Sunday, 15 July 2012

Warning: De-Construction ahead.

Mars, warrior  planet of action, aggression and desire,  is at the beginning of Libra, and now moving full steam ahead after a long time of retrograde motion in Virgo.  It is getting closer and closer to an exact opposition to Pluto the Destroyer.... which in turn is in square( tense) aspect to Uranus, the Awakener.

Warning!! This combination is highly combustible and potentially violent. It can produce accidents, extreme tensions and massive flare ups.

On top of this Mercury, which rules the mind,  is now moving backward (or so it appears to us on earth) which reverses its energy, causing communication breakdowns and bringing  a bit of chaos to the both the electronic and Internet world. This doesn't mean every email will get lost, but it is more likely at this time.

On the other hand, the beautiful and benific Jupiter /Venus conjunction we have been enjoying is momentarily  reactivated by the Moon in Gemini. This lovely expansive and highly social energy will create good vibes, bring people together and expand our ability to enjoy the moment.

Only danger here is that this sense of ease may cause us to be less cautious at a time when we need to keep our wits about us. Don't tense at this, just keep your eyes on the road and the mobile/cell phone switched off when driving. One thing at a time!!

My nephew  is being hit by the Mars Uranus Pluto configuration exactly, with Mars crossing over his Sun (self)  in early Libra.  Mars is like a spark, and when added to Uranus or Pluto, sudden shocks can happen. Added to that, a  few days ago Uranus began retrograde motion, bringing it closer into the exact square with Pluto... adding extreme tension...  which seeks an outlet.

 My sister just  got news early today that he got into an accident while riding a quad bike (a very Mars type vehicle)  while  travelling (Jupiter) overseas. He hit his head (Mars) and broke his jaw (speech=Mercury/Gemini).  Luckily he is basically ok, though I am really feeling for my sister and brother -in-law right now. Jupiter and Venus are very beneficial and carry a sense of blessing, and should help mitigate this stressful situation by bringing a speedy recovery.

So enjoy the playful atmosphere, but please do be extra extra careful... especially is you have planets in the early part of Libra, Capricorn, Cancer or Aries.  Carefree doesn't have to mean careless.

 Thing is, there are always accidents, there are always surprises and  shocks, people get born and die every day. Yet often personal events like this can usually be linked to particular transits. My own son was in a serious car accident several years ago and the same planets (Mars, Uranus) were at play. I am not sure whether one can avoid things like this... but we can at least try an be more conscious. Forewarned is forearmed?

 Astrology is a tool to understand the elements around us and within us that tend things in a certain direction. What we do with each moment is still within our own power.

Yet we are also the sum of our past decisions, which create a certain momentum, and  those patterns of behaviour  are not always easy to correct. Self awareness is key. How much we are driving with eyes open determines how much clarity and direction our lives will have.

I heard a talk once where the speaker (Prem Rawat,  described how we often fall asleep while driving (metaphorically) and then get jerked awake when we hit the ditch. We then correct ourselves and head back onto the road, only to veer off again and again as we nod off.  How much better to drive with eyes wide open!!

So why don't we? We are we unconscious? Do we even know we are? It's usually the shock of landing in the ditch that serves as a wake up call!!

 I just attended another  talk (on inner peace) and he again spoke again of how important it is to be conscious... and how far away we have become... from ourselves,  saying we are often hanging out in a totally separate universe, and don't even know it.

 His message:    'Come a little closer ...  to yourself. '

 Nice to be reminded...  before I drive off the road!  By the fifth or sixth time he repeated this simple phrase, I was feeling such a deep stillness and appreciation of how easily I lose track.. of me!!! And how really it just takes a moment of focus and stillness to reconnect. (well sometimes)

And if we don'?

The current planetary line up will be a major wake up call, as it jiggles and jumbles our outer reality.  So much uncertainty often makes us look within to find some stability. So perhaps it is a blessing after all (and not the  curse it can seem when everything goes awry)

The current monetary crisis, the crazy weather patterns, the ongoing political scandals... (even the lost emails)  all remind us that we are not in control of everything.   And that when we lose our humanity, both as individuals or as a society,  insanity results.

Meanwhile, Neptune and Chiron in Pisces hover silently in the background, calling us to renew our inner connection and find  our Inner Peace...  even as the storm rages outwardly.

And if you can't relate to any of this, cause your life is ticking along quite nicely, thank you very much, then... count your blessings ... and enjoy the moment!!!!

"Live your life surrounded by the beauty that is within you. That is who you are!"       Prem Rawat

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  1. right on Sue, caution, workers ahead. Keep the focus and stay grounded, conscious. Teens think they are immortal, and they have had a good shake-up with a happy ending - no-one seriously hurt, just bruised and illusions shattered.