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Full Moon In Capricorn Claim your Power

Today, Tuesday June 3rd, 2012,  the Moon is Full in Capricorn. This brings the energy of the June 16th New Moon to a peak. I wrote then about the need to release old patterns of thought and let go of our old worn out stories to make way for a new vision and a new era    ( ) 

The  Sun and Moon represent opposite polarities of Masculine and Feminine archetypes.   Capricorn and Cancer are also key opposites, representing the Father and Mother principle.They both demand we act in grown up ways and take responsibity for both ourselves and others in a healthy way. Understanding where the line gets drawn in this regard is part of the lesson of this Full Moon.

The feminine intuitive Moon, representing our soul-full, intuitive self, is in the masculine arena of Capricorn, representing  duty, authority,  and the drive for success (ambition). Capricorn is  the sign representing the archetypal Father figure. 

The masculine Sun, represnting both the ego and personal will, as well as the rational mind, is in the feminine sign of  Cancer, which rules`our receptivity and need to nurture, based on our feeling capacity. Cancer is the sign representing the archetypal Mother.

Oppositions ask us to compromise, to find a meeting place. At this time we have a feminine planet in a masculine sign, and a masculine planet in a feminine sign sitting in  exact opposite positions on either side of the earth.

 It's interesting that a Full Moon  is  when the Moon is at its most evident as it lights up the sky with reflected light from the Sun.  This particular Full Moon  urges us to  integrate the opposing aspects of our psyches representing  the need to act and the need to feel. Unitegrated qualities of either could manifest as emotional standoffs and polarized tensions.

Complete standstill seems highly unlikely now though, as the close connection to Uranus and Pluto square (read last article... exact last week)  brings added creative spark and intensity to this Full Moon.  Also, both Cancer and Capricorn are Cardinal signs, which are about movement and intiative. No standing still possible, though some, no doubt, will try.

Capricorn is about our sense of authority, both inner and outer.  The Moon there can be serious and plodding, causing our emotions to feel bottled up and overly focused on work and duty. 

The square to Uranus could trigger a rebellion against assumed responsibilites, or against those imposing them. 

 Pluto's influence could create some power struggles and possible emotional standoffs. The god of the underworld dregs up what usually lies hidden,  triggering  uncomfortable sensations of losing control as the unconscious gets stirred up.

The Sun (ego,self) in  Cancer wants to take care of everyone and its opposition to the Moon in Capricorn could make us feel especially sensitive to our roles as parents or as bosses,  or in reaction to our own parents or persons in authority. Those on the receiving end of these rebellious forces could be the brunt of unconscious resentments or outright attacks, as both Uranus and Pluto activate long dormant resentments, or it may be we who are the ones rebelling. This ongoing sense of outrage and rebellion that has been going on all over the world as Uranus and Pluto got tighter and together into this tense position... will be heighted at this time.

 Whether you are on the recieving end of this or find yourself railing against the 'powers that be' , part of the lesson is to stop projecting authority onto others and claim your own power. This is an ongoing lesson of Pluto on Capricorn, with the Full Moon in Capricorn accentuating what will generally be a gradual changeover of authority.

The other part of this is to take care of and nurture yourself (Sun in Cancer)  and avoid getting stuck feeling over responsible for everyone and everything. Balance is the key,

Rebellious Uranus in Aries is like a teenager leaving home, eager to pick a fight.  Capricorn  has the maturity of experience, yet also the disadvantage of potentially bad habits and outworn and ineffective systems that need renovating  (this is an excellent time to be renovating your home by the way).

It all requires we all take a good look at who we consider authorities in our lives, and ask ourselves... who do I give my power away to?   Am I a victim or am I master of my own ship?

 The old way is based on power-over. Its time for a new way for a new age.

The evolution (or revolution)   away for old authoritative systems which govern from the top down, to a more egalitarian and fair system based on equality and consideration of the needs of all,  works best when we function as grown ups, rather than spoiled children.

Time to step up to the plate!! 

Yet we are more likely to behave in a balanced and mature manner  if we are taking care of our own needs and in touch with our own feelings.

Each of us may find these issue manifesting in particular areas of our life, shown by the houses these planets fall in. All the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) will feel this Full Moon intensely, though of course,  it shines on us all and if you have planets in these signs they may be activated as well.  (If you are in crisis, a chart reading can be very helpful in showing where the our power lies and how we can best claim it.)

We may sometimes seem a long distance away from resolving these power struggles in either our own lives or in the outside world, but as the saying goes, 'a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step'.

Both Moon and Pluto in Capricorn will help us find our inner strength and claim our true authoirty... which ultimately lies within us. 

 It's interesting that, at this time, the USA, which  is in the midst of an election, was founded under the astrological sign of Cancer (July 4th) and it is considered at this time to still be the most powerful country on the planet (Pluto/Capricorn). (though they do seem to be in rapid decline, no one else can yet claim that title)

 I am no political pundit but its an interesting marker that the US's birthday is  the day after this Full Moon. Only time will tell how that whole scene will play out. The old right wing authority systems are fighting extremely hard to regain control as the madness of the election reaches fever pitch.

Hmm, as I typed that, I realized that the core word in authority is author.

 Who is the author of your life? What story are you telling yourself? Is it based on truth or lies? (speaking of politicians!!)  

This goes back to the recent eclipses on the south node of Gemini urging us to release the past and find a new vision, a new story. 

This Full Moon wants us to step up to the plate.  With love. With consciousness.With authority over our own lives. If it is we who are doing the driving, it is pretty imperative that we are awake at the wheel!!

Muriel and Gertrude were driving together. They went through a red light, and then another... and yet another. Gertrude spoke up: 

"Muriel, why are you going through so many red lights?

Muriel answered: 

"Me?     I thought you were driving!!"

Happy Full Moon!!!

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