Saturday, 19 December 2015

Time to wake up, when all I want to do is sleep!

From Aurum Astrology Facebook Page:

Its often a bit heavy as we approach the solstice. The days are getting shorter and shorter and our brains are screaming for sunlight (in the northern hemisphere at least) In the midst of holiday madness we need to pause and take a moment ... just as at the Solstice on DEc 21st, the Sun will pause for four days, before moving onward and upward.

Right now the Sun is  squaring the Nodes of the Moon. These represent our Collective Destiny Point, and a square to the nodes shows what is blocking us from moving into our true destiny. The nodes, in Virgo and Pisces, show a path of healing and purification required to move into our truest selves.

Our illusions and delusions need to be let go of if we are to step into who re really are.

The Sun in Sagittarius, crossing the Galactic core (centre of our galaxy) right now, adds to this deep stirring; a deep longing to 'KNOW WHO WE ARE!

Sagittarius is our right brained, intuitive knowing, where we see and feel the BIG picture, inside and out.

Jupiter is also crossing the North Node, adding to the overall sense of AWAKENING.


One last thing: The Moon in Aries today can make us impatient, rebellious or a bit jumpy, as it stirs up the confrontational intensity of the Mars Pluto Uranus dynamic,  which continues to  threaten us with explosive, rebellious  energy. So do be careful while you celebrate. Find a positive outlet for those frustrations. Walk. Hike. Go tobogganing! Or play in the snow if you've got any... (theres plenty here,  I will lend you some :)    Or climb a mountain! Just try not to make mountains out of mole hills.

Be aware, be safe, be well. And have some fun! You know you want to!

 We have a Full Moon (in the sign of Cancer) for Christmas!

Stay tuned.....more to come!

Saturday, 12 December 2015

New Moon in Sagittarius: A Matter of Perspective.

That was the latest post from the Aurum Astrology Facebook page. There is a link on the side bar (right)  if you want to see daily posts. Facebook sometimes limits who gets posts in their newsfeed (unless you pay them of course) but you can visit the page anytime to see daily updates about the current astrology.

I post on this blog around New and Full Moons and sometimes in between if I have the time.

Yesterday was a New Moon in Sagittarius. The seed energy of Moon conjunct Sun is still active, so  if you want to set an intention or make a wish you can ride on the New Moon energy for another day or so. This is the part of us that wants to expand into our bigger self. We want the big picture. Hold that vision and let it be so.

On the surface, there's a festive feel to this New Moon, although in the background  battle lines are being drawn.   Mars and Pluto Uranus are still  in tension: This is radical, explosive and potentially violent energy. We all need to be cautious when driving, using tools etc, although the emphasis from Sagittarius is that the more dangerous arena lies within our own  hearts and minds.  

As mentioned above, right now there is a tendency for things to be blown up and exaggerated.
Chiron adds a sense of vulnerability.  We don't understand what is going on. Ignorance leads to fear. 
Some of us will react. Chiron  says we have to heal the internal rifts, the internal battles, if there is to be any chance of dealing with the external ones. As within so without. 

The square between Saturn and Neptune creates a sense of unreality. All around us wars are being fought under dodgy circumstances.   Confusing mis-information feeds more and more negativity and the finger pointing reaches an epic scale. It's shocking to witness  out of proportion belief systems say we are right and you are not and so we are going to blow you up (even more shocking if you are the one getting blown up or shot at).   As issues arise over what is 'true' vs what is 'false',  Saturn in Sagittarius asks us to walk our talk.

 Unfortunately, as we struggle to understand the issues and see things from a bigger perspective, some will continue to cling to their ever so small and limited world view  and project their fears (Saturn) onto those they do not understand (Neptune). In Sagittarius arrogance is added to the mix (Jupiter is the BIGGEST planet after all) . Arrogance mixed with ignorance is a scary and dangerous thing (Donald Trump for instance). Yet in this exaggerated and heated up atmosphere, where everyone's  opinion seems more vocal and opinionated than ever (Jupiter),  there is another way.

The positive side to Jupiter is about joy.  When you feel joy you do not want to cause harm, you do not need to be 'right' You just want to share the joy.

At the center of our galaxy is the Galactic Core  at 27 degrees Sagittarius,  radiating out a  message, a beacon,  calling us home. It calls us to 'know' who we are. Not think, not believe. KNOW. This is a intuitive, inner  soul knowing. And that soul  is rooted in something so big and so vast there is room for everyone and everything. And therein lies the joy!

Fanaticism is a form of ignorance that refuses to questions its own precepts. Cognitive dissonance sets in when the information (truth) does not match  a person's perception or belief(or vice versa).  In fear of being wrong (ego),  we ignore the facts and insist on our own version of reality.   Yet, if we are secure and at peace we do not have to attack others beliefs or forms of knowing. 

So the issue being brought up by  Saturn's visit to Sagittarius is : What is your 'talk?'   What do you believe? What do you know? What is the difference? 

 Perhaps it's all a matter of perspective. 

As we approach the coming Solstice, when the light will return once again, the New Moon in Sagittarius asks us take a step back and try and see the big picture. Better still, stop, take a breath (or two) and feel it. Practice peace. Let it begin with me.

If you are as interested in  this topic as I am, the following excerpts continue the discussion. They were part of a FB thread around the above image, and I thought I'd share a few here. All about 'truth or lies' and how do we know the difference.

"It's funny reading how everyone describes their point of view on this – and just like the graphic -- each person describing the issue from their perspective and believing it to be "true" (for them)."

"Sometimes there is no "truth" there is only opinion"

"Perception is not only about what is seen but also what is felt. I was raised in a family of three children. Every one of us remembers our childhood differently. We tend to remember the things that were either very good or very bad and no two people in the world have exactly the same experiences. The only truth is our own truth, what we see or what we feel.

Truth is a property of a statement. The statement "the shadow of a cylinder given a light source directed at its circular cross-section, is a circle" is pretty clearly true, and not dependent on perspective.

What the graphic may have intended to convey is that one's inference about the shape of the object whose shadow is seen (what is indicated as "truth") will be inaccurate if the given data is the shadow cast by one light source aimed at one side.

The notion that "truth" is relative to experience strikes me as false. It is often true that interpretation of complex and necessarily incomplete data is most often guided by experience and predilection. That's a very different statement.

There is truth and there are things that are true and which we see due to our perception.

Then there are lies and nonsense (imagine a triangle in the diagram).

The trick is listening long enough to see if the other person has a true perspective or is just plain wrong.

We should listen to ourselves as well to determine the same thing

The truth is the cylinder, and so it is a cylinder that is true. Neither the circle nor the square are true... They are only shadows of what is true. So the "true" lesson to learn here is that looks can be deceiving if you can't see the whole picture, therefore, do not jump to conclusions by what is seen at face value...

There are no certainties in science, only what others haven't yet disproved. This applies to gravity. We explain what we see as best we can but very often the assumptions that always underline these explanations are exposed

Cognitive dissonance ~ Psychological conflict created by living with opposing beliefs

~ Everything is a matter of perspective and opinion no matter who, what, or where you are.

Truth is not limited to one perspective, however only when we take all perspectives into account, can we find a braoder vision 

~ Prejudice convinces poppet's that they are kings, makes enemies out of friends, and destroys nations from within.

~ The objective perception of our soul's conscious world, is simply inconsequential without the subjective perspective of our spiritual purpose and subconscious health of shall i say our conscious state of health and security. sunglasses emoticon

~ The real secret to life is knowing we are all symbiotic creatures, and acting accordingly. All other choices are really just selfish notions, emotional reactions, and egotistical actions.

"All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, We make our world." ~Buddha~

"What Is a Worldview? A worldview is a person’s fundamental assumptions about how the world is put together and his or her role in it.

 Worldview affects ideas, feelings, and values.

It includes: how a person views himself or herself (e.g., Am I significant individually or because of my family?), other people (e.g., When I meet a person of a certain ethnic group, am I immediately suspicious of them or happy to meet them?), Depend son my conditioning or past experience which I project into that meeting.

Different preceptions of the natural and supernatural world (e.g., are diseases caused by germs or demons?)

Cause and effect (e.g., are car accidents inevitable because of fate, or astrology or because ‘God’ willed them or could they have been prevented?)
Personal Space (e.g., How close should I stand to a person I’m talking with at a party?), time (e.g., How late is “late” to any particular function?),

Right and wrong (e.g., How many personal photocopies can I make at work before I’m stealing?), If you can get away with not paying taxes is it wrong or just prudent

Beauty and aesthetics (e.g., Do I prefer guitar or organ music?), DO I judge others by their weight, or the colour of their hair?

How reality is classified and organized (e.g., Is a chimpanzee more like a person or more like an insect?).

A worldview is like water to a fish: it is implicit, taken for granted. We rarely think about our worldview, but it forms a framework that organizes our world, guides our behavior, and provides emotional security. It is the matrix for our assumption that everything is as it is “because that’s just the way the world is!” As Paul Hiebert notes, “People believe that the world really is the way they see it. Rarely are they aware of the fact that the way they see it is molded by their world view.”1" - Steve Strauss  Facebook Discussion

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Full Moon in Gemini Shut up already!

Full Moons bring to fruition the energy activated by the previous New Moon. The New Moon in Scorpio was all about death, and transformation (or release) and there has certainly been a fair bit of that going around! Now the Sun is in sunny Sagittarius things should be getting a bit lighter, but unfortunately they don't seem to be (yet).

The Gemini Full Moon, exact tomorrow (Wed)  at 5:44 pm EST (22:44 UTC)  will bring a focus on communication and the expression of personal beliefs and ideas. Because it aligns with a Saturn-Neptune square that is becoming exact the very next day (Thurs), that expression is going to be full of challenges.

Sun in Sagittarius is the truth teller.
Moon in Gemini also wants to communicate.
The conversation will be rather serious (Saturn)
Misunderstandings are rife with Neptune in the mix.

This is therefore not the best time to get caught up in ideological discussions, although it is also probably when we are most likely to do so!

Saturn is where we can be rigid and inflexible. Sagittarius is  about beliefs systems, and is also the part of us that seeks to know the truth. Saturn here can make us sure we are in the right.  My truth is THE Truth.  A square with Neptune  shows where we can seriously be deluding ourself.

 Neptune  dissolves what appears to be solid and pulls us into a numinous ethereal world of spirit. This can become escapist and fanciful or it can inspire profound meditations and activate creative expression like no other. Illusions and delusions fall under Neptune’s rule, as does the most sublime poetry expressions of the mystics.

When this authoritarian rigidity (Saturn) clashes or combines with  delusional thinking (Neptune) and a profound belief in being ‘right’ (Sagittarius) … the need to communicate (Gemini) and express a ‘truth’ becomes the need to convince others of it. Fanaticism and righteousness abound.

What we need here are discipline, maturity (positive Saturn) and compassion and empathy (positive Neptune)  Unfortunately squares create friction, not harmony, and we can expect this Full Moon to bring  tensions to a peak.

If you have planets or angles at or close to 7 degrees of Sag or Pisces – or the other mutable signs of Gemini and Virgo – then you are probably already well in the thick of it.

Some advice: 
The Gemini Sagittarius axis will help us to know and speak our truth, while at the same time challenging us to accept that there are many truths. Gemini style communication is about being a good neighbour and recognizing the humanity in each person we meet. Sagittarius reminds us to see the bigger picture. There is a larger world out there.

Do not try to be all knowing. Let many things pass. This too shall pass.

Although Saturn and Neptune will be in this stuff for a good while and these issues are not going away any time soon, once this Full Moon is over and the Sun slips past Saturn and out of Neptune’s reach (next week), things will start to look a lot brighter and clearer.

Till then, keep your head up, your mouth shut and your heart open.

Happy Full Moon!

Monday, 23 November 2015

Make it real! Full Moon in Gemini

Venus Opposite Uranus right now (planet of freedom and rebellion) sparks our need for personal space.
Full Moon in Gemini on Wednesday encourages us to 'talk about it' ...  then challenges us to 'walk our talk'.

Full blog post coming later today. Watch this space!

Thursday, 12 November 2015

New Moon in Scorpio: Letting go

Whether you live in the northern or southern hemisphere, things are shifting and changing at a rapid  pace right now. In the North, where I live, we are heading into the dark days of winter, with the sharp chill that comes at this time of year. On the surface at least, nature seems to be in a state of decline.

This fits well with the sign of Scorpio, who rules sex, death and transformation. We have passed the half way marker between  equinox and solstice (Samaine, Celtic New Year), our Halloween masks are back in their boxes, the Day of the Dead is done and we await the inevitable blanket of cold, wind, rain (or snow) that will chase the small creatures underground.  Some of us want to go down there too. 

Yet despite this sense of an approaching end, underneath everything life is stirring and moving and morphing; as planets are moving into new signs  exciting new possibilities are afoot.

 It’s a New Moon, a time for new starts, new visions, new endeavors.

Venus has arrived in her home sign of Libra, bringing a message of peace and love and harmony, next Mars will follow to make sure we don't get too bored by all that peace and love stuff.   The Sun is already partway through Scorpio (13 degrees) and the North Node (Destiny Point) has now officially landed in Virgo. Change is afoot. 

(more on North Node in Virgo next week)

As we witness to the ongoing dance of the seasons,  our galaxy itself is spinning through an even greater universe which is also  morphing, stirring, moving.  All is change, all is movement. Nothing is static.

I have had quite a few friends  pass on in the last few years, the most recent  just a few weeks ago. It was unexpected and a shock to find out she had gone (and before I could say goodbye).  Such is life… we may think we are in control but are we really?

It's all around me. My son is currently supporting a dying friend through his last days. Inspired by their  creation of a beautiful Día de Muertos  ritual,  I carved my own Day of the Dead pumpkin. I printed pictures of my dear friend, plus other  friends and family who have passed,  in order to acknowledge and  honour them  and remember them  in my heart.  I found it deeply soothing to create this memorial,   meditating as the candle flickered a deep sense of  peace and release. 

To honour life is to honour death. To honour death is to honour life. 
They are but  a breath apart. 

"And the seasons they go round and round
And the painted ponies go up and down
We're captive on the carousel of time
We can't return we can only look
Behind from where we came
And go round and round and round
In the circle game "

Joni Mitchel

Which brings us back to Scorpio.

Scorpio focuses us on the great mystery of life and death, endings, beginnings and back again.  As it does so it activates deep parts of us,  takes us to the depths of our being. Issues may arise around power and control. We discover how little control we really have.  Scorpio craves and is drawn to what is deep and dark and pushes us to take risks: it urges us to share our bodies, our money, ourselves, even though nothing is really certain.  It asks us to leap beyond boundaries yet also warns us to trust no one. 

Thus, the 'urge to merge' simultaneously triggers unconscious ego defenses and instinctual primal fear. Jealousy  resides here; we fear the loss of what we would possess. We fear death. We fear loss. 
We can join the ancient dance  between the part that wants to run away and be safe, and  the part compelled forward into the unknown. Holding that tension is where power lies. Scorpio wants to transform you.

As you can see this  realm  is not for the feint of heart, but the rewards are many. Perhaps that is why we are both attracted and repelled  by Scorpio. Many treasures are buried in the shadowy depths. We can either withdraw in self-defense or take the leap and risk it all as Scorpio  takes us beyond our safe boundaries.  Perhaps the danger and the risk (and the pleasure)  explains why Scorpio is so compelling.

Hopefully we have learned something from Saturn's recent difficult passage here, and now have the strength to face the dark without flinching.  Mastery is here, as is power.

 Our union creates life, which ultimately leads to death, which is the ultimate merging is it not? In between, we share our bodies, our resources, our hopes and fears,  transforming ourselves in the process.  Awareness of our mortality brings us into sober reflection as Mercury sitting close by gives our thoughts and communications a  deeper, more intense expression. Secrets may come to the surface; what needs to be spoken will be spoken.

As the New Moon in Scorpio calls  forth this powerful  energy,  look to the house it occurs in to show you where something needs transforming or expressing (or both). This is the area where loss may have occurred, and where something new will soon emerge to fill the gap. 

In the meantime, hold the tension and trust that all will be well. Secrets that have been hiding are now waiting to be exposed, or to get buried even deeper.  (see meanings of houses in tab above,  go to to create your chart, or contact me for a reading

The New Moon in Scorpio is a  threshold ... of  a new vision, a new opportunity,  a seed moment. To best access that energy, we must relinquish the past (first honour it, then let it go) and enter into the dark, to await the new, just as we await the faint light of the newly beginning Moon. 

Uranus is active here. Impatience is our Achilles heel. Sit with it. Outcomes may not turn out like what you were envisioning. Expect the unexpected.  

Still, one has to start somewhere. Our intentions can grow into actualities, just as the Moon becomes a crescent shape in the coming days, then will grow fuller and fuller. And so the circle goes.

 Intention is all at a New Moon. Use it wisely.
Make a wish and then let it go!

Friday, 23 October 2015

Full Moon in Taurus 'Get er Done'

We have recently passed through a period of high stress which included confrontations and challenges and a sense of  banging our heads against a wall. Ouch.

Now it's time to 'get er done' as we head toward a luscious Full Moon in Taurus this coming Tues, Oct 27, at 3 am UT, 8 AM Eastern standard. 

The Pluto Uranus square, though waning, has continued to stir up powerful tensions; the Sun and Mercury moving through Libra   reactivated the 'shake up -wake up' message, and some are still feeling the sting. That, combined with Saturn’s recent square to the feel good planets (Venus, Jupiter)  created a rather tense few weeks.

With the North Node/Collective Destiny point hovering at a critical degree in Libra,  interpersonal relationships have been the proving ground as we discovered just how tangled up we still are in our old patterns. Saturn in Sagittarius is there to challenge  core beliefs;  and many are  discovering how hard it really is to teach an old dog new tricks.

The Sun  now in Scorpio, as of today, has a tendency to set off unconscious behaviours and defensive survival mechanisms.  It helps to become  self observing and watch your reactions. That involves being present. Planets in earth sign could help us to do. Others will hinder.

Despite obvious challenges,  there is much positive energy to be had if we know how to move with the energy instead of against it. We do have choice (even if it doesn't always feel like it)  We perhaps cannot manipulate the planets to serve our own devices, but we can adjust our sails. The  point of astrology is to describe the energy fields affecting us so we can feel the current and move with it.

       “One ship drives east and another drives west
With the selfsame winds that blow.
Tis the set of the sails
And not the gales
Which tells us the way to go.
Like the winds of the seas are the ways of fate,
As we voyage along through the life:
Tis the set of a soul
That decides its goal,
And not the calm or the strife. ”

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

I've posted this poem before and I always find it an inspiring reminder that we are in fact captains of our own ship.

Right now we have a powerful earthy force at our disposal. The  grouping of Venus Mars and Jupiter in Virgo are positively linked to Pluto in Capricorn and as they are now out of Saturn's reach, stalled projects can begin to  move forward. This is the time to get grounded in productive activity, this is the time  to 'get er done'. 

The coming Taurus Full Moon could turnout to be a safe harbour in the midst of the storm. And  this weekend will start things off with a healing balm from Venus (love)  and Jupiter (expansion and joy) together  soothing our emotional wounds. 

 Just remember to keep one eye open!  A strong Neptune  influence (dreams, imagination)  could bring up the desire to escape all your worries. There is both positive and negative aspect to that. The higher vibration of Neptune puts us in touch with our spiritual depths and brings us into contact with a numinous  field of love and creativity. If we can focus on creative solutions rather than knee jerk reactivity, much can be accomplished.

On the other hand, Neptune’s lower frequency beckons us to fields of poppies  as it activates our escapist tendencies. Although switching off now and then can be highly therapeutic,  a warning about getting too spaced out.  Sometimes its our inner eyes that need opening. Watch your dreams for solutions not available to the conscious mind.

Those who succumb to the more unconscious energies of Neptune  may also be more vulnerable to the  tendency right now to be highly reactive. Mercury (communication) caught in the Uranus Pluto T square (revolution, rebellion, power struggles)  is going to keep it interesting. A good time to speak your truth but be careful to cause no harm.  If you slip, damage control could include humility and forbearance. A sense of humour will also be most helpful. We all have foibles as my sweet friend Doug would say. Let many things pass. 

As we in the Northern hemisphere head into the darker days of fall and winter, and our hidden survival fears stir, the Full Moon in Tuesday brings the comfort of the great mother (Taurus). She beckons us with open arms. 

 Lastly, as Taurus  activates our sensual nature and  feeds us a cornucopia of yummy delights, just keep in mind the tendency right now toward  over indulgence (addicitions are avoidant behaviours). You can have your cake and eat it too, just  take it one slice at a time!

Be aware of the equal tendency right now to fall asleep  as to be jarred awake, and know that the later will be more likely if the former has already occurred. Holding the tension between these two impulses is tricky, yet can result in a deeply transformative experience. Let it be a positive transformation rather than a rude awakening. 

It’s a bit like bumper cars. If you don’t pay attention someone is going to run smack into you, or you into them (been there, done that) 

 Let the Taurus Full Moon ground you and sooth you as you bathe in the healing waves of love coming from Venus as Jupiter.

You know you want to.

Friday, 9 October 2015

Helpful HInts for dealing with Saturn

Post script to yesterday's article: Getting Back to 'Normal'
re Mercury direct, Mercury Storm, and other weird stuff...
Some of us are feeling  stressed as Saturn's heaviness creates blockage to all the feel good planets: Moon Venus Mars and Jupiter : (

For some of us, it feels good to feel bad!

Here's a link to my sister's blog with some helpful hints for dealing with stressful thoughts and negative vibes.

For details on whats going on  scroll down to previous article.