Saturday, 19 December 2015

Time to wake up, when all I want to do is sleep!

From Aurum Astrology Facebook Page:

Its often a bit heavy as we approach the solstice. The days are getting shorter and shorter and our brains are screaming for sunlight (in the northern hemisphere at least) In the midst of holiday madness we need to pause and take a moment ... just as at the Solstice on DEc 21st, the Sun will pause for four days, before moving onward and upward.

Right now the Sun is  squaring the Nodes of the Moon. These represent our Collective Destiny Point, and a square to the nodes shows what is blocking us from moving into our true destiny. The nodes, in Virgo and Pisces, show a path of healing and purification required to move into our truest selves.

Our illusions and delusions need to be let go of if we are to step into who re really are.

The Sun in Sagittarius, crossing the Galactic core (centre of our galaxy) right now, adds to this deep stirring; a deep longing to 'KNOW WHO WE ARE!

Sagittarius is our right brained, intuitive knowing, where we see and feel the BIG picture, inside and out.

Jupiter is also crossing the North Node, adding to the overall sense of AWAKENING.


One last thing: The Moon in Aries today can make us impatient, rebellious or a bit jumpy, as it stirs up the confrontational intensity of the Mars Pluto Uranus dynamic,  which continues to  threaten us with explosive, rebellious  energy. So do be careful while you celebrate. Find a positive outlet for those frustrations. Walk. Hike. Go tobogganing! Or play in the snow if you've got any... (theres plenty here,  I will lend you some :)    Or climb a mountain! Just try not to make mountains out of mole hills.

Be aware, be safe, be well. And have some fun! You know you want to!

 We have a Full Moon (in the sign of Cancer) for Christmas!

Stay tuned.....more to come!

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