Saturday, 20 April 2013

Sun, Venus move into Taurus.

Both Venus and Sun have moved into the earthy sign of Taurus. Hurray hurray, its almost May!

We can start to smell the newly budding blossoms of spring as Venus in her home sign encourages all to revel in earthly pleasures and delights.  Taurus is the time where we dig into the fecund earth to plant seeds that will become food and flowers and beauty to enjoy.

This lovely earthing will help us calm down after a very fiery (and  tragic) period of intense Aries activity. Aries is the warrior and the innovator. Other planets involved (Pluto,Uranus) have brought out the more aggressive, destructive side of Mars energy. 

We need the soothing arms of mother earth to help us heal from crisis and shock. Yet even though this Taurus grounding will definitely start to smooth us out a bit,  Mercury has just moved into Aries, activating the Uranus (sudden shocks) Pluto square (rebellion, revolution. This influence adds fire to our thinking and communication, so watch out for more aggression and impatience over the next few weeks.

There is an eclipse coming up next week... a post on that is coming next.

Meanwhile, do use the Taurus energy to stay grounded. Walks in nature, working in your garden, eating good nourishing food, physical touch  … anything that brings you into contact with your senses or the fecundity of mother earth will help calm down a frayed nervous system.  

Its important to understand that powerful forces are at play right now. And a key culprit in all this intensity is Pluto, god of the underworld.

Pluto is associated with the god Shiva, The Destroyer, who removes the old to make way for the new. It is also linked to power and control, and the need for  Self Mastery. In Capricorn, this will manifest in relation to the material world in areas like career, success, organization, business, duty, authority, structures and  systems.

Wherever Pluto travels, (or sits in your chart), it sirs up what is hidden or repressed and brings it up for transformation. This deep process can trigger compulsive behaviours, control issues and survival fears, extreme behaviour, and in Capricorn they will tend to manifest in the areas I just mentioned.

Pluto's purpose is to further our  evolution, to change and to transform.  Its brute force pushes us to move ever onward and upward. And inward.

Because of the power it wields,  Pluto inspires trepidation and, usually, some form of resistance. Because it activates the deepest aspects of our being that we are often not aware of, one of the effects is a kind of squirmy discomfort. 

When our survival fears are activated, we tend to cling to what is familiar.  That basically doesn't work when it comes to this transformative energy: when we resist Pluto brings out the big guns and hits us with some sort of crisis. The nature of the crisis will depend on our chart and on any other planets involved. The harder the aspects the deeper the resistance and the tougher the shock needed to get us unstuck.

For instance, right now Pluto is moving backward toward an exact square (tense degree) with Uranus (another shaker upper). We also have had Mars (warrior, aggression) thrown into the mix, triggering the recent spate of violence and explosions.

In the background,  Jupiter in Gemini is busy expanding our thinking process, which in some cases is activating the most zealous, unconscious tendencies. Combine all of the above and you get one hell of a cocktail!

Last blog I spoke about this intense violent energy combining with extreme beliefs and ideologies. When I mentioned the urgent need to ‘defend the Bastille’… I almost wrote 'urge to blow up the Bastille’.  Yikes!

The  news coverage also gets hyper and overdone with and everyone going on and on about it all and endless replays of explosions and people running ... which I find almost abusive.  Similar to how people rubber neck while passing  an accident, we just can't turn away.  The playing of these horrible images over and over again is kind of traumatizing in itself.  There are many ways Mars Uranus and Pluto are shocking us right now.

 Mars and Pluto activate primitive survival fears and reactions, and there is still the danger of a ripple effect. Please watch your temper and find positive outlet for simmering resentments, nervous energy etc.

The positive side is when people come together in these emergencies to help each other... its a delight to also see  the best of human nature.

Lets all focus on visioning light and clarity into this world gone mad. 
Peace is possible. It has to start with each of us.

Self awareness can make the difference between being  driven by survival  instincts or living   consciously awake. Knowing who we are is the key to feeling at home in the world.

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