Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Full Moon in Gemini Shut up already!

Full Moons bring to fruition the energy activated by the previous New Moon. The New Moon in Scorpio was all about death, and transformation (or release) and there has certainly been a fair bit of that going around! Now the Sun is in sunny Sagittarius things should be getting a bit lighter, but unfortunately they don't seem to be (yet).

The Gemini Full Moon, exact tomorrow (Wed)  at 5:44 pm EST (22:44 UTC)  will bring a focus on communication and the expression of personal beliefs and ideas. Because it aligns with a Saturn-Neptune square that is becoming exact the very next day (Thurs), that expression is going to be full of challenges.

Sun in Sagittarius is the truth teller.
Moon in Gemini also wants to communicate.
The conversation will be rather serious (Saturn)
Misunderstandings are rife with Neptune in the mix.

This is therefore not the best time to get caught up in ideological discussions, although it is also probably when we are most likely to do so!

Saturn is where we can be rigid and inflexible. Sagittarius is  about beliefs systems, and is also the part of us that seeks to know the truth. Saturn here can make us sure we are in the right.  My truth is THE Truth.  A square with Neptune  shows where we can seriously be deluding ourself.

 Neptune  dissolves what appears to be solid and pulls us into a numinous ethereal world of spirit. This can become escapist and fanciful or it can inspire profound meditations and activate creative expression like no other. Illusions and delusions fall under Neptune’s rule, as does the most sublime poetry expressions of the mystics.

When this authoritarian rigidity (Saturn) clashes or combines with  delusional thinking (Neptune) and a profound belief in being ‘right’ (Sagittarius) … the need to communicate (Gemini) and express a ‘truth’ becomes the need to convince others of it. Fanaticism and righteousness abound.

What we need here are discipline, maturity (positive Saturn) and compassion and empathy (positive Neptune)  Unfortunately squares create friction, not harmony, and we can expect this Full Moon to bring  tensions to a peak.

If you have planets or angles at or close to 7 degrees of Sag or Pisces – or the other mutable signs of Gemini and Virgo – then you are probably already well in the thick of it.

Some advice: 
The Gemini Sagittarius axis will help us to know and speak our truth, while at the same time challenging us to accept that there are many truths. Gemini style communication is about being a good neighbour and recognizing the humanity in each person we meet. Sagittarius reminds us to see the bigger picture. There is a larger world out there.

Do not try to be all knowing. Let many things pass. This too shall pass.

Although Saturn and Neptune will be in this stuff for a good while and these issues are not going away any time soon, once this Full Moon is over and the Sun slips past Saturn and out of Neptune’s reach (next week), things will start to look a lot brighter and clearer.

Till then, keep your head up, your mouth shut and your heart open.

Happy Full Moon!

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