Friday, 12 August 2016

You win some, you lose some!

We could be facing our deepest fears about love right now, as well as our greatest illusions. 

This Friday, Venus (love) in tension with both Neptune (illusions, delusions)and Saturn (fear and restriction) could stir up old bugaboos around loss and 

Fear is the opposite of love. It comes via a closed heart, and our heart closes when we don't feel safe. Saturn is stoking those fears right now as it turns direct at the same time that it squares both Venus and Neptune.

Saturn is the hard taskmaster. Neptune just wants to escape.

Retrograde Saturn has had us facing our limiting beliefs. The  current tension with Venus brings out our fears around love... our fears of 'lack' and not enough! You know... the cup half empty!

To open our heart takes courage and a willingness to face things exactly as they are (Saturn). And also the flexibity (Neptune) to allow for new possibilities.

That's the creative part. It means letting go of your old 'story' so something new can take place. New moment, new choice!

Amanda Painter at Planet Waves says it's all just energy:  "Fear — even the fear of being unlovable or unloving — is energy. And as such, your imagination — your mind — has the power to see it for what it is, and redirect it by using it for creative, positive purposes."

Neptune/Saturn challenges us to create something real our of our deepest longings. 
That includes moving beyond  our fantasies and getting real. There may not be gold at the end of the rainbow, but it is still something beautiful to behold.

Saturn's presence can seem a bit harsh, yet the ultimate lesson is self Mastery. We are not mere victims of destiny, we are captains of our own boat.  

The tricky part is ... who or what voice do you listen to: Your conditioned (and fear based) mind, your deluded fantasies, or your deep, intrinsic inner knowing?

How do you know which is which? 🙃

If you don't know... get creative. Listen. Feel. Ask! and you shall receive!
(see  previous post about creativity)

There are forces at work trying to get us in touch ... with us!

We are being pushed to get our  hearts and minds lined up with our souls direction (instead of staying stuck in our small, fear based self). 

If we can tune out the distractions and outer noise and start  working in our own best  interests, we can then choose! Consciously!

"Choose to choose, or choose not to choose, you will still choose all the same."

Both Mercury and Venus in Virgo require discernment. 

Yet there's magic even in the midst of tension. Imagine how that caterpillar feels as it starts to dissolve in the process of becoming a butterfly. Maybe it tells itself little jokes to distract from the fear of disappearing.

Laugh a little. Laugh a lot! Even when things don't make sense. Especially when they don't make sense!

Don't overthink it!!

(like why the text is suddenly changed and how do I get it back to normal ? Lol)

Best avoid getting caught up in opposites: love and hate, fear and fantasy, loss or gain (- Venus can also be about money)

The reality is: You win some you lose some! 

Things are really wonky right now. Yet there is a way through the madness. 

Find the middle. Find the heart. Find yourself

You know you want to!


  1. Hi Raven
    What a great post! It amazes me when your message resonates so strongly wih my current stuff! Can you explain this part of your post a little more in detail? What are these forces...hmmmm

    We are being pushed to get our hearts and minds lined up with our souls direction (instead of staying stuck in our small, fear based self).

  2. Hi Irene!

    I am not exactly sure of what you are asking but will do my best...

    Jupiter (expansion, joy, meaning) has been activating the Collective Destiny Point (North Node )recently.

    Saturn in Sag is demanding we get clear about the meaning of our lives... and that means sifting through beliefs and dogma etc to get at the core truth of existence.

    Jupiter and Saturn are in tension , putting a powerful focus and need to act on this seeking for the purpose and meaning of life.

    Neptune in Pisces dissolving old beliefs and causing a lot of confusion and mayhem. Nothing feels certain anymore. At its core this is about a spiritual awakening... for each of us and for the whole planet.

    The idea is that we each have a connection to a universal life force energy that we are all linked to (unity consciousness).

    Then we also have our own personal life destiny to fulfill.

    BOTH are being activated right now.

    Many of us have been sleep walking and just acting our old stories (fed to us via society, our families, our past etc).

    There is a very strong imperative right now (for our collective evolution, as well as our personal growth) Some might say our survival on the planet depends on it.

    The idea is that we have become separated from the cosmic field(or think we have) and so we need to first line up with that, and then, as we do, find our own personal soul expression. (soul as in inner self, eternal self etc... )

    Of course, being human is all about this journey, only right now there is an extra strong wake up call going on.

    The urging is to find/listen to the inner voice/thirst that will guide us to that connection to ourselves, to source etc. Then we can join with others to do bring our expanded awareness into this world. It has to start within us...

    Seek and ye shall find.

    Interestingly, some similar planets were active at the time of the Italian Renaissance. There was a period of much violence and confusion, and then... an amazing flowering of art, music, philosophy etc.

    I take that as a hopeful sign that despite the current craziness, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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  4. P.s. Irene, I just had a quick peek at your chart (since I have done your astrology before) and you have very powerful stuff going on in very key areas of your chart: career and home, Self/other. I imagine there's a LOT going on for you. If you want to explore that further, I am happy to oblige :)