Thursday, 12 November 2015

New Moon in Scorpio: Letting go

Whether you live in the northern or southern hemisphere, things are shifting and changing at a rapid  pace right now. In the North, where I live, we are heading into the dark days of winter, with the sharp chill that comes at this time of year. On the surface at least, nature seems to be in a state of decline.

This fits well with the sign of Scorpio, who rules sex, death and transformation. We have passed the half way marker between  equinox and solstice (Samaine, Celtic New Year), our Halloween masks are back in their boxes, the Day of the Dead is done and we await the inevitable blanket of cold, wind, rain (or snow) that will chase the small creatures underground.  Some of us want to go down there too. 

Yet despite this sense of an approaching end, underneath everything life is stirring and moving and morphing; as planets are moving into new signs  exciting new possibilities are afoot.

 It’s a New Moon, a time for new starts, new visions, new endeavors.

Venus has arrived in her home sign of Libra, bringing a message of peace and love and harmony, next Mars will follow to make sure we don't get too bored by all that peace and love stuff.   The Sun is already partway through Scorpio (13 degrees) and the North Node (Destiny Point) has now officially landed in Virgo. Change is afoot. 

(more on North Node in Virgo next week)

As we witness to the ongoing dance of the seasons,  our galaxy itself is spinning through an even greater universe which is also  morphing, stirring, moving.  All is change, all is movement. Nothing is static.

I have had quite a few friends  pass on in the last few years, the most recent  just a few weeks ago. It was unexpected and a shock to find out she had gone (and before I could say goodbye).  Such is life… we may think we are in control but are we really?

It's all around me. My son is currently supporting a dying friend through his last days. Inspired by their  creation of a beautiful Día de Muertos  ritual,  I carved my own Day of the Dead pumpkin. I printed pictures of my dear friend, plus other  friends and family who have passed,  in order to acknowledge and  honour them  and remember them  in my heart.  I found it deeply soothing to create this memorial,   meditating as the candle flickered a deep sense of  peace and release. 

To honour life is to honour death. To honour death is to honour life. 
They are but  a breath apart. 

"And the seasons they go round and round
And the painted ponies go up and down
We're captive on the carousel of time
We can't return we can only look
Behind from where we came
And go round and round and round
In the circle game "

Joni Mitchel

Which brings us back to Scorpio.

Scorpio focuses us on the great mystery of life and death, endings, beginnings and back again.  As it does so it activates deep parts of us,  takes us to the depths of our being. Issues may arise around power and control. We discover how little control we really have.  Scorpio craves and is drawn to what is deep and dark and pushes us to take risks: it urges us to share our bodies, our money, ourselves, even though nothing is really certain.  It asks us to leap beyond boundaries yet also warns us to trust no one. 

Thus, the 'urge to merge' simultaneously triggers unconscious ego defenses and instinctual primal fear. Jealousy  resides here; we fear the loss of what we would possess. We fear death. We fear loss. 
We can join the ancient dance  between the part that wants to run away and be safe, and  the part compelled forward into the unknown. Holding that tension is where power lies. Scorpio wants to transform you.

As you can see this  realm  is not for the feint of heart, but the rewards are many. Perhaps that is why we are both attracted and repelled  by Scorpio. Many treasures are buried in the shadowy depths. We can either withdraw in self-defense or take the leap and risk it all as Scorpio  takes us beyond our safe boundaries.  Perhaps the danger and the risk (and the pleasure)  explains why Scorpio is so compelling.

Hopefully we have learned something from Saturn's recent difficult passage here, and now have the strength to face the dark without flinching.  Mastery is here, as is power.

 Our union creates life, which ultimately leads to death, which is the ultimate merging is it not? In between, we share our bodies, our resources, our hopes and fears,  transforming ourselves in the process.  Awareness of our mortality brings us into sober reflection as Mercury sitting close by gives our thoughts and communications a  deeper, more intense expression. Secrets may come to the surface; what needs to be spoken will be spoken.

As the New Moon in Scorpio calls  forth this powerful  energy,  look to the house it occurs in to show you where something needs transforming or expressing (or both). This is the area where loss may have occurred, and where something new will soon emerge to fill the gap. 

In the meantime, hold the tension and trust that all will be well. Secrets that have been hiding are now waiting to be exposed, or to get buried even deeper.  (see meanings of houses in tab above,  go to to create your chart, or contact me for a reading

The New Moon in Scorpio is a  threshold ... of  a new vision, a new opportunity,  a seed moment. To best access that energy, we must relinquish the past (first honour it, then let it go) and enter into the dark, to await the new, just as we await the faint light of the newly beginning Moon. 

Uranus is active here. Impatience is our Achilles heel. Sit with it. Outcomes may not turn out like what you were envisioning. Expect the unexpected.  

Still, one has to start somewhere. Our intentions can grow into actualities, just as the Moon becomes a crescent shape in the coming days, then will grow fuller and fuller. And so the circle goes.

 Intention is all at a New Moon. Use it wisely.
Make a wish and then let it go!

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