Saturday, 19 May 2012

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini

A New Moon occurs this Sunday May 20th at  7:47 pm EDT, 12:47 am GMT ... along with a Solar eclipse.

An eclipse is regarded as an extremely powerful New Moon to kick off the new lunar cycle in the sign of Gemini.

Here are some major Moon/Sun happenings coming up

May 5:   Super Full Moon 8:35 pm (16 Scorpio 01)
May 20: New Moon Solar Eclipse 4:47 pm (0 Gemini 21)

June 4:  Super Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 4:12 am (14 Sagittarius 14)

June 5:  Venus occultation 6:31 pm (15 Gemini 44) 
(Venus/Sun conjunction, duration 6 hours…Venus crosses in front of the Sun)

We have had the Supermoon already. It kick started an astrological  atmosphere that will become increasingly heated and intense as we approach the Pluto Uranus square on June 10th. From now on until the end of the year things will be accelerating significantly.

This New moon is also a Solar Eclipse. When the Moon and Sun are together we have what is called the sacred conjunction, the 'conjunctio'  where Masculine(yang) and Feminine (yin) unite to create the seed energy for the coming month.

This eclipse of the Sun  (masc, ego,self) will highlight Moon (emotions, intuition, fem) in Gemini emotional currents. Venus going backward through Gemini right now is doing the same. The next New Moon will be in Gemini again as well … a pretty rare occurrence and rather fitting in the sign of the twins. So we have a strong focus on all things Gemini.

Gemini is what is called a mutable (changeable) air sign, ruled by the planet Mercury. Mercury rules our mind; our speech and our thoughts, and is all about social communication, information sharing, our interest in others and curiosity about life.  

Gemini’s are flirtatious and talkative, love variety, have quicksilver minds  and are intelligent, eloquent and oh so charming.

There is also a duality to this sign signified by the symbol of twins. The Mercury ruler-ship makes it changeable and slightly erratic. Geminis are known to change their minds frequently  and will insist they did not say what you heard them commit to yesterday. Sometimes their seemingly split personality is just a variable response to whatever they engage in; no harm intended.

An eclipse in Gemini highlights communication and ask us to be highly conscious of the power of speech and thought. 'As you say, so you are', 'I think,  therefore I am' etc. Our personal integrity will be judged greatly by what comes out of our mouth!

Affirmations made at this time re especially powerful.

The  New Moon sets the tone for the coming month, and This one asks us to articulate clearly what we want and why.

A challenging influence from Neptune makes it even more  important for us to be especially clear over the next few days, due to the possible blurring and misunderstanding of our intentions that could lead us astray or trigger distrust in others. Neptune can distract us with longings and fantasies that may never manifest, as vague discontentment’s and subtle yearnings  sidetrack the best laid plans.   Thus the imperative to be extra be clear and focused at this time.

The eclipse also lands on the Moons south node, which signifies old patterns of behaviour and things we need to release and leave behind. In this case it would mean looking at our patterns of thinking and our core beliefs to see where we are repeating old outworn ways of thinking.

(such as  ‘nothing good ever happens to me” or “ I always end up alone’ etc etc) 

Taking responsibility for what we create in our lives is part of the lesson at this time. Look around and see what your life reflects back to you.

Venus is also now retrograde in Gemini, also emphasizing a need to revisit old ways of relating and communicating. Old relationships may resurface at this time, past lovers may reappear seemingly out of nowhere, or memories may come flooding in that you thought were stowed away forever in an old trunk at the back of your mind.

Saturn retrograde in Venus ruled Libra for the past year has already been having us do  this relationship work; it seems we are all being asked to clean up our ways of relating ...  to ourselves and to each other.

A key message of Venus turned backward is to focus inward in self reflection and self love.

Self love is not the same as narcissism (which is not really love at all but self obsession). Self  love, arises from deep self-worth. This self knowing is being called forth by this retrograde.

In a few weeks Venus is going to cross over in front of the Sun… a rare event which will highlight to a major degree the lessons we are all learning about the transforming power of love. I am going to write more about this next week,  and in the meantime, there is a call to  ponder love’s meaning and love’s purpose. (Love with a capital L.)

Meanwhile, this Eclipse asks us to speak our truth, know our own mind (and heart) and send a clear message forward to pave the way for more clarity,  more love, more joy.

The recent conjunction of Sun (self) and Jupiter (joy)  in Taurus brought rich indulgent pleasure and enjoyment onto the menu, and the continuing abundance of earth energy in the background helps ground and stabilize our intentions. 

Now we need to clear our heads, focus our thoughts and speak our truth.

So, remember this Gemini New Moon/Solar eclipse to set your intention very carefully. Know that your words and your thoughts have the power to manifest and make them work for you (rather than  against you) ... It's up to you.

“Be impeccable in your speech"
                                     The Four Agreements

The biggest mission you have is to make yourself happy, and to share your love, your joy, and your happiness.”
                                                        Don Miguel Ruiz'

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  1. wow, powerful stuff, already seeing results with my Gemini in-house reminder of the power of careful speech