Monday, 10 July 2017

Putting up with imperfection

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Friday, 7 July 2017

Full Moon Madness

It's been called an old wives tale - that people go mad on a Full Moon. Yet the word lunacy comes from the word Luna - meaning moon. Late Saturday/early Sunday - the Full Moon in Capricorn could put test to this concept. It's a doozy. 

The key planets involved - along  with the opposing Sun and Moon - are Mars , Pluto,Uranus (and Eris - dwarf planet) - the same shit disturbers responsible for so much of our current crazy upheaval - and - recently Mars (anger, aggression) has been triggering Pluto (power/control)  -  the build up has been palpable. 

If you have been having trouble sleeping or relaxing - its probably due to Uranus (the Awakener) - and if you're getting caught up in power struggles or control dramas - that'll be Pluto. Then Mars (already mentioned) - links with Eris (goddess of discord) then Pluto ( the destroyer ) then the Moon (emotions) and Sun (ego). Yikes! Watch out for serious violence or accidents. Keep your head down.


Today I was babysitting my adorable - as well as exhausting - granddaughters (ages 3&4 1/2) . Having just arrived home from several hours at a splash park in the blistering heat - I tripped and fell in my son's garage - while chasing the dog that never comes when you call him - got tangled in a stroller that the dog dodged around - hit my head and shoulder on concrete floor ( not too severe - luckily). Damn dog! Good things he's so cute. Amazing thing is, he picked up on my distress and came back (believe me - he normally NEVER comes when you call him) - so at least - on top of everything else - I didn't have to go chasing the dog for blocks and blocks with two tired kids in tow! 

Funny-  I started writing this yesterday - I knew about this stuff - need to take my own advice! 

Anyway - do check twice when you cross the street. And do let that asshole cut in - so what!? It's not worth it! Don't let yourself be goaded. 

With all this volatility in the air - there's enough voltage to blast us through obstacles that are standing in our own way.  Just be sure that's really what you need to be doing. Perhaps you could walk around it just as easily. Many people are trigger happy right now, and discernment is more difficult under these intense conditions . The trouble with planets like Pluto, Mars, Uranus - is the tendency to go to extremes - to overdo - overreact - over -compensate. 

Remember the serenity prayer:

"Give me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change - the courage to change the things I can - and the wisdom to know the difference. "

In the bigger picture - this Full Moon is the next step in an ongoing process of breakdown/breakthrough/break free.  We are shifting through a LOT and it's not over yet. Next up is an extremely powerful and significant eclipse on August 21st - everything leading up to it is clearing the way for another turning point - another moment of significant change. Mars will be involved again so more volatility to come.

Till then - keep in mind- (i. e. be mindful) Shift Happens - Whether  we want it to or not. 

Last week a beautiful GRAND TRINE IN WATER offered a hint as to how we can dissolve conflict and resolve issues peacefully.  Venus Neptune and Jupiter all link to this Full Moon - bringing a message of love and peace.


"The best way to get rid of evil is to make energetic progress in the good. " I Ching 

Keep your ego in check - Practice Wu Wei : When everything is YANG - BECOME YIN 
(Go with the flow)

You know you want to :)


"Wu Wei (chinese, literally “non-doing”) is an important concept of Taoism and means natural action, or in other words, action that does not involve struggle or excessive effort. Wu wei is the cultivation of a mental state in which our actions are quite effortlessly in alignment with the flow of life."

Monday, 26 June 2017

Push comes to Shove

Watch what you say - and be careful what you believe.

This week - simple misunderstandings can trigger volatile reactions. 

Mercury in Cancer makes us very sensitive to what others are thinking and saying (or not saying).  Mercury  (thinking/ communicating) in tension with Jupiter(expansion/ exaggeration) ~ with the added influence of Neptune (creativity/ deception) is stirring up and confusing our emotions with our thinking. 

This is an excellent mix for stimulating creativity and self expresso - unleashing a multitude of ideas and images to be harnessed and expressed. So get out your journal m, your camera, your paints  and have at er!  

If you haven't been paying enough attention to your creative side - nows a great time to start!  
(see link above for Art n Soul Collage - an excellent method  anyone can use  to get in touch with the creative part of themselves. You know you want to! There's online resources and gatherings all over the world that anyone can do ir attend. 

Meanwhile -  things can get a bit  tricky  in our interpersonal dynamics (Jupiter in Libra)

Mercury - when added to Jupiter - tends to exaggerate. Bigly!  Add Mars - highly reactive - and Neptune (deception/ denial) and things can easily get out of hand. 

Always double check facts and be willing to admit you could be wrong- no matter how right you think you are!

Thankfully - Jupiter's benevolent  presence also bestows good luck and protection - just don't push your luck - lol!  A sense of humour can get us out of those right spots we may find ourselves in.


As we  head toward a somewhat volatile Full Moon on July 8/9 (Mars opposite Pluto) we need to be extra conscious of what we put out there in the next days/weeks leading up to it. 

Both the Summer Solstice  and the New Moon in Cancer brought an emphasis to emotional integration and healing. Many (most?) of our triggers and reactions tend to be rooted in the past - patterns laid down in childhood underlay many if the core beliefs that are still with us today. 

Who told you you weren't  good enough - smart enough - attractive enough - strong enough? 

The recent New Moon in Cancer reoresents a chance to press the reset button.  It's time to let go of all that negative programming and undertsand our intrinsic value as human beings. We don't have to remain victims of our past.

Yet to move forward consciously - there may be inner work to be done so we can be more aware of how those triggers effect and control us in those subtle and not-so-subtle ways.

It's very easy to self sabatoge or get sideswiped by others emotional baggage right now - and we'll never know what hit us! (You know like those people on the train or subway with a huge backpack and they turn around and knock you off your feet!) 

Yet there is tremendous potential for big shifts and breakthroughs if we can use this energy rather than let it use us!

According to Evolutionary Astrology - Pluto represents the souls evolutionary  journey - showing where we've been - and where we are going. It's polarity point (opposite) points to where we need to focus. Right now that point is in the sign of Cancer (opposite Pluto in Capricorn).

The sign of Cancer is about home, family and nurturing, and is ultimately about getting in touch with our feelings. Emotional intelligence requires we and heal those wounded parts, so we can be whole and healthy human beings. Self love is the message of the day - which may sound narcissistic - and could be if it's merely self aggrandizatiin (to cover up feeling small)- but ultimately it's about knowing our own worth.

As Pluto, also known as 'The Destroyer', breaks down and shakes down old structures, authority systems , governments etc. (Capricorn) - we may be left feeling vulnerable, insecure, and uncertain. And that mix - when stirred up by Mars as it is currently - can make us extremely reactive and defensive. 

Mars in Cancer will help us to stand up to defend our family, and our loved ones, si can be useful when facing any adversity or challenge in our home life. 

As our survival instincts get triggered (Mars/Omuto) we must choose between love or fear. Ever hear that saying that fear is the opposite of love?

True self love is our natural state. Every child reflects so much innocence and purity and beauty - and that's who we all are inside.

So - as always these days- the call is to stand up - wake up know who we are - honour who we are - and therefore - honour each other.

Cause we are all in this together! 

P.s. A majour solar eclipse in Leo - is crossing the US on August 21st. Between now and then the focus will continue to be  emotional healing and release. 

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Solstice - New Moon Healing

The Summer Solstice is on Tues - June 20th - then there's a New Moon two days later on Thurs June 22nd. 

New Beginnings. Forks in the road. Powerful transformation. Everything - and nothing. 

Everything - if you can tap into Saturn's presence at the Galactic Core. That is all about finding and claiming our soul purpose. Time to step up! Get grounded. Be present. Get real!

Nothing - if you let yourself get tangled up in control dramas.  Right now there's a deep tension and disruption (Moon in a  'Grand Square' with Mars Jupiter Pluto) - tempers can flare - and there's a potential for violence (Mars/Pluto) Moon in Aries is aggressive and impatient.

Count to ten and 


Now take another!  That's better :)

A Grand Cross (four planets all at right angles to each other) is like a diamond - intense pressure builds up and triggers some kind of transformation - especially with Pluto involved. If you can harness this energy you can accomplish a lot. 

Once the Moon moves on tomorrow it will be less contained - less internal - yet potentially more reactive as the Moon bumps into Uranus and Eris. 

Once again - 


Luckily- there are beneficicient energies operating behind the scenes - Venus in Taurus brings patience and forebearance and can smooth out potential disruptions. Or grab onto the positive flow of Venus /Jupiter (open heart/big love/unexpected gains)  to help you move around challenging scenarios. An unexpected meeting might bring a smile to your face.

The Solstice us a time for release - find a ritual to help you articulate/express what is changing  in your life - and what new energy you want to invite in. Writing it on paper and burning it in a Solstice fire is one example. Some go to sacred sites to line up with the earth meridians (pulse points)

The New Moon on Thurs will be in Cancer, sign of emotional nurturing. Our inner child/family issues become the arena for new beginnings. Old wounds can now be healed and transformed. We are more powerful than we know!


The focus is on taking care of ourselves and each other - as we go through these intense changes.

I watched a video this morning of all the donations of clothing and food people were bringing to the site of the apartment building fire in London. A very sad and heartbreaking occurrence, yet  beautiful to see how people in the community stepped up.

Sometimes the worst things bring out the best in us.  We are learning to be strong and gentle at the same time! 


Friday, 9 June 2017

Full Moon in Sagittarius : Onward and upward!

Today's Full Moon in Sagittarius is asking us to let go of our preconceptions and take a big step out of our comfort zone.  The Sagittarius-Gemini polarity highlights the tension between Gemini rationality versus Sagittarian intuition. 

There is a quantum point that lies between the two and we are sitting on it! 

 Both Sagittarius (Moon) and Gemini (Sun) are two of the most open minded and expansive signs of the zodiac, yet Gemini (Sun), eternally curious,  tends to question everything to the point that we can never quite settle on any one answer. This need for variety brings a welcome multiplicity of view points, yet in the end, choices must be made.  Gemini can be a Peter Pan that never wants to grow up. Saturn right beside the Moon tells us we've got to now - and take responsibility for whats going on in our lives. Choices made now matter.  

Its likely that some will be finding it hard to discern right from wrong;  confusion and wishful thinking (Neptune) can interfere now with clear decision making. Yet at the same time,  rational thinking is not enough. While not throwing out logic entirely, our choices must draw on our deeper intuition; endless fact-seeking wont solve this for you I'm afraid. And nether will your fantasies.

Some part of you already knows the answer to the questions you are asking. Do you want to swim in the sea of questions forever - or do you want to know? Sagittarius is the sign that bridges  belief into knowing - by giving us an expanded view and helping us tap into our higher self.

With our core  beliefs  under scrutiny (Saturn in Sagittarius), we need to challenge those internal authoritative voices (parents, teachers,society) with their pre-programmed ideas of what is "correct".  Are you able to admit that what you 'believe' is not necessarily true? Who told you that in the first place?  It's time to tap into our own inner authority and become the master of our own destiny.  

This Full Moon asks us to step up to the plate once again - and make concrete choices - based on the true wisdom of our own inner authenticity (Sagittarius) - rather than the limited ideas of the ego/conditioned mind (Gemini).  To get into alignment with our highest self means letting go of our limited self. Yikes!  Old doubts, old stories (Gemini) that aren't relevant any more will come to the surface to be released. It may not be readily discernible which ones are real and which are lies.

Sometimes it's hard to see the forest for the trees. Sometimes a forest is a good place to hide.

With Neptune creating confusion and uncertainty, and Saturn urging caution,  don't expect easy answers or quick fixes. Sometimes the right choice is not the easy one, or the one we want to hear.

 And, on top of everything else,  we have to do all this while negotiating with other people who are trying to figure out the same stuff! 

 Relationships are always more emphasised at Full Moons (opposites attract) and with Jupiter in Libra (love, harmony, relationships) that emphasis especially strong.   Our interactions with others bring out the best and the worst  of us.  If you want to see what your key issues are, your relationships will show you.

I'm not just talking romance - there are many types of relationships - although Venus, ruler of Libra, IS all about love. Jupiter has been in backward motion in Libra for several months now, and its turning around the very next day after this Full Moon is highly significant -  marking a majour turning point to any interpersonal issues you have been mulling over recently.  If you have felt held back lately - its time to begin moving forward again. That may involve making some difficult choices. Or, given the amount of letting go we've had to do over the last year, it may mean accepting the choices that have already been made.

Either way, wherever the Moon (19 degrees Sagittarius) lands in your chart  a big shift can occur (see tab at top of web page for 'Houses' - which show specific areas of focus) 

Overall-  an open door is beckoning (Full Moon in Sagittarius) and although some of us may hesitate to walk through  due to doubts (Saturn) or confusion (Neptune) - it is possible now to have the courage to move onward and upward into new  territory.  It is time to move through that doorway.

You know you want to!

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Sunday, 28 May 2017

One step at a time!

The Moon has been  in the homey sign of Cancer over the weekend - emphasizing  feelings and family - and today tension with Pluto is likely activating some of our deepest  emotional triggers. 


It's easy to feel small in the midst of intense emotions- especially in the midst of so much global upheaval and change. We easily forget that we live in an awesome - (if somewhat overwhelming)  universe. It's hard to see the forest for the trees!


Attachments/loss/self defensiveness/ abandonment issues/control issues etc. can make us more emotionally reactive than usual. 

This points to a need to change something about the way we respond to emotional triggers. 


Relationship tensions and patterns (Venus/Pluto) can be traced back to childhood  conditioning (love - or lack of)  It is said that by the time we are five - most of our self concept has been etched into our psyche. 

We now have the ability to understand and transform those patterns - so we can begin moving toward the life/love we want to have.



The New Moon in Gemini on Wed. brought an opportunity to reset our thinking patterns - and a high percentage of those unconscious attitudes likely arose out of our early conditioning (racism/ sexism/protectionism/ fear/cultural bias/addictions/compulsions etc) 

Although it may not happen all at once - a quantum shift is now possible as we get shaken out of our complacency. Part of this means questioning our assumptions.

When we start asking questions / instead of trying to have all the answers about how life works - we really can expand our reality exponentially. 

It may not be easy but it is necessary. 

 "A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."

Let the adventure begin!


Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Scorpio Full Moon: Feeling Swamped?

Tonight's Full Moon in Scorpio brings us deeper into a process of an inner and outer transformation that sees us shifting from old to new (age). Although it seems things usually gets worse before they get better - darker before the dawn? - there is a light shining at the end of the tunnel that can shine our way forward (if we can avoid being blinded by its intensity). 

Scorpio provides the shades we need to see our way forward😎

This Scorpio Full Moon reminds us that the wheel of fortune is forever turning - and how we situate ourself is key to our success.

Scorpio can represent death and loss - as well as rebirth. Both Taurus (Sun) and Moon (Scorpio) are telling us we need to build our inner resources to fortify ourselves against unexpected events and things that seem out of our control. The sign of the Phoenix/ Eagle/ Scorpion  is a survivor, and  triggers our survival instincts to get us through what may seem like surmountable obstacles. 

Some consider Scorpio the most powerful sign in the zodiac because it rules sex and death. When  we risk the safety and security of Sun in Taurus (opposite) to join up with others in some way, there's an edginess that comes with stepping outside our private world. Sexuality is where we explore and risk all -  although there are many ways our trust in other people gets tested now - such as business partnerships, family resources etc


In order to risk rejection, loss or failure (Scorpio)  we must have healthy boundaries and feel somewhat secure in our own self (Taurus). Many hedge their bets by only risking so much - layers of protection must be peeled away before we can experience authentic intimacy. That's the transformation that Scorpio can bring about.

Life and death matters may come to the foreground now, or events that trigger life or death - fight, flight or freeze symptoms. 

There's a tendency to feel more  paranoid or self protective than usual -  our spidey sense go into high gear as things change and morph  in ways we cannot control.


Serious flooding is occurring where I am visiting family -  people are losing their homes and sometimes even their lives. It's sad and tragic and also part of the natural order of life and death. Easy to say when it's not me trying to save my home or property.  Yet at some time or another, everyone will have their own personal brush with things we cannot control. As much as we want only the 'nice' stuff in life, Scorpio tells us we have to face the shadows as well. Scorpio can help us do that. 

The irony is that - on one hand - Scorpio is all about risk - yet on the other - it's about  fear and control. I guess they are flip sides of the same coin. And due to Scorpio's fixity as a sign - and the perceived cost of risking it all - we fiercely resist when pushed us into areas we  do not want to go. 

So there's a push- pull element to this sign - and to this Full Moon - as we feel propelled toward people and situations that edge us out of our comfort zone - pushing our buttons or testing our boundaries. 


Overall - Full Moons always have intensity - due to the polarity of Sun and Moon pulling at us from opposite directions. Add Scorpio and whatever is coming to a head now will show us where our edges are, where we don't like to be pushed (or we crave being pushed). There's a compulsive energy to all this so watch out for extreme reactions. 

 The intensity should start to shift over the next few days, although the long term picture is - wait for it - more upheaval and change !  Remember - creativity thrives in chaos - so we have an opportunity to create something out of the ashes. Like the Phoenix we can rise again. 
Mercury's exact conjunction to Uranus  fires up  our brains and our nervous system - bringing flashes of brilliance and insight and putting us on edge. Have you noticed how reactive people are (yes more than usual) ?  There's a lot of electricity in the air!

If  you can find a way to harness that electricity - you can accomplish  a LOT.  A very positive, grounding  link to Pluto in Capricorn (get 'er done) brings concrete manifestation to the feeling that anything is possible.  

The trick is grounding and stabilizing this powerful Full Moon energy. If we can use the brilliance of Mercury Uranus combined with the ability to push through obstacles (Pluto Capricorn) we can do anything!  

Yet, even when  feeling this incredible impetus to move forward, it can still feel like there's a brick wall in our way.

There is so much potential in the air - just be aware that it may be two steps forward and one step back!

That's where Mercury comes in. Joined with the lightning bolt planet (Uranus)  it can provide  the ability to think outside the box and see beyond or around whatever obstacle you are encountering. Keep you antennae raised and your mind open. Syncronicities abound! 

Yet - again - Patience (Sun in Taurus) required. Rome wasn't built in a day (yadayadayada).

If its a relationship issue or a project you are trying to get going, we can use this Scorpio energy to push through obstacles and Mercury/ Uranus to expand our vision. .  Add both together we get laser beam  vision - like a heat seeking missile seeking out its target. 

Just remember  your thoughts are powerful, and our ability to manifest under this Full Moon energy is very strong. We are planting seeds for the future.

Be careful what you wish for!

"Whatever you think you can, or think you can't, you're probably  right!" (Henry Ford)

One more thing : Feminine power (Eris/Lilith) is on the rise - after a long period of oppression/suppression. It's wild, its rich and highly creative - and - it's potentially destructive when not used consciously.  

Stay in integrity - keep your mind open and alert for signals - and stay in touch with your heart - even as you step up and step forward.

You know you want to.