Saturday, 31 December 2011

It's a New Dawn, it's a New Day, It's New Year!!

Here it is folks!  2012! 

 The long awaited, long maligned year that the Mayan Calendar ends. Though I don't personally believe most of the hype around this event, I do think it signifies a turning point for the human race and the planet we live on.

The waxing (growing) Moon today crosses Uranus in the warrior sign of Aries today...  squaring the Sun in Capricorn and activating the Uranus Pluto square. An interesting signature to begin the year with.

The coming exact square between Uranus and Pluto in June 2012 is a powerful marker for the great change and upheaval that is building everywhere.  

At this fulcrum point, we may take one more pause,  one last in-breath, before we breath-out into 2012.

The gap we just had between Christmas and New Years was like an extended Solstice pause ... giving us a moment to integrate 2011 and prepare for 2012.

Starting with looking back for a moment: 2011:
What a year! 

Catastrophic oil spills, mind-blowing earthquakes, tsunamis and nuclear meltdown, catastrophic oil spills, severe economic instability and collapse (Europe, Uk, name the big ones), the Arab Spring, the Occupy movement, various political scandals, (well those are always there!)...etc etc

...  just some of the outward manifestations of the powerful tensions and changes heralded by these archetypal planetary forces.

The outer planets (Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto) move very slowly and thus signify generational changes and collective forces. Significant eras of history can be linked to their passing through various signs and lining up in particular configurations, such as the Cardinal grand Cross we just went through. 

And that's just what goes on on the outside. 

Where the 'outer' planets sit at any time in relation to your own birth chart will show how they affect you personally.

 I know of many people with their own planets close to the Aries point of the Grand Cross...0' of any sign really,  and especially Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) ...  that got heavily triggered by these transits.  Many have been having quite a ride of it; going through massive shakedowns, breakdowns, and breakthroughs throughout this past year; experiencing on a personal level some of what the planet was going through on a global level.

If you are one of those... you have my admiration for getting through it thus far (if you did...). If you didn't this might help explain why.

For all of us, the gift of these times (and the curse if you will) is a wake-up call of epic proportions.

There are also many signs of  hope in tthe midst of everything falling apart, with Pisces and Chiron bringing healing and blessings to our deepest core; stirring our spiritual longing, and this year a rare  eclipse when Venus will cross in front of the Sun... showering love and kindness on our beleaguered souls.

Last year's Solstice eclipse at the Galactic Core (and repeated at several eclipses through 2011) began the inner call... a call to arms if you will... though a fight on another level; a fight for the rulership of the heart.

There is of course the current fight for a more just world,  a world based on equality and fairness,on human dignity and respect and care for this planet and its resources (and a noble fight that is). 

And... there is  another battle being fought on an deeper level: for meaning in a meaningless world; a fight against ignorance and emptyness... an inner call to know who we are and why we are here.

For without that deep sense of knowing, how are we to stand up for what is right and true. How are we to know what that is?

If we are to survive these changes we will need to be solid inside in a way we have never been before. And not in some dogmatic, rigidly coded  inherited behavior or belief system that judges others and divides us from each other (all that is part of what is being broken down), but more of an inner knowing that comes from the same source in all of us. A source that is based in love.

Once I stabilize in my own center, I can then see what needs to be done, changed, adapted to etc., starting with my personal environment.

Meanwhile, as I said at the beginning. Uranus (the Awakener) has moved forward again in Aries, speeding up time itself (or so it seems) and crashing headlong into the extremely tense relationship with Pluto (the Destroyer) bringing  more radical revolution and transformation to a planet near you.

Hold onto your hats!! (and your money!)...(if you have any left!)

For now,  as the days begin to grow longer  (what a wonderful thought)  we mark this passage from one year to the next with a celebration of the New Year.

In the midst of the revelries,  we have a chance to bring forward into 2012 those  intentions made  at the Capricorn New Moon on Christmas eve ( the actual end to the Solstice pause).    

Not silly edicts and promises one never fulfills;  I am talking about a different type of intention, more far reaching and meaningful than losing weight or exercising more (beneficial though they may be... if you actually carry them out  ; )

This is about our highest intention ... one that is in alignment with our soul purpose.

You can make one now, while we are still in the energy of a waxing Moon... which sits strong in Aries, the sign of initiative and new beginnings. Uranus close by adds an infusion of vision and innovation as it impells us forward at mock speed.

"Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it!”

Then, strap your self in, it's going to be one hell of a ride!!

"There is a river flowing now very fast.
It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid. They will try to hold on to the shore.  They will feel they are being torn apart and will suffer greatly.

Know the river has its destination.

The elders say we must let go of the shore, push off into the middle of the river, keep our eyes open, and our heads above the water.  See who is in there with you and celebrate.

At this time in history, we are to take nothing personally. Least of all, ourselves.  For the moment that we do, our spiritual growth and journey comes to a halt.  The time of the lone wolf is over.

Gather yourselves!

Banish the word struggle from your attitude and your vocabulary.  All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration.

We are the ones we've been waiting for."

                                       Oraibi, ArizonaHopi Nation

Monday, 26 December 2011

The In-Between

The Moon enters the sign of freedom and innovation today where it will line up with Venus, planet of love. Moon and Venus in Aquarius need a lot of space and will rebel against any restrictions or limitations.

That rather cool detachment might help diffuse the  great internal pressure created by the  Sun joining Pluto in Capricorn, which on its own could erupt in power struggles and control issues.  The Square of Pluto to Uranus gets stronger every day... and with the Sun currently activating that tension and so many rebelling against the powers that be ... the next few days things could be particularly explosive and intense.

Lets hope the Aquarian message of peace and love can override any supercharged egos and bring a bit of distance to heated exchanges.  Mercury in Sag (truth, justice, fairness) square Mars (aggression, warrior energy) adds to the  edgy and argumentative vibe right now. Any kind of unfairness or untruth will be even more in focus over the next few days than it already has been.

Saturn opposite newly direct Jupiter in Taurus also adds the the tension as it quells our enthusiasm and puts a lid on our spending and indulging...(a good thing me thinks) as we tally the bill for recent spending.

Jupiter's trine to the Sun and Pluto gives a more positive and creative expression to that powerful Sun Pluto combination (an excellent day to get yer creative juices flowing). Saturn trined Chiron and Neptune (sitting together on either side of the Pisces/Aquarius cusp)  helps ground our visions and solidifies the deep healing these two planets are bringing to our psyches.

Overall this building tension is looking for an outlet. How and where that will manifest ... on a personal level... is  up to us. We have a chance to direct this energy in our own lives as we move toward a very powerful New Year ...

Norfolk Sunset

In this transitional week I suggest a continuation of the Solstice pause ... to take a moment to reflect, gather, orient yourself in preparation for the coming acceleration.

It can be a challenge to put the breaks on that Sun Pluto Uranus intensity; imagine a bow being stretched back ... holding the tension.... before it is released in forward motion. The North Node in Sagittarius shows us our true direction  as it impels us to focus on our highest truth.

There is great potential in this moment. Use it wisely.

"Summon creativity and resourcefulness from the depths of your being.

Seek a quiet place of contemplation, in particular a place linked to your own personal history. In this still, quiet place, meditate on letting go of the distractions of the present so you can perceive the larger patterns that shape your life.

Take time to examine whether you are successfully preserving what is good, true and beautiful from your own higher wisdom...  and transporting it intact to the future. Accomplishing this will do far more to heal your heart and further your goals than fame or fortune ever could.

Make contact with your deep past so you will know how to carry its healthiest and most creative skills successfully forward."       (

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Happy Solstice Happy Hannuka Happy Christmas Happy New Year

Today the Moon is New in Capricorn. This is the time to set your intentions in place for the New Year as this Moon cycle will carry us over the threshold.

And the Sun and Moon are in an auspicious trine to Jupiter (the planet of good luck and adventure), which  turns direct tomorrow for  Christmas day. 

It seems quite appropriate for this expansive jolly generous planet (shades of Father Christmas/Santa Claus?) to start anew on this day of celebration and giving. Jupiter is also about aspiration and our expanded selves. . . and  not just the expanded waistline  (hehe)  though we best watch out for that, as it is going to be harder than usual to not overindulge with Jupiter in Taurus  (wine and food and sensual delights).

There are some irksome aspects as well that could stir up a bit of trouble...  what's a Christmas without a bit of angst !? ... yet overall the climate is excellent for convivial delights and family sharing.

Next week I will do an overview of the year we just had  (whew!!) and a bit of a peek into things to come.

In the meantime I wish you a Very Merry Christmas

Monday, 19 December 2011

Winter Solstice Thurs Dec 22

Well.... its a week later and the tension of the eclipse has some of us still in a puddle on the floor. Whew!!  That was bit intense wasn't it? And incredibly beautiful.

I was up very late yet managed to wake up at 6:30 am to witness the first bite being taken from the top portion of the Moon.  Stunning.

The whole experience got me to stand still... in awe...seeing that glowing orb hanging out there in space gave me such a sense of being on a planet.... looking out at something concrete...reachable. Not so far away.

Not unlike my own inner self... often hidden from view... yet powerful in its ability to influence me in subtle ways. The ways of the Moon mirror the inner world of emotions and feelings. Someone likened an eclipse to holding a mirror close to another mirror...seeing the endless mirror images reflected back into infinity... layers upon layers taking us deeper and deeper within.

There's a winding down now as we approach the end of the current cycle, as well as the end of the year.  If you have been on an emotional rollercoaster ride recently, you can breathe deeply now, as the Moon gradually wanes and the tension of the eclipse dissipates.

We now head toward the Winter Solstice on Thursday December 22nd, when the Sun enters Capricorn, with the Moon following close behind a day later.

The Winter  Solstice marks  the longest night of the year. This actually lasts for four days ... with daytime beginning to lengthen again on the 25th... as we celebrate Christmas.

The Solstice is a pause in time... an in-breathing ... at this turning point before the days begin to lengthen again. It is a time to feel and think and integrate all that has happened in this tumultuous year... and to begin to prepare for the year ahead.

The pause in time ends in celebration... when we take a break from all our hustle and bustle to celebrate the coming light, and each other; (and one who came to show the light). It is a time of generousity and sharing; of giving and receiving; of family and friends.

I know it can all get very artificial... and pressured... yet the meaning beneath it all remains as sacred as we want it to be.

On this Solstice, as the Sun enters Capricorn, the Sagittarius Moon will be calling out to us to seek the highest truth, to find meaning and purpose and to walk in the light.

Then, shortly afterward, a  New Moon joins the Sun in Capricorn to mark the last moon cycle in 2011. This sign is about drive and aspiration. Capricorn wants/needs to earn respect.  It is duty bound and works harder than any other sign. The symbol is the mountain goat that clambers to reach the highest peak.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn the great taskmaster, who also rules time itself. Saturn also rules the material world..., which we acknowledge at this time by exchanging gifts (a custom that originates in 'Saturnalia' of ancient Rome).

The Capricorn New moon is the seedtime for the coming year.  In the midst of Christmas preparations and celebration, take a moment to put down the eggnog to pause to sharpen your focus. Clarify your intentions wisely...  as they will take you forward into the New Year.

What do you plan to manifest? What are your hopes and dreams?  I know this kind of thing usually comes with New Years , yet the New Moon is really when the energy starts.

Happy Solstice everyone.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Eclipse Magic!

Then, at the East side of the house...A Sagittarian Dawn!!  Wow! 

(by then it was too light to get good pics on my little point and shoot camera... so I went back to bed : )

Friday, 9 December 2011

Full Moon Eclipse in Gemini

This Saturday, December 10th, at 2:36 pm GMT, there will be a Full Moon Eclipse at 19 degrees Gemini, with the Sun opposite in Sagittarius, visible to some degree in most parts of the world (except South America).   

Since last year's Winter Solstice, we've had a series of eclipses on this Gemini/Sagittarius axis. There is wisdom and knowledge being offered.  Both signs are teachers. Both have a lot to say. Sometimes they try to outshout each other. Communication is key. So is listening.

A full Moon is about polarity; illuminating oppositions in our life... within our relationships and within ourselves; highlighting the yin/yang in both our outer world and in our psyche.

This inherent tension creates a tightrope, a push pull, a balancing of opposites. The axis upon which we must walk this time round is about multiplicity  (Gemini) and singularity (Sag).

Do we get caught in the details or in the big picture? (both can trap us) Sometimes it's also about  me (Sag)  vs them (Gem).   Gemini pulls us in a million directions, Sagittarius wants us to focus on a singular purpose. Sometimes it's  hard to see the forest for the trees.

An eclipse is a powerful energy... a release or a trigger as we break with the past.  In Gemini this really means releasing old patterns of thought, old paradigms based on limited or lazy thinking, superficiality, etc. Sagittarius leads us beyond our smallness into an expanded awareness. Old habits and complaints need to make way for new consciousness, new vistas, new optimism.

 There is a palpable tension now as the pressure of the opposition builds.

Then, on Saturday, as the Moon gradually disappears behind the Earth's shadow, the chattering Gemini mind will suddenly become quite, and a deeper message (like a sacred call to prayer) can be heard (or felt).

Sagittarius is the soul searcher of the zodiac, the eternal seeker. Half centaur - half man, Sagittarius bends his bow and takes aim at the heavens, in search of meaning, in search of a higher truth. Who am I? Why am I here? Heightened intuition allows us to pay attention to the answers.

The proximity of this series of eclipses to both the Galactic Core and the North Node has amplified that Sagittarius imperative, awakening again and again our need for true purpose and meaning in our lives (it's amazing how quickly one falls asleep again!).

I was just watching a movie within a movie in which two people are sitting on a beach watching the waves come and go. The man turns and says to the woman  "I feel like we are wandering blindly with no destination."

So... there we have it... yet again.

No more wandering aimlessly.
Know the purpose; know the source. 
Align with source.

Interesting that these eclipses have been occurring the year before 2012 ... when the Mayan calendar ends.  It's always a good time to know what the hell we are doing here... maybe even more so at this critical juncture. I am not saying it's the end of the world or anything, yet I think most would agree we are at a major turning point in the evolution of the human race. Interesting times indeed.

A few more bits, re the eclipse:A square of Mars to both the Sun and Moon will bring a bit of friction and potential aggression into this Full Moon. Avoid arrogance (Sag) and verbal gymnastics (Gem) which when combined with Mars pushy energy could get you into trouble. Keep your head down and your heart open.

And your eyes wide open as the Mercury Retrograde continues its trickster game of mix-ups and least until until the 13th when it starts to go direct again. Mercury's square to Saturn slows us down and turns our thoughts inward. Patience is a virtue!!

Also, just to make things a bit more interesting, on Friday night, Uranus, planet of awakenings, insights and sudden change, begins to head forward again in Aries after five months backward motion. So as Mercury's sluggish behaviour ends,  things will  accelerate quickly, especially in whichever area in your chart is ruled by Aries.

As Uranus heads forward it runs smack into increasing tension with Pluto... so the background of revolution and growing unease in the world will continue. The ongoing breakdown of world systems is not going to make life easy for anyone as we continue into a time of tremendous change and upheaval. Chiron and Neptune in Pisces continue to remind us to seek the answers within.

Eclipses send out energy for months after the event...ripples in time that manifest in a myriad of ways within the area of their occurrence. Messages heard or felt ... or missed.

All we have to be is willing to listen, to feel, to seek that which, ironically, is already within us.

The universe will respond in kind. Of that I am sure.