Monday, 20 April 2015

When the going gets tough, the tough get going!

Saturday April 18th was a New Moon in  Aries. A New Moon is a seed time... whatever we plant now will have extra impetus to grow and bloom. As this event occured in late Aries, we might consider this a late start, but  a good start nonetheless. Whatever you have been working on will start to bear fruit now.

Being the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is a fiesty, asserive,  pioneering type of get and go energy. This is a time for self actualization as we move forward at mach speed. If you have planets or key angles  in the  late degrees of Aries,  on  in fact any of the cardinal signs (Cancer, Libra, Capricorn)  you are probably now  blasting  out of the starting gate after a month of endings and new beginnings. In fact, with two eclipses behind us, many will be finding themselves somewhere completely different from where they were standing just one month ago. We should have offloaded a lot of  excess baggage by now, and are well into your new adventure.

A New Moon in Aries is the perfect grand finalle to add to the plethora of fiery influences we have had recently. Have you felt all worked up or impatient or just plain jittery? Yet despite all that fire (i.e. action) , there's been a bit of a two-steps- forward, one-step- backward type of scenario, so you may welcome one more blast to propell us  beyond stalled  projects or rerouted journeys. Whatever you have been trying to get started or moving is surely moving now.

Risk, adventure, self expression are all favoured under Aries, set against a background of continuing intensity and pressure from Pluto and Uranus.  Although  the worst tension of that square is now past us, these powerful forces will contiue their battle for supremecy for quite some time, so we can expect more of the same upheaval, change and wake em up/ shake em up energy we have come to know and love.

As the saying goes... 'When the going gets tough, the tough get going!'

I love this time of year. So much life bursting at the seams.

Today I was hiking up a small canyon in the rocky mountains with my son and daughter. We live in the northern hemisphere and the long winter is finally over. It was a very warm day and while a small stream trickled down the rocks,  my son told us it would soon be pouring  through the canyon  as the snow higher up in the mountains begins to melt. A short while later he suddenly said ' listen!'  ... and when we did we could hear water rushing.   We looked up just in time to see a wide stream come splashing over the top of the rocks,  where  seconds before it had been just a trickle .   There was no threat ... and we were thrilled to be there at that exact moment it all kicked off. 

Thats exactly what I am talking about,  one minute everything seems quiet and the next minute it's all happening.

Then after all this fiery impulsive energy, we will be gradually moving earthward into a more sustained and grounded period ruled by Taurus, sign of the great mother/earth goddess. She has what it takes to give those seeds (plans, ideas, projects) the earthing and nurturing they need to germinate.  As the sap  starts to  flow  our senses begin to awaken and we renew our connection to the earth. 

Sun (self actualization)  moved into Taurus April 20th. Mercury (thinking, communicating) already in in Taurus from April 14th, and Mars (action, intention)  is  in Taurus until May 11th. Thats a lot of Taurus. The sign of the earth bull says easy does it: slow and steady wins the race.

That said,  Mars current tension with Jupiter can turn initiative into  push and shove. Mars in Taurus extreme stubborness can be at odds with Jupiter in Leo's pride, so be aware that any percieved slights or overstepped boundaries will appear much larger than in fact they are.  Let many thngs pass. Allow room to grown along side each other and remember to say please and thankyou!

Venus in Gemini wants everyone to get along.

In fact, she wants a party. When dealing with difficult people, kindness and good manners can go a long way toward  smoothing things over.   Venus in Gemini's excellent communication skills can help us negotaite the fallout from those angry outbursts or impatiant moments. The North Node (collective destiny point)  in Libra reminds us that we are all in this together. Aries is all about 'me', and Libra is all about 'we'. Finding the middle ground is the key to success.

 And despite all its craziness, it is still a beautiful world, and if we take care of her, mother earth will be there to nuruture and sustain us in our times of need.

 And if we dont, she wont.

Friday, 3 April 2015

New moment, New choice.Full Moon Eclipse in Libra 2015

 Saturday is a Super Full Moon Eclipse in Libra. It’s that time again! New moment , new choice!

Eclipses are about endings and new beginnings; a rebirth, a reboot, a new start. What will be eclipsed (overshadowed, blocked, ended) in our lives is in fact what needs to go; this is a release mechanism so we can make our way into new territory. Its about learning how to balance your own needs (Sun in Aries) with your need to connect to others (Moon in Libra). If thats difficult, the eclipse will help remove whatever is standing in the way. 

Libra is all about relationships, so an eclipse here  brings a welcome change in how we are relating to others. If you feel stuck in a rut, you are about to get rocket boosted clear out of it! If you are carrying an emotional  load that's weighing you down,  you can expect some of your personal baggage will be jettisoned at the speed of sound. 

Some relationships could end under/around this eclipse, and  most will be faced with the need to change in some way. Forgiveness and compassion were a key element of the last eclipse in Pisces, and we can use those qualities to move on from old hurts recriminations etc. 

Of course we can work with this energy or against it. We can hold on to those grudges and keep perpetuating the same ol' same ol'. We do have a choice.

That total solar eclipse in visionary Pisces activated the need to move beyond our petty ego stuff and open/surrender to a higher vision. We are being called to step into our true self and let go of outdated outworn layers of adaptation that have nothing to do with who we really are. Whether you are playing the parent or the child, the victim or the abuser, the lover or the loser, know that these are just roles and not who you really are. 

So much is working to bring us into alignment with our true humanity, which is rooted in the divine(whatever that means to you) Its a higher calling and a higher nature that can allow us to move in this world with integrity and grace and a natural authority rather than an imposed one.

 I am sure you have  been feeling it. The last two weeks as we were bridging the  two eclipses ... we also had a big blast of solar flare activity. Has anyone else felt uber sensitized, pressurized and intense? Or have you felt caught between a rock and a hard place, wanting, needing to move forward, impelled to move forward, yet still hesitating?

Now's your moment to finally let go. 

 Time seems to be both accelerated and pressurized. Things are developing at an alarming rate.  Choices are in our face.  

Both Sun and Uranus in proximity the  South Node of the Moon  means we really must release the past to be able to face the future with new energy.  Pluto will help us break us out of those stuck patterns. All this can feel fated or out of our control, yet we really do have a choice. We can stay exactly where we are, doing exactly what we have been doing for oh so long, and get exactly the same results. Hmmmm.

 New moment New choice!

I know you have been trying. There  have been so many stops and starts and frustrations we almost gave up on our plans.  In retrospect we will see that  those obstaccles have allowed us to doublecheck our decisions and reassess our motives so we could be clear about the way forward. Nonetheless, this whole process can be highly destabilizing and trigger feelings of insecurity, making us unsure or hesitant.

The eclipse on Saturday  may be just the release valve you need.

Also, luckily this crazy ride has some ballast. With Venus and Mars in slow and steady Taurus, we are provided with the nurturing quality of mother earth  to help us keep our feet on the ground. This will increase our tendency to try and eat our way out of our stress... try keep it balanced. (Libra is all about balance) Creating ritual around food is another way to honour the earth and ground ourselves in her bounty.

Sun who gave to us this food
Earth who made it ripe and good
Dear Earth, dear Sun, by you we live
Our loving thanks to you we give.
(source unknown)

A long walk in the woods last weekend helped me land back into my body after the last few weeks of mayhem. And then of course I came down with a cold, the natural response after pushing the body too much. Achoo! and actually,  being ill can be another way of grounding into the body, as it forces us to take time off and spend quality time with us. Better to slow down before that happens. 

Overall, this combination of grounding earth and inspiring fire, fanned by airy air... and combined with the releasing potential of the eclipse...  will provide exactly what we need to move forward in new and exciting ways .

This Full Moon Eclipse in Libra is a call to get it together with our community our tribe, our family, our 'other.' And that means getting it together with yourself!! Quit wasting time with old issues. Let go of the past, or deal with it. Forgive, forget, move on. Whatever it takes.

Love the ones your with!!! 

Happy Full Moon Eclipse!!

Thursday, 19 March 2015

New Moon/Solar Eclipse PRT 2:

If you can dream, it you can do it.

"The power of clearly visualized ideals to mold the life of the visualizer" (Sabian Symbol for this eclipse)

Are you feeling it yet. That wonderful dreamy intuitive energy?

I wanted to add a few thoughts to what I already wrote (see previous post below)

The Moon is now at twenty degrees Pisces, and is heading for it's spectacular meeting with the Sun at the last degree of the last sign of the zodiac. Pisces! Apparently this event has not occurred for hundreds of years and some feel it heralds the next step in the evolution of the human race.

Lets hope so.

Fact: Pisces is about SOUL!  

It calls to us from the depths and activates such deep longings that can fill us with hope, or with despair. This watery realm is so non-linear, it can make us feel bit  lost, confused, distracted, spaced out...
 because it is moving us away from our more left brained control of ego , and activating the creativity and deep, deep feeling of soul. The trick is to tune into that siren call ... flow with it not against it , and HAVE FAITH that it can take you where you want to go.

Pisces energy is soft and subtle but powerful nonetheless. It can lead us astray (addictions, avoidance) or to our heart and soul self. And we get to choose which way we want to go.

Think of the incredible ability of water... to dissolve, to wear away, to envelope, to clean. It is the only element that takes several forms... solid, liquid and ether. Water is without shape and without colour, yet reflects and adapts to whatever vessel it is put into.

This is powerful stuff!!

As I already said in my last post, a New Moon is a new beginning, and an eclipse often marks a definite ending. The power of a New Moon/Eclipse is the power of choice.

Perhaps we have lost that sense of choice or direction. Over the last few years there have been so many shakedowns and holdups and rewrites and clearings etc etc etc!!   Because this eclipse sits at the very end of the zodiac wheel, and we are also at the very end of the Piscean Age,  this moment marks a significant opportunity to re-set your soul intention, not just for the coming month but for the coming era. Whatever vibrations/intentions we put forth at this time will  be amplified and magnified as they  ripple out for weeks, months, years.

Something is shifting and we are all part of it.  This is not the only such moment, yet we may look back one day and see that this is when we gave birth to a new vision.  Watch your dreams tonight and tomorrow, they may have a message for you.

Let this eclipse fill you with Pisces qualities of innocence, compassion, hope, inspiration.

Let go of whatever is holding you back, and set your intention to make your dream  real. (Saturn is going to help us with that).  Directly following the eclipse, Spring will be Sprung !  We will be getting a powerful kick from the fire signs to set us clearly onto the path we are now imaging for ourself..

So the message is:

If you can dream it you can do it!!
Feel your heart. Tune into your soul. Then seize the day!

Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back —
 concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), 
 there is one elementary truth that ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans:

That the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. 
All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. 

A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would have come his way.

Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. 

 Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.
~ Goethe

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Awakening: New Moon/Solar Eclipse on Spring Equinox

The formatting on this post is completely nuts. I cannot seem to change it so please bear with me...

This is, without any doubt, a time of  ‘Awakening.’ 

Powerful energetic forces are shaking up and accelerating everything around us and within us, increasing the frequency  and awakening the cellular memory of  who we are and why we are here.

Uranus and Pluto just completed their last exact square (a tense angle pitting these energies against each other that has been called the 'signature' of our times. 

The pressures and challenges of the last several years have left many people reeling, and I have a feeling its not over quite yet. Even though these powerful shaker uppers will now begin to gradually grow further apart, we will feel their effects and influence for some time to come.  

It all started around 2008  with Saturn (material structures)  along for the ride. That was when global  financial systems crashed, and since then we have watched Pluto in Capricorn breaking down the authority systems by stirring up confrontations all around the world. Reactionary forces are also in full force, doing their best to stop this breakdown of the old guard, and  resisting any forward movement with all their might. Needless to say, it does appear that a battle has begun!

Uranus (the higher mind) in Aries (pioneering initiatives) has been stirring up our rebellious spirit, by offering up visions of  a better way to be in the world.

Though the outcome is uncertain, it is clear that a revolution is at hand.

It may be years before  the smoke clears enough to reveal what permanent  changes actually have occurred. Sometimes it feels like three steps forward, and two steps back. That can be discouraging, as we witness  the forces of ignorance work so hard to fight against the forces of equality, fairness and prosperity for all.

Do you remember a time not too long ago when there were no daily uprisings and few protests etc? I used to wonder why nobody did that anymore. I grew up in the 6o’s when there was always news of student sit-ins , anti Vietnam war marches,  Martin Luther King's march etc,  as people rose up to shout back at the powers that be.

Now those same planetary forces from the sixties are at it once again. This isn't the first time we have seen this...  they also were during the French revolution, so we are in good company when it comes to planetary change.  A Uranus Pluto aspect will not happen again in our lifetime, so although these times are challenging, you might say we came here for this.  We do live in interesting times!

Which leads me to Friday’s eclipse. If you want to see change in your life, here is a perfect moment to do something about it. The eclipse occurs smack dab on the Aries Point, first Day of Spring and beginning of the Astrological year (spring equinox).  This last degree of Pisces is considered a very important spot, because the element is about to change into its very opposite (water into fire). As the very last degree in the zodiac wheel it also signifies endings that make way for something new.

This point is also said to be the intersection of the 'personal' and the 'collective'. It is where we stop at look at ourselves in relation to the world, to our communities etc.

The influence of both Neptune and Pisces at this eclipse bring in powerful spiritual forces that will make us highly sensitive with a tendency to get spaced out or we might feel a bit lost. That can actually be a positive thing as it will help us let go of  rigid ego strivings and create openings for synchronicity and intuitive perception.

Due to the significance of this eclipse, we would be wise to stop, breathe, take some time to really feel our way into whatever changes we are in the midst of. Of course, eclipses often bring changes we don't even see coming... but to be awake and aware means that whatever occurs, we will be ready.

And as I have often said, each planetary event has a greater impact on those with personal planets in its path. This solar eclipse in PIsces  will have a greater effect on those of you with aspects at approximately 26 to 30 degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces and at approximately 0 to 4 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. 

That said, many of us will experience some sort of letting go or release, and  be given a chance to head out in a totally new direction. (See the tabs at the top of this blog to discover the meanings of an eclipse in each house). There will be some sort of change or letting in regard to the house it occurs in, depending of course on the planets in that house etc.  Go to to find out your chart if you don’t have it.

Or get in touch with me for a proper sit down reading if you are in the midst of a lot of upheaval, and we can explore the patterns and messages your chart has to show you.  
(See side panel for info re contact )

A good astrology reading should be both informative and  intimate; you may be surprised how accurate it can be. I do not go much into predictions per se, although it is always prudent to look at current influences, with the understanding that even while we are affected by the planetary cycles, we do still have free will (sort of). What a chart reading does do is focus in on key lessons and show where our strengths and weakness lie. It is both wise and prudent to know what tools we have to work with as we navigate the twists and turns of life on planet earth.

Meanwhile, all of us can use this wonderful transformative eclipse energy to begin anew and enter Spring (in the Northern Hemisphere) with a  new, more positive intention. Now is the time to get out of our ruts and and move into a more conscious engagement  with the world and with our own self. 

Who knows... it just might be fun!!