Saturday, 5 May 2012

Supermoon in Scorpio Part 2

 A friend posted some info on this Full Moon that was decidedly more ‘spiritual’ than what I had found myself writing. I have to chuckle, as being in a new relationship, the lusty side of May is definitely awakening that other more earthy side of me.

The thing is, I have often sat on my spiritual perch looking down on all things earthy and preferring the more ephemeral and intuitive world of spirit.

Suddenly I am having to confront my fears of the physical; of being caught in the lower chakras etc. Will it take me away from my inner connection? Will I lose myself in this wave of physical energy?

For most of my life, I have related more to the renunciation of the life of a nun or monk, meditating in cloister or on mountain-top. Luckily, being mother to three children rather forced me to be here on the planet, yet one of the biggest challenges has continued to be to truly land fully here on earth. I realize now that I always wanted to be anywhere but here.  

I understand that this is all impermanent and what is most real is that which does not pass away. My  daily focus, and delight, has been to turn within and fill up with inner light, before I step out into outer Sun. Yet I also have had to learn to chop wood and carry water; to do the basics of life and get grounded. 

Ironically, just as I was getting more and more caught up in my busy life and day to day responsibilities, a car accident and subsequent  poor health forced me back on a more inward path.  That enforced healing journey re-opened the inner door again (through lack of outer activity). At the same time, it also taught me a healthy respect for this living breathing, god(dess) given container, and the need to honour and respect  it.

So, flash forward: Here we are in the lusty month of May and the Beltane celebration of such, and also the Buddhist celebration called Wessak, (supposedly Buddha’s birthday), which takes place on the first Full Moon in May.  One celebrates the inner, and one the outer. 

Perhaps we can do both!

It seems the message of this Full Moon is to find a balance between the ‘spiritual’ and the 'earthly'; and to,  as my friend so wisely put it,   ‘heal mind, body, spirit’….

Time to get out of survival mode and celebrate being alive. 

Listen to your body; listen to your heart. Let there be a dance between them, rather than a battle. Let the great mother nurture you and bring you home... to yourself. 
Let the inner light shine, as well as the outer.

Let Heaven be here on earth.

Blessed Be

p.s. My dyslexic brain switched a few things in yesterdays blog, which I have now corrected. It is an Peregree Moon not apogee, and the times for the Full Moon were backward.

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