Monday, 30 July 2012

Aquarius Full Moon Wednesday

Before you start I will warn you this is a bit long. I have not had a chance to post for two weeks so am making up for it LOL!

There is a Full Moon in Aquarius this Wednesday. Peace and love and brotherhood/sisterhood prevail!

Just before that, the Moon, now  in serious and stoic Capricorn, crosses in front of Pluto,  activating the tension of the current squares (difficult aspects)  between Pluto Uranus and Mars. Mars, planet of war,  is also still in the mix, acting like a spark to gasoline, so here's a renewed warning to go slow, pay attention,  and be careful of trigger reactions.

 Mars is pulling further and further from this powerful combo so  the sparks will die down a bit by next week.

Meanwhile, the Moon is currently  eclipsing Pluto (called an occultation)  bringing hidden emotions to the forefront. Control/power issues abound!! This is a good time to examine our underlying motivations as we trip over old grudges or bits of hidden resistance bubbling to the surface from deep underground.

With both Pluto and Moon in Capricorn until Wed, issues regarding our personal sense of power or deeply enthrenched sense of duty may arise.  I spoke about this recently re Pluto in Capricorn and the Moons presence there brings it to the fore again.  This  might show up as simmering resentment toward others who you see as more powerful than you, or a fear that some sort of authority might come after you (unpaid parking tickets/taxes?) etc. ... that looking over the shoulder kind of feeling.

Eric Francis over at Planet Waves(side bar)  says this Moon challenges our unconscous patterns, i.e. the many ways we sleep walk through life, operating on automatic. Sometimes it isnt untill something drastic or dramatic shakes us awake that we question what we are doing/saying/thinking/ feeling. Moon/Pluto jiggles the playing field a bit and gets us to refocus.

At the same time Mercury, still retrograde in Leo, has us re-examining our sense of self. Mercury going backward until Aug 8,   provokes our insecurities and at the same time brings out our need to feel like kings or queens now and then. Leo always wants to play, wants to shine. The Sun right now does shine on Leos, and if you are one, or have Moon or Ascendant there, there will be a strong urge to let go relax and let yourself be pampered a little.

The Leo influence can stir up that 'what about me?'  feeling in just about anyone, as well as any hidden unconscious fears that maybe we aren't really so special.  We all sometimes think that others have more power or more beauty or more money (etc) than us. While that may be true on some surface level, you can never know how much someone goes through in their life. No one is immune from suffering, nor is anyone excluded from the possibility of feeling intense joy, no matter your situation in life. Isnt it the Desiderata that warns about comparing ourselves to others, as there will always be those with more and also those with less.

So although today's Moon in Capricorn  can make things feel a bit  more serious.. its only  for a day or two.Just be forewarned, this  Moon/Pluto combo could also trigger a sudden sense of overwhelm re too much responsibility and not enough play.

Then,  Wednesday's Full Moon in Aquarius puts us all on a level playing field and reminds us that we all more alike than different, and that we all share this planet with a whole lota other people.  While Leo is all about having a healthy ego and  a strong sense of self, Aquarius rules the collective and emphasises our connection to each other. Both Sun in Leo and Moon opposite in Aquarius bring us a chance to feel good about who we are ... leading to a genuine shared warmth with those around us.

 Fairness and equality are Aquarian traits. Throw in a little Aquarian eccentricity and it's going to be fun!  A Jupiter/Chiron  connection asks us to extend that warmth in compassion and caring for those who need help or support. It's a win win all around.

 Plus Jupiter in Gemini lightens things significantly and gives us a break from the relentless intensity of the last few weeks. Whew!!!   And if we are just a bit more aware of our motivations and emotional patterns (Pluto/Moon) , we can use our energy fruitfuly and consciously to help make our environement a better place.

All in all,  it seems we can all start to breath out a bit more now and enjoy the rest of the summer break (or winter  if you live down under)  with gratitude that we have made it through recent storms unscathed. If not then we can thank something it wasn't worse. Of course, there are always tragedies, and no one is immune from them. There are always downs as well as ups. Such is life!! And in the current  accelerated and amplified atmosphere, there are going to be challenges.

Some will not be so lucky as my nephew, who I wrote about in my last post.  I mentioned how Mars was passing over his Sun in Libra...  just before he was in a serious accident.  Mars squared to Uranus and Pluto is a very high combustion, potentially violent combo. Yet despite being thrown out of an ATV without a helmet, and breaking various vertibrea, ribs, jaw, eye socket etc !!!!!... he is amazingly well and back at home enjoying his new diet of pureed food. It could have been a hell of a lot worse.

Of course he could bemoan the fact that he is stuck back at home being fed what is esentially baby food through a straw, and dependent on the care of his mom  for a while (not every 21 year olds idea of fun!!) Still, I suspect he is thanking his lucky stars!!! and sooo glad he made it though it all relatively in one piece.   It's been such an emotional few weeks ...  I was visiting there when the call came and we have all  been on tender hooks ever since. My sister writes about the experience at her blog at

 Meanwhile, Venus has been passing back and forth over my own Venus in my own chart... in Gemini (very very social energy)...   as I have been on holiday visiting old friends and family over the last month. I have been reminded of the power of love and the value of family freinds (and teachers...Gemini)  I went to an amazing talk by someone who is a teacher and guide to many, and came away with a renewed sense of my own deep need to come home... to me.

And now I also really am ready to come home... to my own bed!

 Venus in Gemini brings ease and grace and a sense of connection to others. It helps us communicate and elicits our curiousity about people. Both Jupiter in Gemin and the Aquarius Full Moon create a very positive community minded atmosphere just as the Summer Olympic Games in England are getting under way.

Though I have some mixed feelings about the elitism and poilitics of such high profile sports, I have to admit they  can also be a chance to join together with people from all over the world and celebrate the amazing potential of human beings. So far I have really enjoyed both the stunning opening ceremonies and the bits of events I have seen on telly. The syncronized diving that I watched today for instance was pretty incredible. It's amazing (and inspiring) that people can actually do that stuff!!!    So, whether it be in sports or in our everyday achievments, we have much to be grateful for.

Let the games begin!!!

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Warning: De-Construction ahead.

Mars, warrior  planet of action, aggression and desire,  is at the beginning of Libra, and now moving full steam ahead after a long time of retrograde motion in Virgo.  It is getting closer and closer to an exact opposition to Pluto the Destroyer.... which in turn is in square( tense) aspect to Uranus, the Awakener.

Warning!! This combination is highly combustible and potentially violent. It can produce accidents, extreme tensions and massive flare ups.

On top of this Mercury, which rules the mind,  is now moving backward (or so it appears to us on earth) which reverses its energy, causing communication breakdowns and bringing  a bit of chaos to the both the electronic and Internet world. This doesn't mean every email will get lost, but it is more likely at this time.

On the other hand, the beautiful and benific Jupiter /Venus conjunction we have been enjoying is momentarily  reactivated by the Moon in Gemini. This lovely expansive and highly social energy will create good vibes, bring people together and expand our ability to enjoy the moment.

Only danger here is that this sense of ease may cause us to be less cautious at a time when we need to keep our wits about us. Don't tense at this, just keep your eyes on the road and the mobile/cell phone switched off when driving. One thing at a time!!

My nephew  is being hit by the Mars Uranus Pluto configuration exactly, with Mars crossing over his Sun (self)  in early Libra.  Mars is like a spark, and when added to Uranus or Pluto, sudden shocks can happen. Added to that, a  few days ago Uranus began retrograde motion, bringing it closer into the exact square with Pluto... adding extreme tension...  which seeks an outlet.

 My sister just  got news early today that he got into an accident while riding a quad bike (a very Mars type vehicle)  while  travelling (Jupiter) overseas. He hit his head (Mars) and broke his jaw (speech=Mercury/Gemini).  Luckily he is basically ok, though I am really feeling for my sister and brother -in-law right now. Jupiter and Venus are very beneficial and carry a sense of blessing, and should help mitigate this stressful situation by bringing a speedy recovery.

So enjoy the playful atmosphere, but please do be extra extra careful... especially is you have planets in the early part of Libra, Capricorn, Cancer or Aries.  Carefree doesn't have to mean careless.

 Thing is, there are always accidents, there are always surprises and  shocks, people get born and die every day. Yet often personal events like this can usually be linked to particular transits. My own son was in a serious car accident several years ago and the same planets (Mars, Uranus) were at play. I am not sure whether one can avoid things like this... but we can at least try an be more conscious. Forewarned is forearmed?

 Astrology is a tool to understand the elements around us and within us that tend things in a certain direction. What we do with each moment is still within our own power.

Yet we are also the sum of our past decisions, which create a certain momentum, and  those patterns of behaviour  are not always easy to correct. Self awareness is key. How much we are driving with eyes open determines how much clarity and direction our lives will have.

I heard a talk once where the speaker (Prem Rawat,  described how we often fall asleep while driving (metaphorically) and then get jerked awake when we hit the ditch. We then correct ourselves and head back onto the road, only to veer off again and again as we nod off.  How much better to drive with eyes wide open!!

So why don't we? We are we unconscious? Do we even know we are? It's usually the shock of landing in the ditch that serves as a wake up call!!

 I just attended another  talk (on inner peace) and he again spoke again of how important it is to be conscious... and how far away we have become... from ourselves,  saying we are often hanging out in a totally separate universe, and don't even know it.

 His message:    'Come a little closer ...  to yourself. '

 Nice to be reminded...  before I drive off the road!  By the fifth or sixth time he repeated this simple phrase, I was feeling such a deep stillness and appreciation of how easily I lose track.. of me!!! And how really it just takes a moment of focus and stillness to reconnect. (well sometimes)

And if we don'?

The current planetary line up will be a major wake up call, as it jiggles and jumbles our outer reality.  So much uncertainty often makes us look within to find some stability. So perhaps it is a blessing after all (and not the  curse it can seem when everything goes awry)

The current monetary crisis, the crazy weather patterns, the ongoing political scandals... (even the lost emails)  all remind us that we are not in control of everything.   And that when we lose our humanity, both as individuals or as a society,  insanity results.

Meanwhile, Neptune and Chiron in Pisces hover silently in the background, calling us to renew our inner connection and find  our Inner Peace...  even as the storm rages outwardly.

And if you can't relate to any of this, cause your life is ticking along quite nicely, thank you very much, then... count your blessings ... and enjoy the moment!!!!

"Live your life surrounded by the beauty that is within you. That is who you are!"       Prem Rawat

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Light and Dark

The Mars Pluto Uranus square continues to create friction and tension which can result in accident, standoffs and outright violence. Be careful with how you react to others and find positive and productive ways to let off steam.

Mars trine to Juliter and Venus bodes well for the expresison of affection and desire. We are not shy in Gemini and the link to Mars encourages us to go for what we want. Venus and Jupiter got  snuggled up real close just a few days ago and we are still basking in the warm glow. This has done much to ease us through this tumultuous time.

Venus is the planet of love and connection while  Jupiter of luck, expansion and joy. In Gemini they open us up to people  and encrouage us to talk..and talk...and talk. It a social and easy going vibe in the midst of a somewhat angst filled sky.

Saturn has been squaring the Sun which gives us a tendency to be a bit hardon oursleves, though it can also add dicipline and focus...useful at a time when so much frivolity and  Gemini lovin can space us out a bit. Still, as Saturn mioves on it will feel a bit lighter now.

Which we need in the midst of the Pluto stuff. It's also affecting our communication in a way that creates an uncomrforatble sort of undercurrent which is hard to put your finger on but can bring things up you werent expecting to encounter. Like secrets or someone naming the elephant in the room.

The thing with any of these aspects is that some people will always feel them more than others. Whether that is due to the configuration being near someone's Sun or Moon,  or  Ascendant etc, there are always people or events that seem to be the release valves for the underlying energy flow at any one time. Others go blithely along completely unaware of the dramas happenning inthe skies above.

The outer planets  in such powerful dynamic squares wiil  tend to affect society at large, as well as those whose charts its sits in more closely. The current uprising all over theworld are an example of the effect of the Uranus Pluto square causing rebellion, revolution,and change over of authority systems.

 I have done readings recently for people wh hve these these current tensions  strong in their charts, and they are experiencing huge upheavals and challenges right now. I just tell them its going to pass and keep your head down. The current energy also provides an opportune time to make changes that may have seemed impossible before. So though there are definitely challenges to things right now, it's not all so bad.  When we have such ppowerful agents of change stirring things up,  we all have the chance to move out of bad habits and  old dysfunctional programing to start fresh and see new ways of doing things.

There is an added dreamy quality in the air as today's Moon in Picsces crosses over both Chiron and Neptune, creating vivid dreams and making us all a bit more vulnerbale and sensitive then usual.
Again, as in any aspect, there are both challenging and positive manifestations. Creativity is heightened so let your imagination wander and express your visions in owrds or music or art.

The skies the limit!!

Monday, 2 July 2012

Full Moon In Capricorn Claim your Power

Today, Tuesday June 3rd, 2012,  the Moon is Full in Capricorn. This brings the energy of the June 16th New Moon to a peak. I wrote then about the need to release old patterns of thought and let go of our old worn out stories to make way for a new vision and a new era    ( ) 

The  Sun and Moon represent opposite polarities of Masculine and Feminine archetypes.   Capricorn and Cancer are also key opposites, representing the Father and Mother principle.They both demand we act in grown up ways and take responsibity for both ourselves and others in a healthy way. Understanding where the line gets drawn in this regard is part of the lesson of this Full Moon.

The feminine intuitive Moon, representing our soul-full, intuitive self, is in the masculine arena of Capricorn, representing  duty, authority,  and the drive for success (ambition). Capricorn is  the sign representing the archetypal Father figure. 

The masculine Sun, represnting both the ego and personal will, as well as the rational mind, is in the feminine sign of  Cancer, which rules`our receptivity and need to nurture, based on our feeling capacity. Cancer is the sign representing the archetypal Mother.

Oppositions ask us to compromise, to find a meeting place. At this time we have a feminine planet in a masculine sign, and a masculine planet in a feminine sign sitting in  exact opposite positions on either side of the earth.

 It's interesting that a Full Moon  is  when the Moon is at its most evident as it lights up the sky with reflected light from the Sun.  This particular Full Moon  urges us to  integrate the opposing aspects of our psyches representing  the need to act and the need to feel. Unitegrated qualities of either could manifest as emotional standoffs and polarized tensions.

Complete standstill seems highly unlikely now though, as the close connection to Uranus and Pluto square (read last article... exact last week)  brings added creative spark and intensity to this Full Moon.  Also, both Cancer and Capricorn are Cardinal signs, which are about movement and intiative. No standing still possible, though some, no doubt, will try.

Capricorn is about our sense of authority, both inner and outer.  The Moon there can be serious and plodding, causing our emotions to feel bottled up and overly focused on work and duty. 

The square to Uranus could trigger a rebellion against assumed responsibilites, or against those imposing them. 

 Pluto's influence could create some power struggles and possible emotional standoffs. The god of the underworld dregs up what usually lies hidden,  triggering  uncomfortable sensations of losing control as the unconscious gets stirred up.

The Sun (ego,self) in  Cancer wants to take care of everyone and its opposition to the Moon in Capricorn could make us feel especially sensitive to our roles as parents or as bosses,  or in reaction to our own parents or persons in authority. Those on the receiving end of these rebellious forces could be the brunt of unconscious resentments or outright attacks, as both Uranus and Pluto activate long dormant resentments, or it may be we who are the ones rebelling. This ongoing sense of outrage and rebellion that has been going on all over the world as Uranus and Pluto got tighter and together into this tense position... will be heighted at this time.

 Whether you are on the recieving end of this or find yourself railing against the 'powers that be' , part of the lesson is to stop projecting authority onto others and claim your own power. This is an ongoing lesson of Pluto on Capricorn, with the Full Moon in Capricorn accentuating what will generally be a gradual changeover of authority.

The other part of this is to take care of and nurture yourself (Sun in Cancer)  and avoid getting stuck feeling over responsible for everyone and everything. Balance is the key,

Rebellious Uranus in Aries is like a teenager leaving home, eager to pick a fight.  Capricorn  has the maturity of experience, yet also the disadvantage of potentially bad habits and outworn and ineffective systems that need renovating  (this is an excellent time to be renovating your home by the way).

It all requires we all take a good look at who we consider authorities in our lives, and ask ourselves... who do I give my power away to?   Am I a victim or am I master of my own ship?

 The old way is based on power-over. Its time for a new way for a new age.

The evolution (or revolution)   away for old authoritative systems which govern from the top down, to a more egalitarian and fair system based on equality and consideration of the needs of all,  works best when we function as grown ups, rather than spoiled children.

Time to step up to the plate!! 

Yet we are more likely to behave in a balanced and mature manner  if we are taking care of our own needs and in touch with our own feelings.

Each of us may find these issue manifesting in particular areas of our life, shown by the houses these planets fall in. All the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) will feel this Full Moon intensely, though of course,  it shines on us all and if you have planets in these signs they may be activated as well.  (If you are in crisis, a chart reading can be very helpful in showing where the our power lies and how we can best claim it.)

We may sometimes seem a long distance away from resolving these power struggles in either our own lives or in the outside world, but as the saying goes, 'a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step'.

Both Moon and Pluto in Capricorn will help us find our inner strength and claim our true authoirty... which ultimately lies within us. 

 It's interesting that, at this time, the USA, which  is in the midst of an election, was founded under the astrological sign of Cancer (July 4th) and it is considered at this time to still be the most powerful country on the planet (Pluto/Capricorn). (though they do seem to be in rapid decline, no one else can yet claim that title)

 I am no political pundit but its an interesting marker that the US's birthday is  the day after this Full Moon. Only time will tell how that whole scene will play out. The old right wing authority systems are fighting extremely hard to regain control as the madness of the election reaches fever pitch.

Hmm, as I typed that, I realized that the core word in authority is author.

 Who is the author of your life? What story are you telling yourself? Is it based on truth or lies? (speaking of politicians!!)  

This goes back to the recent eclipses on the south node of Gemini urging us to release the past and find a new vision, a new story. 

This Full Moon wants us to step up to the plate.  With love. With consciousness.With authority over our own lives. If it is we who are doing the driving, it is pretty imperative that we are awake at the wheel!!

Muriel and Gertrude were driving together. They went through a red light, and then another... and yet another. Gertrude spoke up: 

"Muriel, why are you going through so many red lights?

Muriel answered: 

"Me?     I thought you were driving!!"

Happy Full Moon!!!