Saturday, 6 April 2013

Mars Venus go Dancing! New Moon in Aries

Venus (feminine, beauty, receptivity) and Mars (masculine, aggression, desire) are hanging together  in Aries, the sign of the warrior, which means there’s a lots of feisty, fiery, lusty vibrations dominating the airwaves right now.

This weekend’s theme is love and sex and how they combine in our lives.  Strong desires and passions are in the air, and as Aries is an impatient sign, many will succumb to that itch they just have to scratch. And why not? It’s a natural part of being human, and many would agree, a most agreeable one at that. Yet it seems sexual expression is still somehow taboo, despite our cultural environment being heavily laden with sex at every turn. Its like we are afraid to have our cake and eat it too!!

Because of unconscious negative beliefs around pleasure and sex (Saturn in Scorpio now is having us look at these), we all have our hang-ups and issues, and there seem to be countless ways of turning sexual friction into mega drama!

Rather than knowing how to ride the wave, there is a possibility we could end up resisting and getting swept under, or in stand offs and flare ups etc. (Oh how quickly push comes to shove and suddenly people are not speaking!)

So if you are going to get on this horse, just know it has a wild streak and excess energy to burn!!  It’s all about chemistry (Mars, Venus), and there is an artistry (Venus) to this dance.  Try to feel your way (Venus) before you act (Mars). 

The Moon in gentle and intuitive Pisces  brings romance into the picture and help us honour our feelings as well as our passions. Thing is, both Mars and Venus in Aries are extremely impulsive, and  not easily controlled or contained, so it’s a good idea to have an outlet for the restlessness that is being stirred up right now.

Yin/yang combining means a fusion of energy… inter personal exchanges could get over-heated, or be quite exciting, depending where the driving force leads you. If you need a wake up call in your relationship, you may get it this weekend, and/or if you need a new spark to bring the chemistry back, this could be it as well!

If all goes well, its going be a whirlwind, fun weekend. I am going dancing tonight to some African and Tibetan singing/drumming…. a perfect outlet for Mars/Venus!

The  New Moon in Aries on Wednesday  carries this dynamic, forward thrusting energy into our intentions  for the next lunar cycle. And as Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, these intentions will ripple out into the whole year. This is the time (again) new beginnings, new intentions, new you!  Aries is about claiming our-selves, taking initiative and setting forth into untried territory.

The influence of both Pluto (crisis, change, transformation)  and Uranus (the awakener) brings  added intensity to the New Moon as it propels our wishes and missions into warp speed. We have the ability to vision what we want. Do we have the staying power to see it through? Can we let go of the old and embrace the new?

 I always say I am not into predictions. My job is to bring awareness and understanding of energies that are in the air. If I say, sparks may fly, of course it’s all up to your chart, your tendencies, and how you step into this energy field. Some will do so unwillingly, some unwittingly, many intentionally, some not at all.

Be careful what you wish for…. then let ‘er rip!

(And have fun!!)

p.s. A man and a woman meet at a weekend retreat. They are dancing after dinner together. The man says to the woman: "I'm only here for the weekend." She looks at him and replies:
 "I'm dancing as fast as I can"

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  1. thanks Sue, always right on. Nice to have a heads up for the New Moon.