Friday, 4 May 2012

Super Full Moon in Scopio opposite Sun Jupiter in Taurus

Welcome to the Lusty Month of May!

Tomorrow(Sat May 5th) at 11:35 EDT and 4:35 am next day GMT, the Moon becomes Full in the sultry, sexy sign of Scorpio. This is called a Supermoon because several elements make it especially powerful.

The Moon gathers and collects the energy of each month, and releases it completely at the Full Moon.

At the recent New Moon we had Saturn opposite the New Moon holding it back causing feeling of restriction combined with  Mercury/Uranus together in Aries stirring up the energy field big time. Talk about driving with the brakes on!!!!!

All that and more is now released as this Super Full Moon shines down on us. Today’s  lusty Sun/Jupiter conjunction in Taurus, opposite the Full Moon in Scorpio also marks Beltane (often celebrated as May Day on May 1st)

Beltane or May Day celebrations involve anything from leaping over fires lit to attract the Sun down to warm the earth, to dancing round the Maypole (a rather obvious phallic symbol) to running off into the woods to couple and copulate with random partners (this to encourage fruition and fecundity for new crops) Or a pure maiden/virgin  led around the field to ensure fertility.

I think the theme is starting to emerge!!!

Today’s Full moon in Scorpio is called peregree as it is closest to the earth and will appear bigger and brighter. It is also  opposite the Sun sitting on the exact midpoint between the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice, a peak moment which sensitizes the Full Moon energy even more.

Add expansive, jovial Jupiter, into the mix (sitting with the Sun in sensual Taurus) and we get a very powerful and rather intense Full Moon.

Taurus is ruled by earth and signifies our values our possessions (our money), our need for security; our physical senses and our physical stuff. It signifies the Great Mother, Mother Earth;  who suckles and nurtures us. It’s where we go to feel safe and secure.

Scorpio is about sex and death and transformation; about partnerships, and other people’s money (shared values, shared stuff, shared securities (or insecurities).

Scorpio challenges our tendency to grab (survival issues) by asking us to share, or by exposing us through intimacy with others. It takes us deep into the psychological depths, and opens up our root chakra.

The Grand Trine in earth signs including Sun conjunct Jupiter in earthy Taurus keeps us grounded and encourages us to experience and honestly express/explore our appetites, while Scorpio transforms us by taking us over the brink.

Meanwhile Mercury (communication)  in warrior sign Aries is opposite Saturn in Libra. This creates a push pull between voicing our own needs vs needing to respond to others.

Mercury in Aries is feisty and impulsive; all ‘me me me’ ,  while Saturn in Libra wants us to take responsibility in our relationships and set clear boundaries.

This  push pull dynamic is going to make things interesting.

 Mars (co ruler of Scorpio) opposite Chiron and Neptune could be the catalyst for some profoundly agitating and/or healing energies.  

Mars has been held back for so long and is still stymied somewhat by a Neptunian misty blurry fog. Chiron here brings out our vulnerability big time. There’s a sense of deeply felt need and desire added to possible illusions, fantasies, projections …(deep longings coupled with strange imaginings?) .... building to a peak and seeking expression: either verbally or physically.

As I said on my Facebook page :

“Lots of expansive lusty energy creating a powerful polarity that will pull us toward others, suitable or not.”

Sexy, sultry and bloody intense.
Have fun!!

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