Saturday, 13 April 2013

When Push Comes to Shove

Stellium in Aries; What do you desire? Get going…now!
Sun, Mars, Venus together in Aries: Have lots of sex, do dancing
Jupiter in Gemini Square Neptune/Chiron in Pisces: Express your deepest self. Give yourself a hug!
Saturn in Scorpio:  If you're gonna swim... become a diver... 
Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn: Look again at what is not working. Reassess supporting structures .
Mercury in Pisces sextile Moon: Poetry, art, wistful dreaming; a sensitivity too exquisite to bear!

We have also recently had two Yod formations (also called 'finger of god'!) pointing at both Pluto and Jupiter, and their influence is still palpable.  Plus what’s been called the  ‘Grand Irrationality’ is being activated big time!

Apparently (according to the dude over at Aquarius Papers) the latter is a magical, mystical aspect allowing spiritual forces to influence whatever is going on in our current lives. This energy is not linear or logical, and thus ‘irrational’   i.e. things don’t happen the way you expect them to, or happen in unusual ways... or are just downright weird!

 Both of these occurrences are part of the ongoing wake up, shake up energy that many are feeling.

It all points to the transformation and regeneration required on planet earth at this time as Earth gets to attend one of those makeover shows (and we, by association, are the guests).

As part of the makeover,  Jupiter  in Gemini is amplifying the  focus on our ideas and beliefs, while Saturn in Scorpio is bringing us face to face with taboo issues and/or our shadow side. Through both of these processes, our core belief structures and deepest fears are coming under examination.

Added to that, yesterday Pluto turned retrograde in Capricorn, increasing internal pressure to all of the above. We are called to review(again) authority systems (such as patriarchy) that are no longer working.

How we have internalized patriarchal/power-over beliefs systems becomes evident when we are:  

-feeling ‘less than’,
-not owning our power,
-believing that material wealth equals true value,
-thinking logic and reason is somehow superior to intuition and feeling,
-holding power over others,
-abusing our position of authority,
-amassing wealth (stuff) at the expense of others, or of the planet
(or contributing to systems that allow others to do the above)
-etc, etc, etc.

Looks like it’s time to trim the hedge.

Pluto retrograde in Capricorn asks us to examine our relationship to power and to claim our personal authority. To do this we must work on our deepest issues (Saturn in Scorpio) and face our shadows (i.e  suppressed fear, anger, etc).

Sound like fun?!

These are not light or easy times, though they are full of opportunity for amazing growth and personal transformation. And we can take heart to know there are spiritual forces (Chiron, Neptune in Pisces) pouring light into the situation to help us move through this transition with grace and ease.

Meanwhile, Jupiter says we need to look at our core belief systems. 

"Sow a thought and you reap an action; sow an act and you reap a habit; sow a habit and you reap a character; sow a character and you reap a destiny."                 Ralph Waldo Emerson 

I find I am more aware lately of people (including myself)  adamantly defending their point of view and arguing about what is ‘true’.

For example, (and speaking of decayed power systems)  the recent death of Margaret Thatcher has  unleashed festering residues of venom and anger which  accompany a strong belief that she personally ruined the UK for decades forward.  

Meanwhile, others (strangely) insist on giving her an (expensive) political funeral, singing her praises and saying she saved the country, was a heroine,  the 'best leader England ever had' etc etc!    Huh!?

Don’t worry, I am not going to get all political on you ... that's not really my schtick : )

What amazes me though  is how people can argue ad infinitum any point, and bring up ‘statistics’ and ‘facts’ to show the rightness of their stance, and of course be adamant that they are ‘right’ and anyone who disagrees is an idiot! (isn’t there a warning about discussing politics or religion!! Lol ! )  I find this all so boring and often downright ridiculous.

How many wars are fought based on so called 'facts',  that later turn out to be false? (hmmm .... anything recent come to mind?)

Jupiter is the  current culprit,  as it exaggerates and expands whatever it touches, and in Gemini, our thought process are amplified along with our beliefs.

Add that to the  current supercharged Aries energy and we get a dangerous mix, a kind of 'hyper-belief'. That would all be just-so-funny,  if it wasn't so scary. Look at at recent threats from Korea to blow up America (or at least Texas)!

So be careful what you get all ‘het up’ about and take time to examine those preciously held beliefs. Try to get a bit of perspective about what you 'believe' versus what you ‘know’ before you storm off to defend the Bastille!

On top of that,  ‘know’ that even what you think you ‘know’ may be the result of unconscious emotional prejudices, cultural conditioning, emotional bias or even as simple as incorrect information (which in this 'information age' is, ironically, all too common).

And be aware that some tricky and very disruptive planetary aspects can cause some people to have a hair trigger right now.  Old festering hurts, angers, betrayals (Scorpio) can trigger highly reactive Aries anger suddenly and violently (Uranus square Pluto).  

Saturn in Scorpio is calling us to dig deep and root out those festering grievances, resentments, or hidden agendas and deal with them in a mature, responsible way (Pluto Capricorn)  Both Scorpio and Pluto retrograde will make us face our ‘shit’ if we don’t.  (what goes around comes around)

If you do feel justified in your hatred or your self- righteousness (Jupiter), invoke Jupiter’s other side… a deep sense of justice and fairness. Or,  use the gentle energy of Mercury’s last days in Pisces to turn the other cheek.

Or, if all else fails,  take that robust rage and channel it into something positive and productive... like harnessing that runaway horse to  start something new; let it plough your fields for you.

It is spring after all, and that’s what Aries energy is for.


  1. oh yeah, saturn in scorpio affecting weird stuff and pesky tempers!

  2. Mars is co-ruler of Scorpio so you might also be affected by all the intensely aggressive Mars/Aries energy about. I am normally more passive (water) so actually enjoying having a bit of a temper right now!!

    p.s. the newest post is now up... the site went a bit wonky for a while and yesterday everyone was sent to this(last weeks post)