Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Shadows and Light : A Balancing Act (New Moon Libra)

Today we enter the shadowlands - via the 'Dark of the Moon'  (Moon is behind the Sun) - as  Sun and Moon in Libra  set off the powerful transformative and somewhat destabilizing energies of Pluto and Uranus.

Tomorrow they will join together at the very end of Libra -  for a potent New Moon that will push us deep into another, deeper  phase of transformation. The next day they both enter Scorpio and join up with Jupiter to expand our awareness of all things deep and dark.  There is a possibility that amazing and life changing transformations can and will occur for those who have planets close to the end of Libra - or the beginning of Scorpio. Change is afoot.

Every New Moon begins a new cycle of the year. Libra is about finding balance and beauty- even in extremes. As we head toward the sign of Scorpio - and the years end - everything is preparing for winter (in the northern hemisphere at least) . Leaves are changing colour and falling off the trees - plants are winding down their cycle - the air is becoming crisp and cold. The days are getting shorter and darker.

 We are entering  time of year where we celebrate Halloween - Samain - Day of the Dead - as we honour our ancestors and those who have passed before us - and recognize that everything has a beginning as well as an end.  It is said that the veils between worlds are thinner at this time of year and we can use this energy to connect with the deeper realms. As we do this we may encounter our own fears of loss, death and dying - our control issues - our resistance to change.

Jupiter - (joy and expansion) - has now entered Scorpio - and will be amplifying the call to the depths. It is time to make the inner journey and clear away the cobwebs that blind us. Jupiter is a benevolent force that  can help us face the shadows - although it may also amplify what we find there.

Thankfully - Jupiter has a powerful sense of humour!

We need to be careful of extremes right now - and the strong tendency to project our 'stuff' onto others.  With so many planets at what is called a 'critical degree' (last or first degree of a sign) things can  get amplified.  And Uranus sitting opposite brings an unpredictable - excitable - unexpected blast of energy. This could trigger sudden, unusual occurrences - insights - departures. We will need to stay centered as the winds of change buffet us (just a a little). Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz - if you are feeling spun around and upside down -  you may end up somewhere very different and possibly unfamiliar to what you are used to.

Have faith (Neptune Pisces) - and try to stay grounded (Saturn).  Something awesome is in the works. Even in the midst of darkness - you could be surprised (Uranus) by joy (Jupiter).  If difficult stuff is  coming to the surface (personally and collectively) - it means we have the chance to create something new and completely different.  Sometimes a layer or two may need to be excised (Pluto) to make room for new growth/vision/ideas (Uranus in Aries).

Beware of the very human tendency to deny or resist change and cling to what is familiar.  When we hold onto resentments - attachments to old ways of doing things- old belief systems (the idea that white rich men are somehow superior comes to mind) we just reinforce the status quo.   It's time for a new paradigm.

 A good breeze may be  just what we need to clear the cobwebs from our eyes so we can begin to see more clearly - both the shadows and the light. Libra asks us to see the beauty in everything.

 You know you want to!

P.S.  New Moon equals New Beginnings. Don't forget to set your intentions.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Shine Shine Shine

 Over the weekend- the Moon in Leo crosses over the North Node - activating a wonderful and auspicious Grand Trine in the Fire signs. The Grand Trine (three planets at  equal angles to each other) creates an easy flow of energy that pulses with positive uplifting energy. That Triangle then links to the Sun, Jupiter,  and Mercury - creating what is called a Kite formation, bringing a focus on BIG IDEAS, and BIG PLANS  (and also BIG MOUTHS)  as the  need for communication and self expression goes a bit OTT. 

If you've got plans or visions of the future, try not to overwhelm others with it all. Enjoy this feeling of confidence, it will help you move toward their fulfillment. But try not to force things (Pluto).  This is BIG energy -  give people a little space. 

Many of us will eagerly latch on to that Jupitarian blast- as we are all sore need of encouragement right now. Its a great time to be teaching or learning something. Try not to be all knowing - and at the same time - stay open to others points of view.  And if you feel like you've been driving with the brakes on-   due to Mars(action/energy) - being blocked by Saturn (rules/limits/restrictions) - things should start to get better around Thursday's New Moon.  With Uranus (the awakener) involved in a significant way - something may suddenly shift. In fact- you can count on it!

In the meantime -   it's been hard to go slow with Jupiter and Uranus revving us up in the background and urging us to move and grow and change - yet somehow the way has not yet been clear. Or it's clear - but we just haven't quite had the energy. If you've been going two steps forward – one step back -  don't worry – that is all about to shift.  Patience required . Help is on the way!

The fire element is about inspiration, creativity and enthusiasm. The North Node of the Moon shows us where we need to focus to align with the current zeitgeist. Leo - ruled by the Sun - is about the heart, and activates our need to shine in this life. Attune yourself to your heart - and trust that all will be well.

This Grand Trine has been in the background for several months – and was part of the August Solar Eclipse that activated powerful upheaval and change. I mentioned at the time how the eclipse path across the whole of United States would bring some sort of majour shake up.  Little did I know! I am not one for predictions – and I certainly feel no satisfaction in watching as one disaster after another destabilizes so many lives. But it does make one think maybe there's a reason people used to fear eclipses.

There continues to be a strong need now to align ourselves with our highest purpose (represented by the North Node of the Moon). This is a good time to tune into the Moon as it reactivates that still potent eclipse energy field. I didn't sleep much around the eclipse. I wonder if I will tonight.   

In the midst of so much global chaos (and particularly in NA)  - we are being called to step up and lend a hand.  Many are in survival mode right now (Pluto). There has never been a better time to align with our personal best and shine our light into this world. It needs it. We need it. You know that saying about how it takes a village to raise a child? Well it also takes many candles to light that village.

As the Moon crosses over the fixed star Regulus – which sits at the heart of Leo – it stirs up our natural need for leadership and personal sovereignty - to help us face whatever it is we may be dealing with.  Its too easy to wait for someone else to fix things.  Why wait. Be part of the solution - not part of the problem.

Regulus was on the eclipse point from August 21st - where we were blasted forward at hyper speed. Tonight’s golden moonbeams once again light up our innate beauty and magnificence – and activate the generousity and courage of the Lion – so we can become Lion Hearted. 

When the Moon moves into Virgo later today (Sunday)  – it will help us focus in on the many details we have to contend with as we deal with whatever lies in front of us.  We will need to discern (Virgo) where to invest our emotional energy (Moon). Virgo wants to help-  and will get us organized - if nothing else. 

In the midst of many tasks and challenges – we are remindedus once again to take responsibility (Saturn)  for what we are creating in our own life  - and to never forget who we are and why we came here (NN). Both Saturn in Sagittarius - and Jupiter are about finding the meaning of Life and the meaning in life. Jupiter - now in Scorpio - says we must  to go deep to find it. We will grow bigger and better as we do. 

The stars are telling us that even in our darkest hour- there is always a light shining. Somewhere. Somehow. 
Maybe it is you! 

P.S. There is a New Moon in Libra on Thursday. I’ll be back in a day or so to look at how that will activate powerful interpersonal dynamics and herald even more change. The message of Libra is always to seek balance and harmony even in the midst of change. Seek middle ground. Find the beauty.

As  we move toward the dark of the Moon (Tues/Wed/Thurs) – take sometime to pause and think about what you want to focus your intentions on for the coming month (New Moon). Use this Leo moonbeam to align with your heart and read the poetry written there. Let that be your guide.

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Limitations vs Limiting Beliefs

Today Saturn is at a right angle (90 degree - square) to both Venus (love) and Mars (action). This is the day where some might perceive their cup as half empty (Infosys on the empty)

 We may feel stymied, frustrated, blocked in some way. Squares require  'adjustment'  as we work learn ways to work with and around the tension, and we develop forbearance, tenacity and endurance in the process. It's a bit like lifting weights. Every time you do so - the  muscle is being stressed or torn inside - which then triggers the body to repair itself -  creating even stronger muscle. As we work with challenginges  - use them to get even stronger. Accept limitations - but don't be limited by them.

With Saturn at a right angles (90 degree - square) to both Venus (love) and Mars (action) we may feel stymied, frustrated, blocked in some way. Squares require ' adjustment' as we work with the tension, and we develop forbearance, tenacity and endurance in the process. Accept limitations - but don't be limited by them.

Do be careful not to push too hard - on yourself or others. Mars/Saturn can be cruel. Venus /Saturn can get depressed. Good day to ease up and take things as gently as you can.

The Moon in Taurus reminds us to take good care of ourselves. Find ways to get your needs met in a realistic way. Get a massage. Go for a walk in nature. Eat some delicious nurturing food. Find ways to appreciate the goodness in  your life,  even as you face challenges. 

You know you want to!

P.s. This is Thanksgiving weekend in Canada - where we give thanks for the bounty in our lives. Focus on the cup half full - and it will become full to overflowing.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Aries Full Moon - Harvest Moon- Love Moon

I wrote a post for the Full Moon yesterday and it has disappeared. Talk about thwarted intentions! (Mars/Saturn/Neptune) We all get there in the end.

The Harvest Moon is a time to separate the wheat from the chaff- discern what works and what doesn't - balance out extremes - and celebrate the abundance we have in our lives. 

FULL MOON in ARIES  is fiery - independent - get up and go energy. This Warrior archetype is impatient - takes initiative - and likes to Get 'er Done. Well - at least it likes to get things going. Aries can also be a big childish (even churlish) and does not like to be told what to do. Oh and BTW - finishing projects is someone else's job (Capricorn) LOL.  Aries - full of vim and vigour - (what is vim anyway?) - sets the pace - and seeks personal freedom above all else. The ruler of Aries is Mars.

SUN opposite IN LIBRA is all about peace - balance - harmony - love and beauty - and especially  about getting along with others. Libra seeks  inter-connection with others above all else. The ruler of Libra is Venus.

Mars and Venus are together now in Virgo. This is lovely juicy energy wants to bring together the  opposing energies of the Full Moon.   The merger of our feminine (receptive) and masculine (reactive) - inner and outer - me/other etc can temper our impatience (Mars)with understanding and love (Venus).   It doesn't have to be either /or - it can be both/and. 

Before the  tension of opposites can be resolved - Boundaries will be pushed - Lessons will be learned (Saturn)  - Crisis may occur (Pluto)- so that Deep Transformation (also Pluto) can take place. Communication (Sun/Mercury) is key to finding middle ground. Listening to each other (Libra) is a good place to start.

 If you feel blocked in getting what you want - or your inner child (Chiron) is hurting over rejections or thwarted desires (Mars/Neptune) - or perhaps not feeling heard - healing  - through doing your inner work (Chiron in Pisces) -  may be  necessary before you attempt to resolve things on the outside. If we don't know how to listen to our own inner messages - how are we going to know how to hear others.  Beware of self deception or dishonesty (with self or others). If we are  caught up in illusions and fantasies (Neptune),  Saturn will bring us down to earth real fast.

Chiron in Pisces expresses  the core wound in all of us - the feeling of separation - from ourself- from each other - from source.   When we are balanced and whole - and find peace with our self - we will find peace in our relationships.   Everything we are seeking is already inside of us.

If you are noticing how your relationships seem to be a repetition of old family dynamics (Pluto Capricorn), it may be time to step out of that hamster wheel.  Our pain can be our greatest   teacher as it points us to core issues.  Be careful of falling into playing the victim - we are being asked to take responsibility for what we are creating in our lives and loves. What we seek in others is a reflection of what is missing in our self. Self love required.

As we release old hurts and disappointments, and nurture our inner connection to self  (Chiron), deep healing can occur. The integration of opposites (yin/yang - good/bad - inner/outer) will lead us out of constantly polarizing dramas into harmony and balance . Some Adjustment will be required to eliminate extremes.   Although suffering is obviously a part of human existence - there is so much more we can experience. It's all about finding the balancing point (Libra).

Our destiny is calling us to shine our light in this world (NN Leo). This requires we work together to make this a better place for everyone (Aquarius). It begins with taking responsibility for what we are creating in our life (Saturn/Galactic Core). Nobody can make us do or be something without our permission.    It is very important now  to hold onto the bigger picture (Jupiter) while we attempt to discern our next steps (Mars/Virgo).   Patience required. 

 Use your  the Aries Initiative to find love (Libra) within yourself  -  then share it with others. Watch out for your hard edges. Let yourself become Yin (soft) to balance the Yang (hard).

"There is no map because we are all sailing on our individual oceans and individual journeys. You cannot guide yourself by looking at someone else's map.  Now, listen within, find your inner resources. Learn to trust that inner guidance that speaks in 'sotto voce'. A soft voice."    

Creative Soulful Woman   Read the excellent article: 'Why we Need Enlightened Warriors' at

Aries Full Moon message :  Our magnificence does not depend on others - yet is reflected by them. We are all  unique and wonderful - and - We are all in this together! 

Be yourself. Take initiative. Find your passion.  Be a Warrior for Love.

Sunday, 17 September 2017


I just posted what I wrote about Venus position on the North Node (Collective Destiny Point) and want to add one last bit.

Venus  is about  love, relatedness, beauty, art. It is essentially about how we receive and exchange energy with each other, and as money is a means of exchange - Venus can also be about money. We often look at a persons value in terms of their income, but our true value is something else.

Ultimately -  Venus is about that which  makes us rich - which  is LOVE - and which cannot be measured in worldy terms. 

 Anyway - I just got this from the I Ching as it seems to fit the theme of today I thought I'd share it:

42. Increase

A person brings about real increase by producing in him/herself the conditions for it,
that is, through receptivity to and love of the good.

Thus the thing for which s/he strives
comes of itself, with the inevitability of natural law.

Where increase is thus in harmony with the highest laws of the universe1, it cannot be
prevented by any constellation of accidents. But everything depends on you not letting
 unexpected good fortune make you heedless; you must make it your own through inner 
strength and steadfastness.

Then you acquires meaning before God and man, and can accomplish something for the good of the world.

New Moon in Virgo - Autumn Equinox- Love is the Answer

-->I just spent an hour on a swing in the local park, gazing at the night sky and marvelling at the wonder of it all. It’s so vast and so incomprehensible – I almost feel silly to be trying to explain any of this stuff .  What do I know? Yet, at the same time – although I admit it’s often beyond my comprehension – there is something about Astrology that rings true the more I study it. That fact both astounds and confounds me. Don't ask me how it works or why -  but I do know there is definitely some sort of crazy perfect synchronicity to all this. We can explore parts of it and leave the rest to wonder about.
There remains a danger in getting too caught up in looking for explanations for everything- a boyfriend used to joke that there is an astrological explanation for everything (there probably is). My goal here is to explore and describe the general forecast – but what each person does with each day is totally going to be unique and different. I can only suggest some possibilities. As  far as exact predictions go – wouldn't that take the fun and surprise out of it all?

In that light - just a reminder that this  blog is very general in nature and cannot possibly apply to everyone -  if you resonate with certain things - it is probably because they are being activated in your own chart. If not, they're not.
For an in depth and personal look at what your birth chart says about the gifts and challenges you came here with - as well as an exploration of your personal life purpose - I suggest a personal reading.

Otherwise- please take my offering here with a grain of salt and don't forget to feel your way through. And do stop and take a look up at the stars at night – they are totally awesome!

The Astrology Forecast:

The Autumn Equinox is just around the corner folks – (2 pm/Sept 22) – and we also have a New Moon in Virgo just before that - on Wednesday Sept. 20th. As we approach the new season – the New Moon gives the chance to press the reset button. A lot was stirred up by the August Solar Eclipse, and we are still integrating that energy.  Meanwhile, the days are getting shorter – and crisper – everyone is back to school or work or something – and it’s time to bring in the harvest – both metaphorically and literally.

At this time of year there’s a need to pull in our energy and focus on the task at hand, yet there are also such divergent energies swirling about that we will have to make an effort to stay focused. Luckily, despite distractions, the  predominance of Virgo energy will be able to ground and focus us – get us organized and help us hone in on details.  Sun in tension with Saturn is tricky - it can be negative in that we might doubt ourselves - even as it pushes us to  ‘get ‘er done’. 

The New Moon in Virgo is all about getting focused- with some challenges to that due to Neptune’s dreamy and definitely unfocused presence.A positive benefit of Neptune is how it amplifies our imagination and creativity. Add that to the Saturnian drive to do something concrete and I can envision some powerful artworks about to be born. 


We are being asked to try and stay on track and not drift too far into the nether realms of our dreams and fantasies. Jupiter and Uranus  bring a cornucopia of endless creative possibilities –  but there is work to be done to make those dreams a reality. Virgo helps us discern what we need to let go of and what we need to keep (hopefully). Neptune, although highly creative, may tend to obfuscate.  Try and stay focused while you create your masterpiece.

These multiple influences can bring feelings of overwhelm - as we are pulled in many directions at once. If the atmosphere gets tense because you are trying to do too much - beware of feelings of defeat (Saturn) or the urge to escape (Pisces). Make sure you take some time out to retreat, meditate,  and tune into your muse. Just remember this needs to be balanced with  a bit of discipline.  And watch out for the tendency to be too hard on yourself - the Saturn influence represents the 'Super Ego' Freud described- the internal authoritative voices based on our parents teachers etc  - in other words, the inner critics- that push us around. Kaypacha spoke of this in  a recent broadcast (which made me feel sort of smart because I had   already considered the same thing but couldn't remember what it was called) . Anyway the point is - beware of the inner taskmaster that never gives you a break!

When dreamy idealism (Neptune in Pisces) combines with the sense of boundless possibilities (Jupiter opp Uranus), we can get very excited about projects - then possibly stall out of  frustration  when we encounter obstacles. The feast or famine atmosphere can set us up for disappointments  and there's a tendency  to feel defeated when things don't work out as we imagined. You've got to be in there for the long haul- watch out for unrealistic expectations (Neptune) – or on the other hand – the  ‘cup half empty’ syndrome (Saturn).

This is where it gets tricky - Neptune's escapist tendencies might decide to quit and go get drunk or find some other way to escape those harsh voices. Luckily that more negative influence  is only for a few days.  And meanwhile the good thing about Virgo’s fastidiousness is how it can keep us on track, as long as we don't let it drive us crazy (picky, picky, picky).  Perseverance required.

 Another factor affecting our moods is the  Mars (aggression) /Mercury (communication) combo  in critical and perfectionist Virgo -  triggering irritable, defensive reactions . Watch out for the tendency to be overly picky and impatient with your own  or other people’s mistakes.

If you can be satisfied with small and steady gains – and go easy on yourself and others – you will feel more satisfaction than if you measure everything against impossible ideals.  Slow and steady wins the race.

I SAVED THE BEST TILL THE LAST! In the midst of all this pressure -   a lovely blessing of beauty and soothing energy flowing down  to us from Venus – planet of Love - Beauty, Music - Art –sitting on the North Node of the Moon (Collective Destiny point)  in a lovely Grand  Fire Trine with Uranus and Saturn. Venus at this spot in Leo wants to shine her light into the world.

This aspect symbolizes the re-awakening (Uranus) of the need for love (Venus) in our lives. Not necessarily romantic love- on the Destiny Point it speaks more to BIG LOVE and  the possibility of MAKING LOVE REAL (Saturn). This configuration  is asking us to take responsibility for inviting love into our lives and into the world. The Collective Destiny Point (North Node of Moon) now in Leo is still very close to where the recent solar eclipse occurred. This ties Venus (and todays Moon in Leo) into the new energy  surging forward. If we are going to save this planet and learn to work together- we will need to understand the transforming power of Love. 

One last thing: There was also a super charged solar flare last week- messing with our electro -magnetic fields -  (which includes our body).  Restlessness- loss of sleep- feeling high strung. 
Let Saturn and Virgo ground you 

 These are challenging times and the astrology is saying : 

Seek a New Vision 

Be true to what you believe in 

Your dreams may be tested. 
Use your imagination but - Dont get lost- 
Stay grounded - Make it real.
And most of all:

Tomorrow the Moon will cross over the solar eclipse point (in Leo), reigniting that energy field yet again. Remember what the key message was?

It was about shining our light into the world - enjoying our own life -  knowing our true worth. And most of all - about opening our heart.

Venus is showing us the way. LOVE with all your being. Start with yourself - then pass it on.

You know you want to.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

NOT the 'Harvest Moon' (oops)

Full Moon for September 2017 (Midnight PT- MT- 3 am ET - 8 am UTC)

Turns out the 'Harvest Moon' is September 20th - just before the Autumn Equinox. This one is the 'Full Corn Moon'. So we get to play Neil Young again next month :)
 Tonight and tomorrow it will look equally full. Always an awesome sight.
Happy Full Moon!

"Here are Moon phase dates and times (ET). See the Moon Phase Calendar for your city’s dates and times.
Full Moon: September 6, 3:04 A.M.
Last Quarter: September 13, 2:26 A.M.
New Moon: September 16, 1:30 A.M.
First Quarter: September 27, 10:55 P.M.

The September Full Moon is usually known as the 'Full Corn Moon' because it traditionally corresponds with the time of harvesting corn. It is also called the Barley Moon because this is the time to harvest and thresh ripened barley.

Some other traditional September Full Moon names used by Native Americans include:

“Moon When the Plums Are Scarlet” by the Lakota Sioux Native Americans.
“Moon When the Deer Paw the Earth” by the Omaha Native Americans.
“Moon When the Calves Grow Hair” by the Sioux Native Americans

NOT the 'Harvest Moon' (oops)

Often, the September Moon is also called the Harvest Moon, but this year the Harvest Moon occurs in October. The Harvest Moon is the Moon that falls nearest the autumnal equinox; this full Moon provides the most light at the time when it’s needed most—to complete the harvest!"