Monday, 8 August 2016

Art and Soul

Neptune Opposite Mercury blurs our linear thinking and opens up our creativity! 

Moon opposite Uranus adds a touch of creative genius. 

This is an excellent time to tap into our Art and Soul!

"Images have a way of bypassing the chatter of our logical minds and
nudging our deep soul wisdom where
intuitive answers can be found and spoken." 

~Seena Frost, Founder of SoulCollage® 

One way to tap into the more positive aspects of the current madness of mutable, morphing and somewhat unpredictable energy is through creativity.

Perhaps your linear world has gone all topsy -turvy, but in terms of art making,  chaos is the perfect ground for invention!

We can use this weird and wonderful stuff to access our muse in a miriad of ways.  Even if you've never done them before, and in fact especially if you've never done them before, music, poetry painting, collage, dream work ... can reveal your own inner knowing and wisdom. This is the time, this is the moment. 

A portal is open now to other dimensions of experience, and we are being invited to tap into it. Time to take  the path least travelled and see where it leads you.

Part of the message right now is to let go of the minds control (logic) and learn to trust our intuition. We're being drawn towards the fifth dimension, which is the realm of spiritual manifestation i. e. manifestation that occurs through inner knowing  rather than through ego or brute force. 

I am not saying you should let go of the reins of your own life. Quite the contrary. I'm saying that if you've been trying to 'make'  things happen from a more left brain, logical standpoint, and if right now that is not working (which it very likely isn't , due to all these weird and wonderful energies around us) you might try a different approach.

Anyone can benefit from opening up to new ways of seeing and being.  Most successful entrepreneurs highly creative thinkers that know how to think outside the box. By accessing a different part of our brain, we have a chance to experience new possibilities.

I am an artist and am right now I am finding my creative impulses boiling and bubbling over. Recent health challenges kind of shut that down for a while, so I am excited to step back into the creative field. 

Collage is one very simple way to do so without any art training. And if you do have training, as I have, it can free you up from any pressure to perform. We let go to our intuition and the process becomes about whatever  images call to us.

I am beginning regular 'Art and Soul' collage workshops here in Calgary Alberta, at the 'Home of Om'  in Calgary. 

I bring in a bit of astrology (5min) to set the mood and tune into the current energy field. The rest is up to you. Come play with us!!

The first intro evening  is on August 17, 7-9pm.

I am also planning an 'Introduction to Astrology' using 'Art and Soul' collage techniques.  Again, it's a way to sidestep the left brain linear thought processes and access ithe inner archetypes that astrology is based on. Stay tuned for that. I will have a new separate 'Art and Soul' page which you can sign up to in the near future. 

Also, see tab at top of this page : 'Art and Soul Collage' for more info. 

To sign up for the August class either go to the 'Home of Om' website ',  under 'classes', or email me directly at aurumastrology@

And meanwhile, you can start to enjoy the magic of the muse by taking time to be still and listen to that small quiet voice inside yourself! 

You know you want to! 

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