Friday, 26 April 2013

Have a jolly good weekend!

We are now in the post-Full Moon/eclipse fall-out as the ripple effect slowly expands into all aspect of our lives.

As said previously, eclipses trigger release, change, endings... and whatever was started to that end (no pun intended) it will continue to slowly manifest in (some of) our lives over the coming months. Even if it seems nothing happened, if you are due for a change, just know that however small that ripple may seem, it could be a wave by the time it hits its target.   Remember the saying about how a butterfly flapping its wings in New York can change the weather in China? Yeah! Its that kind of thing....

Dont worry, its only going to release something you really don't want anyway....(deep down)


Sun Venus ands Mars are all settling into a nice rythm in slow and steady Taurus where they bring us down to earth and help us ground our plans and dreams. With Mars and Venus and Sun activating  sensual tastes and desires, we are in the mood to enjoy fabulous food, tactile touch, and sensual sensations! Yum!

Saturn still opposite the above group may try to stifle some of those ardent desires, though if determined enough,  you will get what you want (this is where the stubbornness of Mars in Taurus comes in handy lol).   Nonetheless, there is some difficulty with this push-me pull-you tension; with the Scorpio influence, it can become obsessive-compulsive and wear out the best of us.  Patience will indeed be a virtue. (as well as  knowing when to let go!)

More and more I seem to be channeling for all these energies that I write about  ... like the good empath that I am!! Every time I write  a blog post,  over the next few days I experience it very acutely. Talk about self fulfilling prophesy!  The mind is a powerful thing.... what you focus on grows!!

My current battle with these two stubborn energies over the last few days has resulted in total exhaustion, reminding me that when push comes to shove, sometimes the best thing is to back down and wait for a better moment. Sigh! Too late!

So be forewarned. Sometimes it's really not worth the bother!

If you want to stay away from conflicts, how bout focus on enjoying the super friendly Sagittarius Moon over the next couple days?   Sag is the ever expansive (and joyous) traveller, adventurer, seeker of truth. Jupiter  in Gemini (ruler of Sag) is currently expanding our social tendencies, and with these two combined, its time for some relaxation and fun, exploring culture and having madcap adventures!

 Laughter and joy really are the best medicine for what ails you. Combine  that with the sensuality of Taurus and me thinks it is time to enjoy ourselves.

BTW:  if you found the last post too long to finish (oops) I suggest you scroll down and at least read the second part:  it's all about the human adventure.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road!

Have a great weekend!!

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