Tuesday, 2 August 2016

New Moon in Leo Shine on!


New Moon. New moment, New choice! 

Time to set a new intention for the coming month based on your inner courage and innate ability to SHINE! 

Leo rules the HEART! 

Find the COURGAGE (cour =heart) to be true to yourself! In doing so you give permission to others to shine as well. 

Just make sure you are GROUND yourself (Saturn) with DISCIPLINE  and INTEGRITY!

Ongoing STRANGENESS and morphing 
of reality continues to challenge us all. DISCERNMENT is key. 

So much shifting and shaking breaks down our defenses and exposes our VULNERABILITIES. Instead of hiding behind false ego masks, admitting our weaknesses allows us to face and heal our inner wounds, thus allowing our TRUE SELF to shine. 

Remember, the CRACKS are where the LIGHT gets in! Our suffering can awaken our humanity.

"A sufi holy man was asked what forgiveness is. He said, - it is the fragrance that flowers give when they are crushed."

~ Rumi

FORGIVENESS of self and others is a majour key to moving forward. That doesn't mean accepting less. We all deserve LOVE. Figuring out what that really means is the tricky part.

This New Moon says 'Let your light SHINE' and 'Make it REAL!'

Then... Mars moves into Sagittarius: 
Time to get on with the ADVENTURE of LIVING! 

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