Saturday, 26 May 2012

More cosmic alignments coming up:

June 4:  Super Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 4:12 am (14 Sagittarius 14)
June 5:  Venus occultation 6:31 pm (15 Gemini 44)
  (Venus/Sun conjunction, duration 6 hours…Venus crosses in front of the Sun)

An eclipse marks the end of old patterns. The last one was close to the South Node, which is also about releasing old patterns.

A Full Moon brings the energy of the last New Moon to a peak, or to fruition. A Full Moon Eclipse brings us to a peak then releases that energy in a big way.

 If you do choose to break a pattern, there are four steps to take (borrowed from somewhere in the internet universe):

1. Identify the pattern that is causing you a problem.
2. Identify how you set yourself up.
2. Commit to taking a new course.
3. Follow through, even when the going gets rough.
If you do this, you’ll find yourself liberated from an oppressive pattern and free to chart a new course.

With the current focus on Gemini/Sagittarius we are being asked to examine our attachment to these outmoded self-limiting beliefs, concepts and ideas and focus on the bigger picture.

Outmoded = not working anymore. Stuck. Stagnant. Done.

The Sag/Gemini polarity is also about thinking vs. feeling. Belief vs. inner knowing.

The Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius urges us to know who we are. Sagittarius is the seeker.  It speaks of purpose, of our urge to know and be our expansive, higher self.

Adding to that, in a few days Venus will pass in front of the Sun and amplify the true meaning of everything. Venus is the planet of LOVE.

In passing in front of the sun, she is flagging our attention and  reminding us that Love is our purpose.

I know this sounds so new agey, and yet in reality it is actually quite practical.

Our internal belief systems create pathways for us to walk upon. As we think, so we are. 

Sow a thought, reap an action,
Sow an action reap a habit,
Sow a habit, reap a pattern, 
sow a pattern reap a lifetime, 
 a lifetime of habitual patterns.....

Gemini is all about exactly that: how we think and how we express and exchange those beliefs (thus reinforcing them) For instance, when we are filled with self-hate or self-criticism, we find fault in everything and everyone.  We complain a lot.

Or, because of lacking  a sense of our intrinsic value (knowing we are good enough) we  miss opportunities and/or settle for less. This can manifest in lousy relationships, in unsatisfying work, in money issues etc. When we examine our values we can see that a lack of self love is not productive and limits our effectiveness in the world, making us miserable and deeply dissatisfied.

Where does our value come from? What do we value most in life? Are we being true to that? What’s love got to do with it?

It’s time to think long and hard about what those limiting core beliefs may be; and let them go so we can step into our personal best, whatever that may be. 

As the current eclipses help us release the past and make way for a more fulfilling reality,  the  Full Moon in Sag will then ask us to step up to the plate. Be who you are. Claim your truth. 

And right now Venus, planet of love, is the planet to watch .

This rare occurrence of Venus crossing in front of the sun, brings all the these issues  of self worth and personal value to the forefront … literally.

While Venus has been retracing its steps backward through Gemini, the focus of love has been turned inward, asking us to renew/review our attitudes toward and around love and relating and how we communicate love and value in our lives.

Venus also highlights our relationship with money, as money is a part of what we value or consider valuable and a means of exchanging energy.  Money issues are so loaded around self worth, and issues of deserving.  Do you deserve the very best? What does that mean to you? What constitutes value in your life? Are you worth it?

There is so much more to all this but I think you get the gist. 

When we combine all of these messages, they are really saying the same thing. Open your heart. Let go of the past. Know who you are. Value who you are. Be who you are!!!!!   LOVE.

I truly believe that only love can change the world. Not anger. Not aggression. Not politics. All they do is polarize. 

It’s very timely that this Venus crossing occurs just as  we head toward the first exact square between Pluto and Uranus on June 10th. Love and understanding may well be put to the test as  rebellion and revolution polarize people into opposite camps.

And whether that polarity is manifesting in our own personal psyches or in out the streets, we need to be consciously aware that if we seek to overthrow these old archaic, destructive institutions and old ways of thinking, (and rightly so) we must be clear on what are we going to replace them with.    Be the change we want to see in the world....

Sing along with me....

(What the World Needs Now is Love Sweet Love)

"That which you are seeking is inside of you."    (Prem Rawat)

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. 
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. 
It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. 
We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? 
Actually, who are you not to be? 

You are a child of God. 
Your playing small does not serve the world. 
There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. 

It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. 
And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”                     Maryanne Williamson

Saturday, 19 May 2012

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini

A New Moon occurs this Sunday May 20th at  7:47 pm EDT, 12:47 am GMT ... along with a Solar eclipse.

An eclipse is regarded as an extremely powerful New Moon to kick off the new lunar cycle in the sign of Gemini.

Here are some major Moon/Sun happenings coming up

May 5:   Super Full Moon 8:35 pm (16 Scorpio 01)
May 20: New Moon Solar Eclipse 4:47 pm (0 Gemini 21)

June 4:  Super Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 4:12 am (14 Sagittarius 14)

June 5:  Venus occultation 6:31 pm (15 Gemini 44) 
(Venus/Sun conjunction, duration 6 hours…Venus crosses in front of the Sun)

We have had the Supermoon already. It kick started an astrological  atmosphere that will become increasingly heated and intense as we approach the Pluto Uranus square on June 10th. From now on until the end of the year things will be accelerating significantly.

This New moon is also a Solar Eclipse. When the Moon and Sun are together we have what is called the sacred conjunction, the 'conjunctio'  where Masculine(yang) and Feminine (yin) unite to create the seed energy for the coming month.

This eclipse of the Sun  (masc, ego,self) will highlight Moon (emotions, intuition, fem) in Gemini emotional currents. Venus going backward through Gemini right now is doing the same. The next New Moon will be in Gemini again as well … a pretty rare occurrence and rather fitting in the sign of the twins. So we have a strong focus on all things Gemini.

Gemini is what is called a mutable (changeable) air sign, ruled by the planet Mercury. Mercury rules our mind; our speech and our thoughts, and is all about social communication, information sharing, our interest in others and curiosity about life.  

Gemini’s are flirtatious and talkative, love variety, have quicksilver minds  and are intelligent, eloquent and oh so charming.

There is also a duality to this sign signified by the symbol of twins. The Mercury ruler-ship makes it changeable and slightly erratic. Geminis are known to change their minds frequently  and will insist they did not say what you heard them commit to yesterday. Sometimes their seemingly split personality is just a variable response to whatever they engage in; no harm intended.

An eclipse in Gemini highlights communication and ask us to be highly conscious of the power of speech and thought. 'As you say, so you are', 'I think,  therefore I am' etc. Our personal integrity will be judged greatly by what comes out of our mouth!

Affirmations made at this time re especially powerful.

The  New Moon sets the tone for the coming month, and This one asks us to articulate clearly what we want and why.

A challenging influence from Neptune makes it even more  important for us to be especially clear over the next few days, due to the possible blurring and misunderstanding of our intentions that could lead us astray or trigger distrust in others. Neptune can distract us with longings and fantasies that may never manifest, as vague discontentment’s and subtle yearnings  sidetrack the best laid plans.   Thus the imperative to be extra be clear and focused at this time.

The eclipse also lands on the Moons south node, which signifies old patterns of behaviour and things we need to release and leave behind. In this case it would mean looking at our patterns of thinking and our core beliefs to see where we are repeating old outworn ways of thinking.

(such as  ‘nothing good ever happens to me” or “ I always end up alone’ etc etc) 

Taking responsibility for what we create in our lives is part of the lesson at this time. Look around and see what your life reflects back to you.

Venus is also now retrograde in Gemini, also emphasizing a need to revisit old ways of relating and communicating. Old relationships may resurface at this time, past lovers may reappear seemingly out of nowhere, or memories may come flooding in that you thought were stowed away forever in an old trunk at the back of your mind.

Saturn retrograde in Venus ruled Libra for the past year has already been having us do  this relationship work; it seems we are all being asked to clean up our ways of relating ...  to ourselves and to each other.

A key message of Venus turned backward is to focus inward in self reflection and self love.

Self love is not the same as narcissism (which is not really love at all but self obsession). Self  love, arises from deep self-worth. This self knowing is being called forth by this retrograde.

In a few weeks Venus is going to cross over in front of the Sun… a rare event which will highlight to a major degree the lessons we are all learning about the transforming power of love. I am going to write more about this next week,  and in the meantime, there is a call to  ponder love’s meaning and love’s purpose. (Love with a capital L.)

Meanwhile, this Eclipse asks us to speak our truth, know our own mind (and heart) and send a clear message forward to pave the way for more clarity,  more love, more joy.

The recent conjunction of Sun (self) and Jupiter (joy)  in Taurus brought rich indulgent pleasure and enjoyment onto the menu, and the continuing abundance of earth energy in the background helps ground and stabilize our intentions. 

Now we need to clear our heads, focus our thoughts and speak our truth.

So, remember this Gemini New Moon/Solar eclipse to set your intention very carefully. Know that your words and your thoughts have the power to manifest and make them work for you (rather than  against you) ... It's up to you.

“Be impeccable in your speech"
                                     The Four Agreements

The biggest mission you have is to make yourself happy, and to share your love, your joy, and your happiness.”
                                                        Don Miguel Ruiz'

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Supermoon in Scorpio Part 2

 A friend posted some info on this Full Moon that was decidedly more ‘spiritual’ than what I had found myself writing. I have to chuckle, as being in a new relationship, the lusty side of May is definitely awakening that other more earthy side of me.

The thing is, I have often sat on my spiritual perch looking down on all things earthy and preferring the more ephemeral and intuitive world of spirit.

Suddenly I am having to confront my fears of the physical; of being caught in the lower chakras etc. Will it take me away from my inner connection? Will I lose myself in this wave of physical energy?

For most of my life, I have related more to the renunciation of the life of a nun or monk, meditating in cloister or on mountain-top. Luckily, being mother to three children rather forced me to be here on the planet, yet one of the biggest challenges has continued to be to truly land fully here on earth. I realize now that I always wanted to be anywhere but here.  

I understand that this is all impermanent and what is most real is that which does not pass away. My  daily focus, and delight, has been to turn within and fill up with inner light, before I step out into outer Sun. Yet I also have had to learn to chop wood and carry water; to do the basics of life and get grounded. 

Ironically, just as I was getting more and more caught up in my busy life and day to day responsibilities, a car accident and subsequent  poor health forced me back on a more inward path.  That enforced healing journey re-opened the inner door again (through lack of outer activity). At the same time, it also taught me a healthy respect for this living breathing, god(dess) given container, and the need to honour and respect  it.

So, flash forward: Here we are in the lusty month of May and the Beltane celebration of such, and also the Buddhist celebration called Wessak, (supposedly Buddha’s birthday), which takes place on the first Full Moon in May.  One celebrates the inner, and one the outer. 

Perhaps we can do both!

It seems the message of this Full Moon is to find a balance between the ‘spiritual’ and the 'earthly'; and to,  as my friend so wisely put it,   ‘heal mind, body, spirit’….

Time to get out of survival mode and celebrate being alive. 

Listen to your body; listen to your heart. Let there be a dance between them, rather than a battle. Let the great mother nurture you and bring you home... to yourself. 
Let the inner light shine, as well as the outer.

Let Heaven be here on earth.

Blessed Be

p.s. My dyslexic brain switched a few things in yesterdays blog, which I have now corrected. It is an Peregree Moon not apogee, and the times for the Full Moon were backward.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Super Full Moon in Scopio opposite Sun Jupiter in Taurus

Welcome to the Lusty Month of May!

Tomorrow(Sat May 5th) at 11:35 EDT and 4:35 am next day GMT, the Moon becomes Full in the sultry, sexy sign of Scorpio. This is called a Supermoon because several elements make it especially powerful.

The Moon gathers and collects the energy of each month, and releases it completely at the Full Moon.

At the recent New Moon we had Saturn opposite the New Moon holding it back causing feeling of restriction combined with  Mercury/Uranus together in Aries stirring up the energy field big time. Talk about driving with the brakes on!!!!!

All that and more is now released as this Super Full Moon shines down on us. Today’s  lusty Sun/Jupiter conjunction in Taurus, opposite the Full Moon in Scorpio also marks Beltane (often celebrated as May Day on May 1st)

Beltane or May Day celebrations involve anything from leaping over fires lit to attract the Sun down to warm the earth, to dancing round the Maypole (a rather obvious phallic symbol) to running off into the woods to couple and copulate with random partners (this to encourage fruition and fecundity for new crops) Or a pure maiden/virgin  led around the field to ensure fertility.

I think the theme is starting to emerge!!!

Today’s Full moon in Scorpio is called peregree as it is closest to the earth and will appear bigger and brighter. It is also  opposite the Sun sitting on the exact midpoint between the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice, a peak moment which sensitizes the Full Moon energy even more.

Add expansive, jovial Jupiter, into the mix (sitting with the Sun in sensual Taurus) and we get a very powerful and rather intense Full Moon.

Taurus is ruled by earth and signifies our values our possessions (our money), our need for security; our physical senses and our physical stuff. It signifies the Great Mother, Mother Earth;  who suckles and nurtures us. It’s where we go to feel safe and secure.

Scorpio is about sex and death and transformation; about partnerships, and other people’s money (shared values, shared stuff, shared securities (or insecurities).

Scorpio challenges our tendency to grab (survival issues) by asking us to share, or by exposing us through intimacy with others. It takes us deep into the psychological depths, and opens up our root chakra.

The Grand Trine in earth signs including Sun conjunct Jupiter in earthy Taurus keeps us grounded and encourages us to experience and honestly express/explore our appetites, while Scorpio transforms us by taking us over the brink.

Meanwhile Mercury (communication)  in warrior sign Aries is opposite Saturn in Libra. This creates a push pull between voicing our own needs vs needing to respond to others.

Mercury in Aries is feisty and impulsive; all ‘me me me’ ,  while Saturn in Libra wants us to take responsibility in our relationships and set clear boundaries.

This  push pull dynamic is going to make things interesting.

 Mars (co ruler of Scorpio) opposite Chiron and Neptune could be the catalyst for some profoundly agitating and/or healing energies.  

Mars has been held back for so long and is still stymied somewhat by a Neptunian misty blurry fog. Chiron here brings out our vulnerability big time. There’s a sense of deeply felt need and desire added to possible illusions, fantasies, projections …(deep longings coupled with strange imaginings?) .... building to a peak and seeking expression: either verbally or physically.

As I said on my Facebook page :

“Lots of expansive lusty energy creating a powerful polarity that will pull us toward others, suitable or not.”

Sexy, sultry and bloody intense.
Have fun!!