  That basically doesn't work when it comes to this transformative energy: when we resist Pluto brings out the big guns and hits us with some sort of crisis. The nature of the crisis will depend on our chart and on any other planets involved. The harder the aspects the deeper the resistance and the tougher the shock needed to get us unstuck.

For instance, right now Pluto is moving backward toward an exact square (tense degree) with Uranus (another shaker upper). We also have had Mars (warrior, aggression) thrown into the mix, triggering the recent spate of violence and explosions.

In the background,  Jupiter in Gemini is busy expanding our thinking process, which in some cases is activating the most zealous, unconscious tendencies. Combine all of the above and you get one hell of a cocktail!

Last blog I spoke about this intense violent energy combining with extreme beliefs and ideologies. When I mentioned the urgent need to ‘defend the Bastille’… I almost wrote 'urge to blow up the Bastille’.  Yikes!

The  news coverage also gets hyper and overdone with and everyone going on and on about it all and endless replays of explosions and people running ... which I find almost abusive.  Similar to how people rubber neck while passing  an accident, we just can't turn away.  The playing of these horrible images over and over again is kind of traumatizing in itself.  There are many ways Mars Uranus and Pluto are shocking us right now.

 Mars and Pluto activate primitive survival fears and reactions, and there is still the danger of a ripple effect. Please watch your temper and find positive outlet for simmering resentments, nervous energy etc.

The positive side is when people come together in these emergencies to help each other... its a delight to also see  the best of human nature.

Lets all focus on visioning light and clarity into this world gone mad. 
Peace is possible. It has to start with each of us.

Self awareness can make the difference between being  driven by survival  instincts or living   consciously awake. Knowing who we are is the key to feeling at home in the world.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

When Push Comes to Shove

Stellium in Aries; What do you desire? Get going…now!
Sun, Mars, Venus together in Aries: Have lots of sex, do dancing
Jupiter in Gemini Square Neptune/Chiron in Pisces: Express your deepest self. Give yourself a hug!
Saturn in Scorpio:  If you're gonna swim... become a diver... 
Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn: Look again at what is not working. Reassess supporting structures .
Mercury in Pisces sextile Moon: Poetry, art, wistful dreaming; a sensitivity too exquisite to bear!

We have also recently had two Yod formations (also called 'finger of god'!) pointing at both Pluto and Jupiter, and their influence is still palpable.  Plus what’s been called the  ‘Grand Irrationality’ is being activated big time!

Apparently (according to the dude over at Aquarius Papers) the latter is a magical, mystical aspect allowing spiritual forces to influence whatever is going on in our current lives. This energy is not linear or logical, and thus ‘irrational’   i.e. things don’t happen the way you expect them to, or happen in unusual ways... or are just downright weird!

 Both of these occurrences are part of the ongoing wake up, shake up energy that many are feeling.

It all points to the transformation and regeneration required on planet earth at this time as Earth gets to attend one of those makeover shows (and we, by association, are the guests).

As part of the makeover,  Jupiter  in Gemini is amplifying the  focus on our ideas and beliefs, while Saturn in Scorpio is bringing us face to face with taboo issues and/or our shadow side. Through both of these processes, our core belief structures and deepest fears are coming under examination.

Added to that, yesterday Pluto turned retrograde in Capricorn, increasing internal pressure to all of the above. We are called to review(again) authority systems (such as patriarchy) that are no longer working.

How we have internalized patriarchal/power-over beliefs systems becomes evident when we are:  

-feeling ‘less than’,
-not owning our power,
-believing that material wealth equals true value,
-thinking logic and reason is somehow superior to intuition and feeling,
-holding power over others,
-abusing our position of authority,
-amassing wealth (stuff) at the expense of others, or of the planet
(or contributing to systems that allow others to do the above)
-etc, etc, etc.

Looks like it’s time to trim the hedge.

Pluto retrograde in Capricorn asks us to examine our relationship to power and to claim our personal authority. To do this we must work on our deepest issues (Saturn in Scorpio) and face our shadows (i.e  suppressed fear, anger, etc).

Sound like fun?!

These are not light or easy times, though they are full of opportunity for amazing growth and personal transformation. And we can take heart to know there are spiritual forces (Chiron, Neptune in Pisces) pouring light into the situation to help us move through this transition with grace and ease.

Meanwhile, Jupiter says we need to look at our core belief systems. 

"Sow a thought and you reap an action; sow an act and you reap a habit; sow a habit and you reap a character; sow a character and you reap a destiny."                 Ralph Waldo Emerson 

I find I am more aware lately of people (including myself)  adamantly defending their point of view and arguing about what is ‘true’.

For example, (and speaking of decayed power systems)  the recent death of Margaret Thatcher has  unleashed festering residues of venom and anger which  accompany a strong belief that she personally ruined the UK for decades forward.  

Meanwhile, others (strangely) insist on giving her an (expensive) political funeral, singing her praises and saying she saved the country, was a heroine,  the 'best leader England ever had' etc etc!    Huh!?

Don’t worry, I am not going to get all political on you ... that's not really my schtick : )

What amazes me though  is how people can argue ad infinitum any point, and bring up ‘statistics’ and ‘facts’ to show the rightness of their stance, and of course be adamant that they are ‘right’ and anyone who disagrees is an idiot! (isn’t there a warning about discussing politics or religion!! Lol ! )  I find this all so boring and often downright ridiculous.

How many wars are fought based on so called 'facts',  that later turn out to be false? (hmmm .... anything recent come to mind?)

Jupiter is the  current culprit,  as it exaggerates and expands whatever it touches, and in Gemini, our thought process are amplified along with our beliefs.

Add that to the  current supercharged Aries energy and we get a dangerous mix, a kind of 'hyper-belief'. That would all be just-so-funny,  if it wasn't so scary. Look at at recent threats from Korea to blow up America (or at least Texas)!

So be careful what you get all ‘het up’ about and take time to examine those preciously held beliefs. Try to get a bit of perspective about what you 'believe' versus what you ‘know’ before you storm off to defend the Bastille!

On top of that,  ‘know’ that even what you think you ‘know’ may be the result of unconscious emotional prejudices, cultural conditioning, emotional bias or even as simple as incorrect information (which in this 'information age' is, ironically, all too common).

And be aware that some tricky and very disruptive planetary aspects can cause some people to have a hair trigger right now.  Old festering hurts, angers, betrayals (Scorpio) can trigger highly reactive Aries anger suddenly and violently (Uranus square Pluto).  

Saturn in Scorpio is calling us to dig deep and root out those festering grievances, resentments, or hidden agendas and deal with them in a mature, responsible way (Pluto Capricorn)  Both Scorpio and Pluto retrograde will make us face our ‘shit’ if we don’t.  (what goes around comes around)

If you do feel justified in your hatred or your self- righteousness (Jupiter), invoke Jupiter’s other side… a deep sense of justice and fairness. Or,  use the gentle energy of Mercury’s last days in Pisces to turn the other cheek.

Or, if all else fails,  take that robust rage and channel it into something positive and productive... like harnessing that runaway horse to  start something new; let it plough your fields for you.

It is spring after all, and that’s what Aries energy is for.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Mars Venus go Dancing! New Moon in Aries

Venus (feminine, beauty, receptivity) and Mars (masculine, aggression, desire) are hanging together  in Aries, the sign of the warrior, which means there’s a lots of feisty, fiery, lusty vibrations dominating the airwaves right now.

This weekend’s theme is love and sex and how they combine in our lives.  Strong desires and passions are in the air, and as Aries is an impatient sign, many will succumb to that itch they just have to scratch. And why not? It’s a natural part of being human, and many would agree, a most agreeable one at that. Yet it seems sexual expression is still somehow taboo, despite our cultural environment being heavily laden with sex at every turn. Its like we are afraid to have our cake and eat it too!!

Because of unconscious negative beliefs around pleasure and sex (Saturn in Scorpio now is having us look at these), we all have our hang-ups and issues, and there seem to be countless ways of turning sexual friction into mega drama!

Rather than knowing how to ride the wave, there is a possibility we could end up resisting and getting swept under, or in stand offs and flare ups etc. (Oh how quickly push comes to shove and suddenly people are not speaking!)

So if you are going to get on this horse, just know it has a wild streak and excess energy to burn!!  It’s all about chemistry (Mars, Venus), and there is an artistry (Venus) to this dance.  Try to feel your way (Venus) before you act (Mars). 

The Moon in gentle and intuitive Pisces  brings romance into the picture and help us honour our feelings as well as our passions. Thing is, both Mars and Venus in Aries are extremely impulsive, and  not easily controlled or contained, so it’s a good idea to have an outlet for the restlessness that is being stirred up right now.

Yin/yang combining means a fusion of energy… inter personal exchanges could get over-heated, or be quite exciting, depending where the driving force leads you. If you need a wake up call in your relationship, you may get it this weekend, and/or if you need a new spark to bring the chemistry back, this could be it as well!

If all goes well, its going be a whirlwind, fun weekend. I am going dancing tonight to some African and Tibetan singing/drumming…. a perfect outlet for Mars/Venus!

The  New Moon in Aries on Wednesday  carries this dynamic, forward thrusting energy into our intentions  for the next lunar cycle. And as Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, these intentions will ripple out into the whole year. This is the time (again) new beginnings, new intentions, new you!  Aries is about claiming our-selves, taking initiative and setting forth into untried territory.

The influence of both Pluto (crisis, change, transformation)  and Uranus (the awakener) brings  added intensity to the New Moon as it propels our wishes and missions into warp speed. We have the ability to vision what we want. Do we have the staying power to see it through? Can we let go of the old and embrace the new?

 I always say I am not into predictions. My job is to bring awareness and understanding of energies that are in the air. If I say, sparks may fly, of course it’s all up to your chart, your tendencies, and how you step into this energy field. Some will do so unwillingly, some unwittingly, many intentionally, some not at all.

Be careful what you wish for…. then let ‘er rip!

(And have fun!!)

p.s. A man and a woman meet at a weekend retreat. They are dancing after dinner together. The man says to the woman: "I'm only here for the weekend." She looks at him and replies:
 "I'm dancing as fast as I can"