Monday, 30 July 2012

Aquarius Full Moon Wednesday

Before you start I will warn you this is a bit long. I have not had a chance to post for two weeks so am making up for it LOL!

There is a Full Moon in Aquarius this Wednesday. Peace and love and brotherhood/sisterhood prevail!

Just before that, the Moon, now  in serious and stoic Capricorn, crosses in front of Pluto,  activating the tension of the current squares (difficult aspects)  between Pluto Uranus and Mars. Mars, planet of war,  is also still in the mix, acting like a spark to gasoline, so here's a renewed warning to go slow, pay attention,  and be careful of trigger reactions.

 Mars is pulling further and further from this powerful combo so  the sparks will die down a bit by next week.

Meanwhile, the Moon is currently  eclipsing Pluto (called an occultation)  bringing hidden emotions to the forefront. Control/power issues abound!! This is a good time to examine our underlying motivations as we trip over old grudges or bits of hidden resistance bubbling to the surface from deep underground.

With both Pluto and Moon in Capricorn until Wed, issues regarding our personal sense of power or deeply enthrenched sense of duty may arise.  I spoke about this recently re Pluto in Capricorn and the Moons presence there brings it to the fore again.  This  might show up as simmering resentment toward others who you see as more powerful than you, or a fear that some sort of authority might come after you (unpaid parking tickets/taxes?) etc. ... that looking over the shoulder kind of feeling.

Eric Francis over at Planet Waves(side bar)  says this Moon challenges our unconscous patterns, i.e. the many ways we sleep walk through life, operating on automatic. Sometimes it isnt untill something drastic or dramatic shakes us awake that we question what we are doing/saying/thinking/ feeling. Moon/Pluto jiggles the playing field a bit and gets us to refocus.

At the same time Mercury, still retrograde in Leo, has us re-examining our sense of self. Mercury going backward until Aug 8,   provokes our insecurities and at the same time brings out our need to feel like kings or queens now and then. Leo always wants to play, wants to shine. The Sun right now does shine on Leos, and if you are one, or have Moon or Ascendant there, there will be a strong urge to let go relax and let yourself be pampered a little.

The Leo influence can stir up that 'what about me?'  feeling in just about anyone, as well as any hidden unconscious fears that maybe we aren't really so special.  We all sometimes think that others have more power or more beauty or more money (etc) than us. While that may be true on some surface level, you can never know how much someone goes through in their life. No one is immune from suffering, nor is anyone excluded from the possibility of feeling intense joy, no matter your situation in life. Isnt it the Desiderata that warns about comparing ourselves to others, as there will always be those with more and also those with less.

So although today's Moon in Capricorn  can make things feel a bit  more serious.. its only  for a day or two.Just be forewarned, this  Moon/Pluto combo could also trigger a sudden sense of overwhelm re too much responsibility and not enough play.

Then,  Wednesday's Full Moon in Aquarius puts us all on a level playing field and reminds us that we all more alike than different, and that we all share this planet with a whole lota other people.  While Leo is all about having a healthy ego and  a strong sense of self, Aquarius rules the collective and emphasises our connection to each other. Both Sun in Leo and Moon opposite in Aquarius bring us a chance to feel good about who we are ... leading to a genuine shared warmth with those around us.

 Fairness and equality are Aquarian traits. Throw in a little Aquarian eccentricity and it's going to be fun!  A Jupiter/Chiron  connection asks us to extend that warmth in compassion and caring for those who need help or support. It's a win win all around.

 Plus Jupiter in Gemini lightens things significantly and gives us a break from the relentless intensity of the last few weeks. Whew!!!   And if we are just a bit more aware of our motivations and emotional patterns (Pluto/Moon) , we can use our energy fruitfuly and consciously to help make our environement a better place.

All in all,  it seems we can all start to breath out a bit more now and enjoy the rest of the summer break (or winter  if you live down under)  with gratitude that we have made it through recent storms unscathed. If not then we can thank something it wasn't worse. Of course, there are always tragedies, and no one is immune from them. There are always downs as well as ups. Such is life!! And in the current  accelerated and amplified atmosphere, there are going to be challenges.

Some will not be so lucky as my nephew, who I wrote about in my last post.  I mentioned how Mars was passing over his Sun in Libra...  just before he was in a serious accident.  Mars squared to Uranus and Pluto is a very high combustion, potentially violent combo. Yet despite being thrown out of an ATV without a helmet, and breaking various vertibrea, ribs, jaw, eye socket etc !!!!!... he is amazingly well and back at home enjoying his new diet of pureed food. It could have been a hell of a lot worse.

Of course he could bemoan the fact that he is stuck back at home being fed what is esentially baby food through a straw, and dependent on the care of his mom  for a while (not every 21 year olds idea of fun!!) Still, I suspect he is thanking his lucky stars!!! and sooo glad he made it though it all relatively in one piece.   It's been such an emotional few weeks ...  I was visiting there when the call came and we have all  been on tender hooks ever since. My sister writes about the experience at her blog at

 Meanwhile, Venus has been passing back and forth over my own Venus in my own chart... in Gemini (very very social energy)...   as I have been on holiday visiting old friends and family over the last month. I have been reminded of the power of love and the value of family freinds (and teachers...Gemini)  I went to an amazing talk by someone who is a teacher and guide to many, and came away with a renewed sense of my own deep need to come home... to me.

And now I also really am ready to come home... to my own bed!

 Venus in Gemini brings ease and grace and a sense of connection to others. It helps us communicate and elicits our curiousity about people. Both Jupiter in Gemin and the Aquarius Full Moon create a very positive community minded atmosphere just as the Summer Olympic Games in England are getting under way.

Though I have some mixed feelings about the elitism and poilitics of such high profile sports, I have to admit they  can also be a chance to join together with people from all over the world and celebrate the amazing potential of human beings. So far I have really enjoyed both the stunning opening ceremonies and the bits of events I have seen on telly. The syncronized diving that I watched today for instance was pretty incredible. It's amazing (and inspiring) that people can actually do that stuff!!!    So, whether it be in sports or in our everyday achievments, we have much to be grateful for.

Let the games begin!!!

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