Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Once in a Blue Moon (Correction)

Continuing the discussion re the Blue Moon, I wanted to add a few things, plus correct a mistake I made. I am not at my home computer and cannot edit from my ipad, so this will have to do,

The sky tonight was awesome. The Moon is already looking very Full.  It's  the second Full Moon in July this year hence a  'Blue Moon'.

Ok re correction: I said Mercury was close to the Moon, but it is in fact beside the Sun in Leo and sitting opposite the Moon. Thats about as far away from it as it could be. This will cause some tension between our logical rational mind and our emotional self.

That polarity  is always a part of any Full Moon, as the Sun represents the rational side of us, the Logos, while the Moon symbolizes the feminine intuitive realm. A synthesis of Sun and Moon means finding a way to meet in the middle. That will be easier in the case of an Aquarian Moon as it is a more detached air sign. This will give us the ability to  step back emotionally, which will enable us breathe a little freer and help us avoid the trap of stubborn pride based thinking (Leo) that may be activated. While Leo likes to create drama, A quarius Moon prefers to remain calm and cool.

This Full Moon activates our humanity and sense of connection to the group. We are all in this together so why not get along?

Once in a Blue Moon (in July)

It’s that time again: another Full Moon is heading our way!

I’ve been off duty for most of July so please bear with me as I get back up to speed.

The last Full Moon was pretty dramatic, sitting opposite Mars in the sign of Cancer, stirring up family tensions and triggering emotional stand offs. If you have been caught in edgy arguments and/or power struggles, you ain’t the only one!!!

Then two weekslater, the volatility meter went up a notch with the New Moon, Sun, and Mars all opposite Pluto (control issues, crisis, change).  Needless to say it's been an emotional mine field for many of us.

Now we get a second chance with a second (Blue) Full Moon in July, this time in the freedom seeking sign of Aquarius. This Moon is saying ‘ Chill out man.  Give everyone a little space. Smile at your brother/sister. Its all groovy! '

"Love is but a song we sing. Fear's the way we die....."

Full Moons are a culmination of the energy that has been building since the previous New Moon. As we move from a dominance of the water element Cancer (emotion, feeling, memories, dreams) into a period lit up by many planets in fiery Leo (action, inspiration, drama) the atmosphere is quickening and things are accelerating.

Not like recent events haven't been spectacularly dramatic, yet in the watery homey sign of Cancer it means things have been mostly manifesting in our emotions and on the home front.

Now the focus is moving to center stage. Enter the Sun in Leo: dramatic, self centered and highly flammable! Leo wants what it wants and expects everyone to pay attention. Generous to a fault, warm-hearted Leos appreciate being appreciated. They are not the shrinking violets of the zodiac.  
Sun in Leo wants you to pay attention!

Moon opposite in Aquarius is much more laid back, yet just as stubborn as Leo; both are fixed signs and not easily budged from their points of view. 

 But things could still get a little quirky!  Uranus, co-ruler of Aquarius and thus of the  Moon,  is is now slowing down and turning retrograde. Called the Awakener, this maverick  is always full of surprises; nothing is certain when Uranus  is in charge.  All I can say is:  expect the unexpected!

Something is going to appear in a new light or show us a different way of dealing with whatever has been getting under our skin. Where Uranus sits in your chart is one indicator of where this new insight could emerge. 

Venus, planet of love and money, has also started moving backward. The goddess of love will reenter Leo just a few hours after the Full Moon, where it will soon again join up with Jupiter for the second of three fabulous visits. This joining describes expansive self-love, which may sound like an ego trip, but in reality if we really do love ourselves we are far more capable of loving others (as within so without). It is time to claim our magnificence! 

(Narcissism is not true self love, it is a form of denial, disconnect  and self aggrandizement , coming from feelings of separation and survival)

Retrogrades cause us to reflect and become more inward. Venus in Leo is going to get us to examine our need for love and ask us if we are getting our needs met.  Neptune opposite Venus is stirring our longing for true love, as well as a tendency toward either idealization or disappointment, while Saturn tries to get us to wake up and smell the coffee.

Venus (love) in tension (square) with Saturn (duty , limitations, karma) can make us feel more alone than we really are, adding a heaviness to our reflection. But  hopefully it will be in the form of taking more responsibility for our own feelings and recognizing that if we aren’t feeling the love we may need to look in the mirror.  If you are feeling alone, remember  it is just a part of the lesson.

Venus’ reflection in the sign of personal sovereignty (Leo),   is nudging  us to take charge of our own kingdom and make sure all is well within. What is the state of your personal territory? Did  you know you are magnificent!?

 With the added objectivity of Aquarius we can begin to see beyond the dramas and traumas to gain more clarity.  This Full Moon won’t exactly cure what ails us, as much as shine as light on our inner processes and help us understand that what we are looking for was inside us all along.

Mercury is right there beside the Moon, bringing  our thoughts and feelings into unison  as we ponder and reflect on where and how we fit into the grand scheme of things. Aquarius activates our need to establish our individuality within  groups and friendships. We all need to feel we belong and we also need to know where we stand.

As we get in touch with our  hopes,  dreams and ideals, we may discover some new ones arising, out of the blue (Moon?) or  revisiting those  ideals of yester-year and dusting them off to see if they still hold true.

The Uranus retrograde turns our urge to rebel and reform  into an inner revolution, just as the Full Moon shines  new light on our hopes and dreams, so that  despite recent  disappointment and disillusionment,  we discover there still is a glimmer of hope.

Let that glimmer turn into a flame.

BE the change you want to see in the world.

"Come on people now, smile on your brother, everybody get together, try to love one another right now right now!"

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Moving right along

I am off for a holiday  during the next week or two. Summer has arrived!

Right now we are seeing pretty much the same stuff as I wrote about last week...  only more so...
The 3/4 Moon means whatever we set into motion at the New Moon in Gemini is starting to come to fruition, and the effects will build till the Full Moon next week on JUly 1st. Things could feel a bit pressurized till then, although there are a lot of escape hatches available. A lot of aspects are urging us  to claim our power to create our own reality. We are now in manifestation mode. In other words: Be careful what you wish for!!!

Meanwhile there are a lot of diverse influences in the sky: more confusion, more joy, more tension, more excitement. Expect the unexpected. Find creative solutions and all will be well.

Sun Mars in Cancer : Family matters. Fighting for your family or with your family. Choose Peace.
Sun  Pluto: Power struggles
Mercury Neptune = Confusing communication, inspired imagination
Mercury Pluto: irritation, aggravation, who's in control here?
Mars Sun= Aggressive egos
Saturn Jupiter = Blockage or expansion. Study how to make things work.
Jupiter Venus Uranus = Surprise. Good luck. Expanding anyway!
Jupiter Venus Moon: Feeling the love
Moon Sun/Mars Neptune = High creativity!

PLuto Uranus: Deep revolution and change on many levels. The old guard is dying and putting up quite a fight.

Next Wednesday July 1st is a Full Moon in Capricorn
Things get serious.  Capricorn represents the manifestation and materialization of ideas. It's time to walk your talk. Actualize!!

Venus (love) exactly conjunct Jupiter (Joy) = 

 Joyous expansion of the heart.

Use your open, joyful heart to expand beyond limitations and your common sense to stop before you go to far! Don't get caught up in power struggles. Let many things pass without losing your own dignity. Let your light shine!!!

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Venus Jupiter Moon in Leo. Claim your Magnificence!

This weekend: Summer Sosltice (Sunday) Longest day of the year!!! (how did we get here so fast???)

The Sun moves into the emotional nurturing sensitive sign of Cancer. Family time. Father's day. We will feel things more strongly now and want to care for those we love. Home is where the heart is.

Three bright glowing objects seen  in the western sky just after sunset (brightest one is Venus)

Venus: Love
Jupiter: Expansion, Joy
Moon: Intuition, Feelings
Leo: Personal sovereignty, Creativity, Play

Bringing us : Expansive Feelings of Magnificent Playful Love and Joy!!!

Let your LIGHT shine!!!

Added feature: Mercury square Neptune:  Our thinking and communicating becomes highly creative, inspired, deeply  compassionate. Feeling good about ourselves, we reach out to help someone in need.

Other side of this : Spaced out people, avoidant, addictive tendencies. Delusional thinking. Misciommunication. (don't drink and drive)

There is an extreme need to be  conscious of not letting an expanded ego parade as our true self. 
Follow your heart (and not your monkey mind) and all will be well.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

New Moon in Gemini ! Don't hate. Meditate!

The invisible New Moon in Gemini today brings a powerful shift in perspective as we press the monthly reset button once again. Gemini represents the duality of the mind and offers us mulitple points of view. This new energy cycle will be chock full of Cleverness, Curiosity, Connections and unbridled  Creativity. 

Oh and did I mention Confrontation? 
There is some rocket fuel  added to the mix (Mars), so we will need to add a pinch of Caution.

That may not be as easy as task as one might wish.   If your inner warrior has been activated lately you will know exactly what I mean. Time for the peace pipe.

Recent standoffs have shown us how easily we can get triggered by others, leading to polarized situations. Remnants of adversarial, us-and-them way of thinking are activated by Mars presence in Gemini.  Our interpersonal relationships are, as usual, the mirrors that will shows us where these residual tensions lie. Wherever 25 degrees Gemini sits in our chart shows where a new way of seeing things could help us let go of anger or resentments as we move forward in a positive way.

With Neptune blurring our vision and confusing the dialogue, that could be tricky. It may sometimes seem that no matter how hard we try, our efforts to communicate  get all mixed up and suddenly it is like we are each speaking different languages.

Hopefully this New Moon will allow us a fresh perspective so we can move out of conflict into connection. Mercury is now direct so that should help.

Our core belief systems determine how we interact with the world, and the recent retrograde  of Mercury invited us to examine/deconstruct our habits of thinking and communicating,  particularly around conflict. 

In my own chart Mercury was moving backward through the seventh house of relationships. I had to face how insecure I can be around conflict: it freaks me out. I am learning that just because someone disagrees with me does not mean they are against me. Or just because I don’t agree with all of someone’s professed values does not mean we cannot still find common ground.  And just because I don’t follow the same line of thought does not mean I do not respect yours. 

Big part of the lesson is that  I do not always have to convince you of the rightness of my own point of view.  I can honour you as well as me without having to agree on everything. We can be connected and yet apart at the same time.
New Moon Alchemy

 This New Moon energy is about uniting opposites. It can help us see another's point of view or find that third option. Look for the seed that emerges from the union of Moon and Sun.  The masculine Sun  (especially in Gemini)  is all about logic and the feminine Moon represents  our intuition and feelings. Working together they give us both sensitivity (Moon) and clarity (Sun).  The peace pipe (above) also symbolizes this union of  yin and yang, the bowl being the feminine and the stem the Masculine. 

The smoke is the breath of life that unites both.  

Gemini awakens our innocence and  curiously, and helps us let go of our rigidity.  Mercury, as ruler of Gemini, wants us to reexamine our stuck ways of thinking so we can break free of polarized thinking and negative belief systems.   

In my own case I have discovered that sometimes my defensive stance is based on a need to please or to have everyone agree etc. My belief (or fear) is that if I don't go along with someone they wont like me  (which in some cases could be true! ) 

Aggressive reactions (my own or others) have thus put me in conflict with my own self, and the resulting tension makes me feel like a failure. Working through some of that has brought me more freedom and also the strength to detach from others opinions of me (or mine of them).

What you think of me is none of my business.

“This New Moon conjunct Mars and square Chiron can bring us face to fact with wounds we have around asserting ourselves, taking a stand or taking action in our lives.

Alternatively this lunation could also face us with where we run rough shod over others and don’t have enough sensitivity or empathy for other people’s ideas or situations they are in.

That fine line between victimization/passivity, healthy assertion and negative aggression is highlighted right now- and it can be very easy to tip over too far in either direction.  "
                                                                          Divine Harmony

 We also have to master  the art of mixing honesty and diplomacy; not an easy task with so much misinformation around. Beware of Neptune throwing false clues into the game.

Col. Mustard did it in the library with a wrench. 


A mindfulness practice is extremely helpful if you are caught in all this mental/emotional obfuscation. It helps to ‘witness’ rather than react.  Start with watching each breath,  and slowing wayyyyy down.

As we become more present we are more able to witness ourselves getting caught up in these random inner (or outer) arguments. As one thought leads to another to another to another, one remark leads to another and to another,  we can get lost in a crazy battle of our own making (its called projection).
If we remain mindful we can learn from what is happening. 

Watch. Observe. Breathe.  

I used to write letters to people in my head… blah, blah, blah… now I write texts or emails,  lol) 

 Of course sometimes it is the other person projecting,  but the result is the same: our body becomes flooded with fight or flight chemicals and we say stuff we wish we hadn’t.  It's all part of the Gemini monkey mind which can be ever so clever and also ever so cruel.   Our heart shuts down to protect ourself.

 'Sticks n stones can hurt my bones but words will never hurt me.'  

 (yeah right!)   

  Neptune in Pisces shows us the answer. Surrender.   Surrender your ego. Surrender your anger.  Surrender being right. 

And sitting opposite the Gemini New Moon is the Galactic Core in Sagittarius. This is the center of our universe and it contains another key to escaping these tensions and petty squabbles.

“The GC whispers that we are part of something larger, and again larger than that.   With Mars and the Sun in this pattern, we have the image of an alternative to anger -- and a hint as to what is at the root of anger: alienation from oneself."

Chiron in Pisces square this Sun can also be part of the answer – maybe the anger and angst is firstly from an alienation from our self, and we are to find that healing with/within our self first; then we can share it with others.”                                       Eric Francis, Planet Waves

Venus (love) approaching Jupiter  (expansion) in Leo (radiant self) wants to shout out to the world:   
Love the life you live, Live the life you love!!!!   Love the one you're with!!  (starting with you)

So in the end this New Moon, yet again,  is ultimately about celebrating and expanding the heart.

Let the heart win. You know you want to!!!

Your focus is the paintbrush, your thoughts, feelings, and energy the paint, and the world is your canvas...      (from conversation with Rob Michaels aka Healing Rob)

Monday, 1 June 2015

Full Moon in Sagittarius: Which way does the Wind Blow?

Feelings are running high as we enter the Full Moon magic!!

If you have read my last two posts you already have a bit of a heads up re the current chaotic energy that is coming to a head in todays Full Moon in Sagittarius. There’s a strange wind blowing and we will have to keep our wits about us to find our way through. 

A Full Moon is normally a culmination of the energies of the previous New Moon, but for several moon cycles now we are experiencing a reversal of that pattern, in that today’s Full Moon in Sagittarius (opposite Sun in Gemini) precedes the New Moon in Gemini… (normally it’s the opposite).

This adds a sense of New Beginnings to this Full Moon in the sign of the 'Grand Adventurer'. It’s telling us the adventure has just begun.

We have recently had to endure many storms and setbacks, and the damned fog is making it hard to see our way forward. We have been forced to navigate via instinct instead of logic, and forced to tack (zig zag) to catch the wind.

Our gut responses get sharpened in this strange atmosphere as we  listen carefully for subtle clues and changes in the current, ready to respond  to any shifts in the breeze. All of this can be incredibly exhausting, so rest is required in moments of pause.

Meanwhile, the current has taking us back round to places we have been before, or to people we haven’t seen in a long while.  Mercury's Retrograde motion continues to stir up its usual brand of chaos and confusion, with missed calls, electrical screw-ups, plans gone awry etc,  along with the requisite lost emails. It also brings the opportunity for full review, where new information can arise out of the blue that may help us in some way. 

All of this inner reflectivity focuses in the very social sign of Gemini; so we may feel pulled in two directions. Part of us feels compelled to connect with as many people as possible, while another part just want s to retreat to a quiet place and sit the storm out quietly. Our communication skills will be  tested as we are forced to navigate these dichotomies, and at times we will need to reconsider our chosen method of delivery. Let many things pass,  is my advice, without being sucked into to other peoples (or even our own) stories.  Much can be learned if you choose to be a willing student.

Watch and learn and take notes… the information you gather will come in handy sometime in the future. Never has paying attention been so important.

Some of us will have to watch our backs, even while keeping an eye on the path ahead. There’s a possibility of mutiny, and dodgy dealings.  Saturn opposite Sun Mars in Gemini triggers tensions and rebellions and makes all of us a tad bit argumentative, while Neptune’s nebulous influence means misunderstandings are rife, and it will take all our skills not to get lost on the shoals of confusion. 

We are sailing in uncharted waters, and the undertow is strong.  The wind could pick up at any moment, or die completely. It’s that type of weather.  Knowing the ropes and the tides will take us far, though despite our best efforts some of us could end up going around in circles. 

In the midst of the fog and madness, just as we are giving up hope, suddenly a bright light shines. Out of the darkness, the radiant Sagittarian  Full Moon, amplified by Jupiter and Uranus in  Fiery Grand Trine, beams a way forward. Extraordinary good fortune is ours if only we can navigate towards the light. 

This will take trust, and courage and a sense of adventure, all attributes of  Sagittarius. This is the home of the galactic core, the center of our universe, our highest knowing and our deepest truth. Sagittarius represents  our true north, our guiding star. 

And therein lies a clue to how to navigate these strange and unusual times. Find your center, know who you are, and listen for that clarion call beaming out from the galactic core (whose location is conveniently mirrored in your inner heart).

Know who you are, follow the light,  and all will be well.

Happy Sailing!!!

But to every mind there openeth,
A way, and way, and away,
A high soul climbs the highway,
And the low soul gropes the low,
And in between on the misty flats,
The rest drift to and fro.

But to every man there openeth,
A high way and a low,
And every mind decideth,
The way his soul shall go.

One ship sails East,
And another West,
By the self-same winds that blow,
'Tis the set of the sails
And not the gales,
That tells the way we go.

Like the winds of the sea
Are the waves of time,
As we journey along through life,
'Tis the set of the soul,
That determines the goal,
And not the calm or the strife.

by Ella Wheeler Wilcox