Friday, 9 December 2011

Full Moon Eclipse in Gemini

This Saturday, December 10th, at 2:36 pm GMT, there will be a Full Moon Eclipse at 19 degrees Gemini, with the Sun opposite in Sagittarius, visible to some degree in most parts of the world (except South America).   

Since last year's Winter Solstice, we've had a series of eclipses on this Gemini/Sagittarius axis. There is wisdom and knowledge being offered.  Both signs are teachers. Both have a lot to say. Sometimes they try to outshout each other. Communication is key. So is listening.

A full Moon is about polarity; illuminating oppositions in our life... within our relationships and within ourselves; highlighting the yin/yang in both our outer world and in our psyche.

This inherent tension creates a tightrope, a push pull, a balancing of opposites. The axis upon which we must walk this time round is about multiplicity  (Gemini) and singularity (Sag).

Do we get caught in the details or in the big picture? (both can trap us) Sometimes it's also about  me (Sag)  vs them (Gem).   Gemini pulls us in a million directions, Sagittarius wants us to focus on a singular purpose. Sometimes it's  hard to see the forest for the trees.

An eclipse is a powerful energy... a release or a trigger as we break with the past.  In Gemini this really means releasing old patterns of thought, old paradigms based on limited or lazy thinking, superficiality, etc. Sagittarius leads us beyond our smallness into an expanded awareness. Old habits and complaints need to make way for new consciousness, new vistas, new optimism.

 There is a palpable tension now as the pressure of the opposition builds.

Then, on Saturday, as the Moon gradually disappears behind the Earth's shadow, the chattering Gemini mind will suddenly become quite, and a deeper message (like a sacred call to prayer) can be heard (or felt).

Sagittarius is the soul searcher of the zodiac, the eternal seeker. Half centaur - half man, Sagittarius bends his bow and takes aim at the heavens, in search of meaning, in search of a higher truth. Who am I? Why am I here? Heightened intuition allows us to pay attention to the answers.

The proximity of this series of eclipses to both the Galactic Core and the North Node has amplified that Sagittarius imperative, awakening again and again our need for true purpose and meaning in our lives (it's amazing how quickly one falls asleep again!).

I was just watching a movie within a movie in which two people are sitting on a beach watching the waves come and go. The man turns and says to the woman  "I feel like we are wandering blindly with no destination."

So... there we have it... yet again.

No more wandering aimlessly.
Know the purpose; know the source. 
Align with source.

Interesting that these eclipses have been occurring the year before 2012 ... when the Mayan calendar ends.  It's always a good time to know what the hell we are doing here... maybe even more so at this critical juncture. I am not saying it's the end of the world or anything, yet I think most would agree we are at a major turning point in the evolution of the human race. Interesting times indeed.

A few more bits, re the eclipse:A square of Mars to both the Sun and Moon will bring a bit of friction and potential aggression into this Full Moon. Avoid arrogance (Sag) and verbal gymnastics (Gem) which when combined with Mars pushy energy could get you into trouble. Keep your head down and your heart open.

And your eyes wide open as the Mercury Retrograde continues its trickster game of mix-ups and least until until the 13th when it starts to go direct again. Mercury's square to Saturn slows us down and turns our thoughts inward. Patience is a virtue!!

Also, just to make things a bit more interesting, on Friday night, Uranus, planet of awakenings, insights and sudden change, begins to head forward again in Aries after five months backward motion. So as Mercury's sluggish behaviour ends,  things will  accelerate quickly, especially in whichever area in your chart is ruled by Aries.

As Uranus heads forward it runs smack into increasing tension with Pluto... so the background of revolution and growing unease in the world will continue. The ongoing breakdown of world systems is not going to make life easy for anyone as we continue into a time of tremendous change and upheaval. Chiron and Neptune in Pisces continue to remind us to seek the answers within.

Eclipses send out energy for months after the event...ripples in time that manifest in a myriad of ways within the area of their occurrence. Messages heard or felt ... or missed.

All we have to be is willing to listen, to feel, to seek that which, ironically, is already within us.

The universe will respond in kind. Of that I am sure. 


  1. so interesting. Just the other day an insight came re an inner message from many years ago, about shadows, how fear creates them by blocking light - understanding, compassion.

    Love the moon pic!

  2. Thank you. It is a Gemini shadow this time round our attachment to too much thinking and logic vs listening to intuition. Yet even in shadows there is something to learn eh?