Wednesday, 17 August 2016

(Full Moon cont'd) This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius...yayaya

I forgot to mention that this Aquarius Full Moon (see below) is also an eclipse. It's just a tiny eclipse... the Moon will slip into earths shadow for a short while... just enough to be called an eclipse. You probably wont be even able to see it.

That's kind of fitting in with the rest of the astrology that is making so much around us so strange and inscrutable. Is it an eclipse or isn't it? Is it a truth or a lie?

Haha. The mystery!

If it is... eclipses represent beginnings and endings. The rather electric and somewhat unstable energy right now means anything can and will happen. Expect the unexpected.

Aquarius itself is a maverick. Its the quirky computer nerd or the out-there astrologer or the self employed entrepreneur. Aquarian needs a lot of space and personal freedom. It's the  part of us that doesn't fit it.

And yet, paradoxically, Aquarius also represents the group. The age of Aquarius is all about a shift into a more universal level of connection and consciousness.  The difference is, this is a group that welcomes diversity. No more us and them. We are all in this together.

And despite the somewhat dire warnings I rolled out yesterday, there is much positive potential for this tiny little Full Moon eclipse to kickstart some sort of shift or change in our life in the area it occurs at. If you have personal planets in the late degrees of any sign (middle of each month) there may appear an unusual or unexpected person or occurrence  that somehow changes your trajectory. Watch for the synchronicity of events (in the midst of the insanity!).

Much healing energy is being poured into our old wounds (Jupiter /Chiron) and we have an opportunity to  move on from something that has felt stuck.

This may not happen overnight, but know that something new is definitely in the works. There might be some shakin' to get us to awaken'  (you have to crack some eggs to make a cake) but Venus' location close to the North Node Destiny Point yet again reminds us that LOVE is the supreme goal of humanity. (I know, I am just an old hippie!!!) Yes we certainly do have a long way to go, but look around. The system is self destructing. It's in its last gasps (which is why the old guard is getting so desperate and so extreme).  It's always darkest before the dawn... yadayadayada

Maybe, just maybe, this really  is the time we have all been waiting for. Its up to us to  make it so. When each human being radiates from within with a deep self knowing and love... and is able to see the same in their fellow human beings, perhaps the world can and will change. I know it seems a long way off, but the only way to go now is up.

It all  starts with one person at a time. 

p.s. Try not to get hung up on the words... i.e. Christ means LIGHT!

Full Moon Madness

I spent several hours today writing about Thursday's Full Moon in Aquarius ... only to discover the whole post has disappeared!

That is a small example of the weird energies that are disrupting our plans and expectations.  That which seems solid is not (Saturn sqaure Neptune) as the lines between truth and fiction are becoming more and more blurred. We are going to have to get creative if we want to survive this period with our sanity intact.

A Full Moon brings to  fruition the energy set at the previous New Moon, which was a continuation of the strange morphing energy field that has had so many of us shaking our heads in total bewilderment. That  energy is dissolving and obscuring reality (like how it disappeared my blog post) -  a bit like Mercury retrograde, only weirder. Add some very volatile and unstable elements and this Full Moon could be another trigger point for potentially unsettling events.

Because the opposition of Sun and Moon creates a polarized see-saw of energies moving between conscious(Sun) and unconscious (Moon), and because the Moon rules our emotions ... people can be very moody and even a little crazy.  This can also show up as  tension in  relationships (self and other), or manifest in the area of our chart that the Sun or Moon cross over (see top tab re houses) .

This Full Moon  is at 25 degrees Aquarius, with the Sun at the same degree in Leo, and if you have personal planets at those degrees you will definitely feel this one.

Please don't get your knickers on a twist! (Ive always wanted to say that!)  We've got through worse and we can get through this. And there is some highly creative energy here that has great potential. What is  unnerving to some is exciting to others, depending on your temperament.  All I can say at this point is that although nothing is certain right now and  things continue to  change and morph at an alarming rate, there is light at the end of the tunnel. (lets just hope it is not from an oncoming train!)

 Here's the thing: The unstable energy  of Mars in tension with Uranus/Eris  (awakener and disrupter, together in the sign of the warrior) - becomes highly volatile and potentially violent. Last month when Mars activated this disruptive combo from a different angle, we had a spate of global violence that left us  shaking in our boots. Hopefully that wont happen again, but just in case I suggest you keep your head down and walk away from any potential conflict.

Mars is also  bumping into Saturn (blockage) and being frustrated by Neptune (weakens Mars) at the same time. Without room to move forward (Mars is about action)  our aggressive energy can get pushed sideways ... straight into the arms and craziness of Uranus Eris. This combo is rebellious, reactive and highly disruptive (think  Donald Trump)  He's certainly not the only political wild card at play right now... just maybe the most bizarre one; watching world politics right now is like watching a car accident in slow motion.

A combustion engine provides a good metaphor for this pressurized environment.  Small explosions go off in each chamber which drive the pistons up and down, which then turn the cranks that move the wheels. Excuse my very simplistic explanation... but the point is  that if we can harness the power and use the combustion for forward movement, we can actually achieve something.

The thing is, on top of everything, right now its as if we are driving through an intense thunder storm. Its dark and rainy and hard to see and the bright flashes of lighting and loud bangs of thunder are getting on our nerves.  It will take some ingenuity and a lot of focus to stay conscious at the wheel; luckily, if we are tired and weary and tempted to drift off to sleep, the thunder and lightning will at least jar us enough to help us stay awake.

Those who can stay  focused, yet remain flexible and creative enough to move with the energy instead of resisting it, could experience some kind of breakthrough.

Aquarius is all about thinking outside the box. It is quirky and rebellious and prone to mad genius type of behaviour. It also rules groups and the collective mind, showing some possible conceptual or societal shift in the works. I'm not suggesting  there will be  a miracle and that world peace will suddenly arrive (one can only hope),  yet all change, and every journey does begin with one step.

Lets just make sure that next step isn't off the side of a cliff!

Happy Full Moon

Friday, 12 August 2016

You win some, you lose some!

We could be facing our deepest fears about love right now, as well as our greatest illusions. 

This Friday, Venus (love) in tension with both Neptune (illusions, delusions)and Saturn (fear and restriction) could stir up old bugaboos around loss and 

Fear is the opposite of love. It comes via a closed heart, and our heart closes when we don't feel safe. Saturn is stoking those fears right now as it turns direct at the same time that it squares both Venus and Neptune.

Saturn is the hard taskmaster. Neptune just wants to escape.

Retrograde Saturn has had us facing our limiting beliefs. The  current tension with Venus brings out our fears around love... our fears of 'lack' and not enough! You know... the cup half empty!

To open our heart takes courage and a willingness to face things exactly as they are (Saturn). And also the flexibity (Neptune) to allow for new possibilities.

That's the creative part. It means letting go of your old 'story' so something new can take place. New moment, new choice!

Amanda Painter at Planet Waves says it's all just energy:  "Fear — even the fear of being unlovable or unloving — is energy. And as such, your imagination — your mind — has the power to see it for what it is, and redirect it by using it for creative, positive purposes."

Neptune/Saturn challenges us to create something real our of our deepest longings. 
That includes moving beyond  our fantasies and getting real. There may not be gold at the end of the rainbow, but it is still something beautiful to behold.

Saturn's presence can seem a bit harsh, yet the ultimate lesson is self Mastery. We are not mere victims of destiny, we are captains of our own boat.  

The tricky part is ... who or what voice do you listen to: Your conditioned (and fear based) mind, your deluded fantasies, or your deep, intrinsic inner knowing?

How do you know which is which? 🙃

If you don't know... get creative. Listen. Feel. Ask! and you shall receive!
(see  previous post about creativity)

There are forces at work trying to get us in touch ... with us!

We are being pushed to get our  hearts and minds lined up with our souls direction (instead of staying stuck in our small, fear based self). 

If we can tune out the distractions and outer noise and start  working in our own best  interests, we can then choose! Consciously!

"Choose to choose, or choose not to choose, you will still choose all the same."

Both Mercury and Venus in Virgo require discernment. 

Yet there's magic even in the midst of tension. Imagine how that caterpillar feels as it starts to dissolve in the process of becoming a butterfly. Maybe it tells itself little jokes to distract from the fear of disappearing.

Laugh a little. Laugh a lot! Even when things don't make sense. Especially when they don't make sense!

Don't overthink it!!

(like why the text is suddenly changed and how do I get it back to normal ? Lol)

Best avoid getting caught up in opposites: love and hate, fear and fantasy, loss or gain (- Venus can also be about money)

The reality is: You win some you lose some! 

Things are really wonky right now. Yet there is a way through the madness. 

Find the middle. Find the heart. Find yourself

You know you want to!

Monday, 8 August 2016

Art and Soul

Neptune Opposite Mercury blurs our linear thinking and opens up our creativity! 

Moon opposite Uranus adds a touch of creative genius. 

This is an excellent time to tap into our Art and Soul!

"Images have a way of bypassing the chatter of our logical minds and
nudging our deep soul wisdom where
intuitive answers can be found and spoken." 

~Seena Frost, Founder of SoulCollage® 

One way to tap into the more positive aspects of the current madness of mutable, morphing and somewhat unpredictable energy is through creativity.

Perhaps your linear world has gone all topsy -turvy, but in terms of art making,  chaos is the perfect ground for invention!

We can use this weird and wonderful stuff to access our muse in a miriad of ways.  Even if you've never done them before, and in fact especially if you've never done them before, music, poetry painting, collage, dream work ... can reveal your own inner knowing and wisdom. This is the time, this is the moment. 

A portal is open now to other dimensions of experience, and we are being invited to tap into it. Time to take  the path least travelled and see where it leads you.

Part of the message right now is to let go of the minds control (logic) and learn to trust our intuition. We're being drawn towards the fifth dimension, which is the realm of spiritual manifestation i. e. manifestation that occurs through inner knowing  rather than through ego or brute force. 

I am not saying you should let go of the reins of your own life. Quite the contrary. I'm saying that if you've been trying to 'make'  things happen from a more left brain, logical standpoint, and if right now that is not working (which it very likely isn't , due to all these weird and wonderful energies around us) you might try a different approach.

Anyone can benefit from opening up to new ways of seeing and being.  Most successful entrepreneurs highly creative thinkers that know how to think outside the box. By accessing a different part of our brain, we have a chance to experience new possibilities.

I am an artist and am right now I am finding my creative impulses boiling and bubbling over. Recent health challenges kind of shut that down for a while, so I am excited to step back into the creative field. 

Collage is one very simple way to do so without any art training. And if you do have training, as I have, it can free you up from any pressure to perform. We let go to our intuition and the process becomes about whatever  images call to us.

I am beginning regular 'Art and Soul' collage workshops here in Calgary Alberta, at the 'Home of Om'  in Calgary. 

I bring in a bit of astrology (5min) to set the mood and tune into the current energy field. The rest is up to you. Come play with us!!

The first intro evening  is on August 17, 7-9pm.

I am also planning an 'Introduction to Astrology' using 'Art and Soul' collage techniques.  Again, it's a way to sidestep the left brain linear thought processes and access ithe inner archetypes that astrology is based on. Stay tuned for that. I will have a new separate 'Art and Soul' page which you can sign up to in the near future. 

Also, see tab at top of this page : 'Art and Soul Collage' for more info. 

To sign up for the August class either go to the 'Home of Om' website ',  under 'classes', or email me directly at aurumastrology@

And meanwhile, you can start to enjoy the magic of the muse by taking time to be still and listen to that small quiet voice inside yourself! 

You know you want to! 

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

New Moon in Leo Shine on!


New Moon. New moment, New choice! 

Time to set a new intention for the coming month based on your inner courage and innate ability to SHINE! 

Leo rules the HEART! 

Find the COURGAGE (cour =heart) to be true to yourself! In doing so you give permission to others to shine as well. 

Just make sure you are GROUND yourself (Saturn) with DISCIPLINE  and INTEGRITY!

Ongoing STRANGENESS and morphing 
of reality continues to challenge us all. DISCERNMENT is key. 

So much shifting and shaking breaks down our defenses and exposes our VULNERABILITIES. Instead of hiding behind false ego masks, admitting our weaknesses allows us to face and heal our inner wounds, thus allowing our TRUE SELF to shine. 

Remember, the CRACKS are where the LIGHT gets in! Our suffering can awaken our humanity.

"A sufi holy man was asked what forgiveness is. He said, - it is the fragrance that flowers give when they are crushed."

~ Rumi

FORGIVENESS of self and others is a majour key to moving forward. That doesn't mean accepting less. We all deserve LOVE. Figuring out what that really means is the tricky part.

This New Moon says 'Let your light SHINE' and 'Make it REAL!'

Then... Mars moves into Sagittarius: 
Time to get on with the ADVENTURE of LIVING!