Saturday, 7 July 2012

Light and Dark

The Mars Pluto Uranus square continues to create friction and tension which can result in accident, standoffs and outright violence. Be careful with how you react to others and find positive and productive ways to let off steam.

Mars trine to Juliter and Venus bodes well for the expresison of affection and desire. We are not shy in Gemini and the link to Mars encourages us to go for what we want. Venus and Jupiter got  snuggled up real close just a few days ago and we are still basking in the warm glow. This has done much to ease us through this tumultuous time.

Venus is the planet of love and connection while  Jupiter of luck, expansion and joy. In Gemini they open us up to people  and encrouage us to talk..and talk...and talk. It a social and easy going vibe in the midst of a somewhat angst filled sky.

Saturn has been squaring the Sun which gives us a tendency to be a bit hardon oursleves, though it can also add dicipline and focus...useful at a time when so much frivolity and  Gemini lovin can space us out a bit. Still, as Saturn mioves on it will feel a bit lighter now.

Which we need in the midst of the Pluto stuff. It's also affecting our communication in a way that creates an uncomrforatble sort of undercurrent which is hard to put your finger on but can bring things up you werent expecting to encounter. Like secrets or someone naming the elephant in the room.

The thing with any of these aspects is that some people will always feel them more than others. Whether that is due to the configuration being near someone's Sun or Moon,  or  Ascendant etc, there are always people or events that seem to be the release valves for the underlying energy flow at any one time. Others go blithely along completely unaware of the dramas happenning inthe skies above.

The outer planets  in such powerful dynamic squares wiil  tend to affect society at large, as well as those whose charts its sits in more closely. The current uprising all over theworld are an example of the effect of the Uranus Pluto square causing rebellion, revolution,and change over of authority systems.

 I have done readings recently for people wh hve these these current tensions  strong in their charts, and they are experiencing huge upheavals and challenges right now. I just tell them its going to pass and keep your head down. The current energy also provides an opportune time to make changes that may have seemed impossible before. So though there are definitely challenges to things right now, it's not all so bad.  When we have such ppowerful agents of change stirring things up,  we all have the chance to move out of bad habits and  old dysfunctional programing to start fresh and see new ways of doing things.

There is an added dreamy quality in the air as today's Moon in Picsces crosses over both Chiron and Neptune, creating vivid dreams and making us all a bit more vulnerbale and sensitive then usual.
Again, as in any aspect, there are both challenging and positive manifestations. Creativity is heightened so let your imagination wander and express your visions in owrds or music or art.

The skies the limit!!

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