Monday, 18 December 2017

New Moon Adventure!

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Today's New Moon sets a tone that takes us through the approaching  solstice and New Year. The Winter Solstice is  an important yearly marker celebrated all over the world. As the Sun reaches  its lowest  point in the ecliptic - it appears to stand still for four days (20- 24th) -  before the days begin  to lenghten again.  

We all  breath a collective sigh of relief and perhaps join in one of many  different cultural festivals celebrating the return of the light. 

Just before that occurs - this potent  New Moon (late Sunday/early Monday - depending on where you live) is in the expansive and optimistic sign of Sagittarius.This cosmic adventure is beckoning. 

A New Moon is a chance to press the reset button and begin again. As the last New Moon of the year- this one is particularly significant. Before we can focus on what we want to manifest in 2018, we get to review the year gone past. And what a year it's been!

Thanks to Neptune's influence (amongst others) there have been  many unusual and confusing aspects to life here on planet earth. The current Mercury retrograde may be  inclining some of us to  reflect on important life questions. Whether we are ready -  or willing - to hear the answers - is the million dollar question! 

"And you may find yourself - Living in a broken down shack 
And you may find yourself - In another part of the world

And you may find yourself - Behind the wheel of a large automobile
And you may find yourself in a beautiful house
With a beautiful wife
And you may ask yourself, well
How did I get here?

Letting the days go by, let the water hold me down...
Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was. 

And you may ask yourself - How do I work this?
And you may ask yourself - Where is that large automobile?
And you may tell yourself - This is not my beautiful house.
And you may tell yourself - This is not my beautiful wife!"

We've got to stay grounded as Neptune continues to confuse and beguile.At this moment of creative manifestation - do you want to manifest your delusions and illusions - or do you want to come from a place of integrity? You'd think that was an obvious choice - but watching the news today tells me it isn't! 

Sagittarius is the truth teller. Does that mean the truth will out?  Maybe when Saturn enters Capricorn. 

A LOT is about to shift - bigly - when Saturn moves into its home  sign  on Tuesday. Saturns presence at this New Moon says that what we focus our attention - and intention on - has the possibility of becoming concrete reality in the future. The clarity coming from our Mercury retrograde reflections is thus all the more important at this time.

Saturn is the planet of karmic lessons -teaching us through challenges, restrictions and responsibilities.  Sitting at a critical degree at the very end of Sagittarius - we get one last chance to fine tune our thinking before the lord of karma heads into Capricorn.  Let's just say things are about to get real. 

Saturn in Sagittarius has been trying to get us to develop discernment by examining our unconscious - and dearly held - core beliefs.

Then Jupiter entered Scorpio - and  the game of truth or lies took on a sexual nature. As Jupiter continues to bring hidden issues to the surface,  Saturn in Capricorn will add accountability into the mix. 

With Saturn hovering at the Galactic Core in the sign of higher truth - there has been a strong imperative to align ourselves with our higher our purpose. 

(Funny - auto correct just tried to turn that into 'Galactic Court' - rather appro- pro to this discussion. Saturn is  the 'judge' - and Sagittarius links to justice)

The mirror of Saturn always  judges us according to our beliefs - just as we judge others. Enough with all this judging. Who told you that you have to judge everything?  Who gets to cast the first stone?

Part of Saturn's lesson in Sagittarius ( belief systems) is to teach us to distinguish between believing and knowing.  

How much of what you think is true- how much of what you believe -  is just because you've had it dropped into your brain all your life. 

The point of Saturn in Sagittarious is to really examine the idea of truth. Truth is more than so called  facts - which can be twisted and turned in also many ways. 

This New Moon  is asking us one last time to set our intention on seeking the truth - and to really examine the filters through which we see the world. It's time to get real. Its time to wake up. So much is possible when we step outside the boxes that define us. Let the adventure begin! 

You know you want to!

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Full Moon in Gemini - part 2- Finding the Essential

There was a weird glitch in the last post - Quoted material brought a bunch of stuff/links with it - apologies. Mercury retrograde in action. 

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We just had a powerful Full Moon in Gemini. Gemini is about the mind - our thoughts - our communication. It's about the multiplicity of viewpoints and ideas that our heads are usually filled with. Sagittarius opposite (Sun) is more about the bigger picture - the broader view, the grander vista.  If Gemini is the stories we tell ourselves - Sagittarius is the book of life.

Today the Moon has already moved on into the sign of Cancer, and now sits in a lovely fluid connection with Neptune and Jupiter. This wonderful energy  is full of inspiring, expansive emotions.  Feel your spirit soar! Reach for the stars!

And what a story the stars have to tell.   Sun - Moon- Venus and Mercury are all now in Sagittarius. This is the sign of the cosmic traveller - the adventurer- the seeker of meaning. The Sun here expands us –and prods us to seek new horizons and a broader experience of life.  Things should start to feel a bit more positive and upbeat now –  with so many planets in the sign of the archer - and some of us will be heading off for some kind of grand adventure.

Saturn (the taskmaster) however – lurks nearby – insisting we check the tires – get some gas - check the oil etc. before we take off.  This really is a great time to have some fun and explore new territory - as long as you include on your checklist - a reality check!

If you space out (Neptune) or ignore Saturn’s warning - that reality check could come via unexpected or possibly jarring events (Mars Uranus) . Don’t let Saturn’s tendency to fret and worry stop your expansion - let it temper it. Boundaries and limitations can be frustrating but they are also useful.Use them to your advantage.

With  Jupiter in Scorpio is stirring up strong undercurrents and pushing all sorts of unconscious motivations, drives, and desires up to the surface for us to grapple with, paying attention has never been so important.  Makes me think of the Lord of the Rings - when Frodo is heading out and the shadowy dark riders are in pursuit. The ring that makes him disappear is like Neptune - blurring reality. It is helpful - and also dangerous. 

As our own shadow figures arise from the unconscious – they can derail even the best laid plans. The more alert and awake we are the better prepared for any eventuality.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury - which links us to the rational mind. Uranus, on the other hand, represents the higher mind, intuition and flashes of insight.  Both are very active right now and working to elevate our state of awareness. A quickening is occurring. The alchemy is exciting and also requires our attention. As the trickster planet  travels back through Sagittarius - our beliefs could be  turned inside out and upside down.

As new information comes to light , we may find out something we hadn't considered before - or discover what we thought was true - isn't. There will definitely be plenty of  chances to examine  our assumptions  from a different point of view, as old ways of thinking and communicating  come under scrutiny.

(this could include new political intrigues - or new information breaking open old stories)

Mercury wants us to question everything.  Review - reflect- renegotiate those deeply held assumptions – whatever they are. They may be limiting you in ways you don't even realize -  or - giving you a false sense of security.

With out thinking (Mercury) pointed toward the lessons, challenges, and karma (Saturn) of the Galactic Core (centre of our galaxy) - our assumptions about who we are come under the microscope.  Who are we and why are we here?

A nurse working in a hospice asked people what they most regretted. No one wished they had worked more.

If we are not what we do - then who are we? Before you were the You that You think You are -  who were You?

  What is so essential - that you could not live without it?

These are not easy times. yet the most difficult situations can become a doorway into yourself.

 I  have dealt with some health challenges over the years. Every time I would crash - and be unable to function - my whole sense of self would be challenged. I was always a doer – an achiever. Super busy. I like to be good at stuff. When at some points  I couldn't do anything at all, I felt so defeated. Sacred. Lost.  Yet that downward journey  became my biggest gift -  forcing me to slow down and reconnect - with me. Every time I got stripped down like that - I'd rant and rail and resist – then – eventually -  when I would finally surrender – and start to let go- my suffering would lessen.   Sitting still -   breathing into a quiet  place inside me – I would often find peace and even joy – even in the midst of physical discomfort.

 In these distressing times – it becomes imperative that we find a balancing point  within ourselves so we can stay strong, even  while everything is whirling around us. Saturn's message is  that our point of reference must be central, intrinsic; just as the Galactic Core sits at the centre of our galaxy,  so too must we orient to our own centre.  This is not  narcissistic - but holistic - as the universe (one verse) is. Everything is inter-connected.

The only limit is in your mind!

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Truth or Lies: I'm being Followed by A Moon Shadow

 Full Moon in Gemini: Part one.

The Moon will be exactly Full in a few hours -  in the highly sociable, mutable sign of Gemini. Communication is highlighted and amplified now - and also potentially blurred. Watch what you say and really listen to what you hear.  

There's a  huge tension  now between telling the truth and getting away with deceptions. The obfuscation that  has been going on all year is now coming to a head - with Mercury turning Retrograde  at a critical point extremely close to Saturn's position  on the Galactic core. A reckoning may be at hand for those who have abused people's trust and spoken without integrity. 

Many of us fake it every day - smiling when we are really sad - acting big when we feel so small. Or - pretending we are small (to stay safe) when we are actually magnificent.  It's not about forcing others to get real - although this will be tried - it's about getting real with our own self.   Wherever we are in denial, hiding secrets, or just not being in integrity - something is pushing us to strip away the facade.

Extreme caution is advised. Mars (aggression) and Uranus (rebellion, sudden change) are in a fierce  tension - Mars is trying to force something on someone quite aggressively - and Uranus is rebelling  by trying to break away. This mix is highly unsettling and the fallout could be quite dangerous.  If you can avoid confrontations I would recommend you do so until this smooths out.  Misunderstandings are all too likely.  Tread lightly. Accidents can occur when these two interact - so drive carefully and be very careful of alcohol or drugs. 

Luckily -  potential confrontations or angry outbursts can be soothed by a downpour of ego-dissolving  grace (thanks to Neptune).  This is a soft, watery, gentle (and humble)  flow - in contrast to the fiery ego based edginess of Mars opposite Uranus. The thing with Neptune is that even as it inspires us to greater understanding and compassion - it also  blurs boundaries and confuses intentions. Neptune can redeem us  through  great depths of universal love  - or entwine us in illusions and escapism that keep us from seeing the truth. Discrimination is key.

This Full Moon in Gemini is all about the 'Truth' (capitol T). 

Gemini is symbolized by  Twins - showing us two faces - that all too easily shift and change according to the weather. There is a choice now  between Truth and Lies.

Thing is - whose truth? What truth? In this era of fake news - and dodgy politicians (ok, they have always been dodgy - only now it's so in our faces we cannot deny it). Everybody is wearing masks and speaking in forked tongues. Who's to be believed?

The one thing we can all do is zero in on our own personal truth. Mercury / Saturn in Sagittarius is about exactly that. The trick (and the key)  is being able to distinguish between our shadow/narcissistic self - from our true universal self. One is based on fear and  separation - the other understands that we are all one.  I know I keep repeating this - that we all need to align with our core self.  That is because Saturn on the Galactic Core for months has been insisting on it. Very soon Saturn will enter its home sign of Capricorn - and we will see who is walking their talk. The  focus is - and will be even more in Capricorn -  on honesty -  integrity - impeccability. 

Stop playing games. Stop dodging reality. Time to get real.

 You can fool part of the people some of the time, you can fool some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all of the time. ”  Abraham Lincoln
You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. Abraham Lincoln
Read more at:
You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.
Read more at:
You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.
Read more at:
 (Abraham Lincoln?) 

I heard that first from Bob Dylan, one of the great truth tellers of our time (a Gemini).

So if you are being dishonest in any way in your own life - be it small or big - or feel someone is not being truthful with you - expect something to come to a tipping point.   Mercury retrograde will extend  the time we have to think about this - giving us a few weeks to reflect on what this means in our life; where the lines are blurred and where we need to get real with ourselves, or with each other. Time to strip away all those layers of ego protection we have carried for so long - that weigh us down and keep us from being really present. 

The thing is - who we really are IS magnificent.

It is time to take off the mask. Be who you are. Step up to the plate.

You know you want to.

Saturday, 18 November 2017

New Moon today in Scorpio: Watch your step! Make your move. Set your intention.

Scorpio is the sign of death, transformation and rebirth. One of its symbols is the phoenix – a mythical bird that dives into the flames and emerges anew from the ashes. This New Moon is about not only stepping into not only a new cycle - but into a new you.

When the Sun and Moon align - they create a sacred union of masculine and feminine energies – called the Sacred Marriage or ‘Conjunctio’. That marriage creates an alchemical mix that produces new energy – and in this case - unexpected results. There are several aspects to this particular New Moon that point to another majour shift in our relationships. Continue to expect the unexpected!

Jupiter in Scorpio has been stirring up sexual issues on a grand scale… and with Venus (love, beauty, women) still hanging out nearby – there has been a particular focus on women and sexuality. It’s not been pretty and it has not been nice – but you might say things are starting to get real. This stuff has been going on for literally ages – Jupiter is merely magnifying  and bringing to the surface some very entrenched sexual attitudes and behaviours. 

Speaking your truth has never been more important – while at the same time, what the truth is exactly has never been so ambiguous. With Neptune continually blurring the boundaries, fake news abounds, and the illusions and projections continue.

Be very very careful before you judge anyone.

Both Mercury and Uranus are called trickster planets. Mercury retrograde can mess with your mind – Uranus messes with your nervous system. Some of us are getting hit with a mega dose of super charged high voltage energy. Personally - Mars, Uranus and Pluto are all hitting me in a big way.  Meditation – chi gong – lots of walks – are helping keep it grounded and fluid. Not easy. If you've been hit by a Uranus transit -  you will know what I mean. Restless- cant sleep – hyper vigilant- wound up – looking over your shoulder.

At its best - Uranus represents the higher mind. It can bring sudden flashes of insight, intuitive knowledge -  genius moments. This energy has been operating all year- many of  the erratic and unusual events we have been witness to can be put to both Uranus and Eris (dwarf planet) close by. Eris is the female shit disturber - goddess of discord.

Are we having fun yet?!

Unexpected meetings can occur under this New Moon –sudden fateful encounters that are life changing. You won’t see it coming  - it might be months later you look back and realize everything has changed (for better or for worse).

The two main planets linked to Scorpio ( Mars and Pluto) – are in extreme tension with each other at the moment. This will powerfully colour the atmosphere over the next few days - and effects will ripple out for weeks. This highly combustible duo can trigger anything from emotionally charged upsets to accidents – to violent blow ups. Road rage will be more likely. Stay calm. Some will feel this as great internal pressure – others will have difficult encounters. And – as always – some will feel nothing at all -  that's the fun of all this – its not random - it totally depends on your personal sign, chart etc.

If you are a Scorpio or have strong Scorpio in your chart (Rising or Moon) you will probably feel it. If you were born mid to late 50’s you will probably feel it (Pluto in Late Leo). This summer's eclipse point is being triggered as well – aiyaiyai - so – hmmm – a LOT of us will feel it.

The overall sense I get of this New Moon is that it is setting the tone for more big wake/shake ups. It is passionate, intense, unsettling, dramatic - potentially liberating (if we can avoid the extremes); basically the next step in getting us to re-align with our true self – through shocking us out of our complacency. As we shed one more piece of unnecessary emotional baggage – we will be realigning our relationships as well. This process has been going on for a few years now as the astrology pulls us toward greater responsibility for each other and the world around us.

 I just read a warning  about the tendency for  ‘buried anger or reactivity to energetically emerge’ (TimePassages) That's an understatement! 

Have an escape route handy!

Remember in the last post I talked about how Scorpio brings up our shadow material (to put it in Jungian terms)- the stuff we have been stuffing down and avoiding. If somethings been building - and you haven’t blown already – you might do so now.  Something/someone has to shift or get off the pot!

What to do? Bang on a drum. Dance - dance - dance. Climb a mountain - do chi gong or martial arts –move some energy. Have juicy sex. Build something. Break something (safely). Change something. 

Be the change….

Our intentions- if held with clarity - will get a  power boost today.

Be careful what you wish for!